Experience Machines: The Philosophy of Virtual Worlds

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In his traditional work Anarchy, State and Utopia, Robert Nozick asked his readers to picture being completely plugged into a ‘maker that would offer you any experience you preferred’. He hypothesized that, in spite of the lots of apparent destinations of such a possibility, many people would select versus passing the rest of their lives under the impact of this type of creation. Nozick idea (and lots of have actually considering that concurred) that this easy idea experiment had extensive ramifications for how we think of principles, political justice, and the significance of innovation in our daily lives.

Nozick’s argument was made in 1974, about a years prior to the computer transformation in Europe and North America. Since then, chances for the residents of industrialized societies to experience virtual worlds and simulated environments have actually increased to a level that no theorist might have anticipated. The authors in this volume re-assess the benefits of Nozick’s argument, and utilize it as a leaping–off point for the philosophical assessment of subsequent advancements in culture and innovation, consisting of a range of experience-modifying cybernetic innovations such as video game, social networks networks, HCI gadgets, and neuro-prostheses.


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