Child Abuse and Neglect (2nd Edition)

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  • Authors: Monica L.MaCoy, Stefanie M. Keen
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  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 429 pages
  • Publisher: Psychology Press; 2nd edition
  • Publication Date: November 12, 2013
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1848726058
  • ISBN-13: 9781848726055
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Child abuses and neglect are taken a look at in this ebook Child Abuse and Neglect 2nd edition (PDF) — the current research study, what it requires, and how to acknowledge and report it. Federal law mandates the reporting of thought child maltreatment by numerous specialists. This ebook will interest those who one day discover themselves in the function of a mandated press reporter.

Engaging knowing tools are incorporated throughout:

  • Focus on Research boxes offers an in-depth take a look at research study or approaches.
  • Case Examples and Debates motivate conversation about the gray locations in the field.
  • Boldfaced crucial terms specified when initially presented likewise appear in the book’s glossary.
  • Definitions and Conclusions aid university student concentrate on the crucial principles presented in each chapter.
  • Legal Examples and Focus on Law areas discuss judicial judgments consisting of guides for finding appropriate state statutes.

The brand-new 2nd edition likewise consists of the following functions:

  • A comprehensive upgrading of the citations and state and federal laws, in addition to the most current stats on occurrence and occurrence based upon the brand-new National Incidence Study NIS-4.
  • A brand-new chapter on resiliency (Chapter 10) and more conversation of durability in the face of maltreatment in the chapters on kinds of abuse (Chapters 4–9) offer a much better understanding of why some kids grow regardless of experiencing maltreatment.
  • New “Profiles” boxes that include info about graduate training in child maltreatment, descriptions of tasks in the field, or bios of individuals who operate in the field to increase trainees‘ awareness of possible profession chances.
  • Web-based trainer resources consisting of PowerPoints, weblinks, and a test bank with several-option, brief response, and essay concerns.
  • More tables, figures, and images to much better show and sum up bottom lines.
  • New areas on child maltreatment in military households (Chapter 2), child weight problems as an outcome of maltreatment (Chapter 5), teenager “sexting” and its possible prosecution as child sexual assault and Susan Clancy’s questionable thesis released in The Trauma Myth (Chapter 7).
  • Updated and more case examples consisting of current occasions that caught the general public’s attention such as the case of Jessica Beagley founded guilty of child abuse for requiring her kid to consume hot sauce and of Latrece Jones founded guilty of irresponsible murder for stopping working to have her kid in a safety seat.

The ebook opens with the background on child maltreatment including its history, an introduction of the research study, and the threat aspects. Details about mandated reporting are likewise checked out. Different kinds of maltreatment – physical abuse, neglect, mental maltreatment, sexual assault, fetal abuse, and Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome – are then taken a look at, in addition to the brand-new chapter on resiliency. Incidence price quotes and effects for each kind of maltreatment are offered. Legal problems consisting of forensic talking to are then evaluated. The book concludes with an example of what occurs to a child after a report is submitted in addition to recommendations for avoiding child maltreatment.

Intended as a textbook for courses in child abuse, household violence, child maltreatment, or sexual and intimate violence taught in psychology, human advancement, education, criminal justice, social work, sociology, ladies’s research studies, and nursing, this book is likewise an indispensable resource to employees who are mandated press reporters of child maltreatment and/or anybody thinking about the issue.


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