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  • Author: Gordon Foxall
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  • Publisher: Routledge; 1st edition
  • Publication Date: February 12, 2016
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  • ISBN-10: 0367339021
  • ISBN-13: 9780367339029
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Addiction as Consumer Choice: Exploring the Cognitive Dimension discusses addiction from a various viewpoint. A striking attribute of addicting habits is the pursuit of instant benefit at the threat of longer-term damaging results. It is generally accompanied by the expression of a strong desire to stop from or a minimum of control intake that has such effects, followed by lapse, more resolution, regression, and so on. Understood in this method, addiction consists of drug abuse as well as behavioral obsessions like extreme gaming and even unmanageable shopping. Behavioral economics and neurophysiology offer well-used courses to comprehending this habits and this ebook concerns them as main parts of this mission. However, the particular concern it looks for to respond to is, What part does cognition – the desires we pursue and the beliefs we have about how to achieve them – play in describing addicting habits?

The response is looked for in an approach that suggests why and where cognitive description is required, the form it ought to take, and the results of using it to comprehend addiction. It uses the Behavioral Perspective Model (BPM) of consumer option, an attempted and evaluated theory of more regular intake, varying from daily item and brand name option, through credit acquiring and ecological despoliation, to the more severe elements of intake represented by obsession and addiction. The ebook will advance argument amongst behavioural researchers, cognitive psychologists, and other experts about the nature of financial and social behaviour.


Despite hazardous effects, addiction stays common in society. But can it be developed as ‘consumer option’? Gordon Foxall discusses this concern in his informative, multidisciplinary representation of addiction – a should for scientists in the locations of Addiction and Consumer Behavior.‘ – Mirella Yani-de-Soriano, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University, UK

Based upon a meaningful epistemology, the ebook provides an integrated analysis of addiction that makes use of principles and findings from operant behavioral-economics, consumer habits analysis, neuroscience and cognitive Psychology. Using clear and friendly language, this academic, cutting-edge undertaking will be a turning point in the field.‘ – Jorge M. Oliveira-Castro, Professor, University of Brasilia, Brazil

Much has actually been composed upon behavioral and cognitive techniques to the understanding of option, the basic procedure of making choices. Furthermore, consumer choice-making is main to comprehending consumer habits and consumer product or services adoption, purchase, usage post-purchase habits. In his brand-new ebook, Addiction as Consumer Choice: Exploring the Cognitive Dimension, Gordon Foxall makes an extremely substantial addition to the body of literature on consumer option by using a particularly developed mix of cognitive and behavioral kinds of understanding, which comes out of his continuous multidisciplinary research study job.‘- Foreword by Paul Hackett, Professor, Emerson College, Boston, USA



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