A Companion to the Ancient Near East (2nd Edition)

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  • Author: Daniel C. Snell
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  • Length: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Publication Date: March 17, 2020
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  • ASIN: B086BPZR3W
  • ISBN-10: 1119362466
  • ISBN-13: 9781119362463, 9781119362487, 9781119362494
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The brand-new 2nd edition of the popular study of Near Eastern civilization from the Bronze Age to the period of Alexander the Great. A Companion to the Ancient Near East, 2nd edition, (PDF) checks out the history of the area from 4400 BCE to the Macedonian conquest of the Persian Empire in 330 BCE. Original and modified essays from a group of prominent scholars from throughout disciplines resolve topics consisting of the economics, architecture, politics, and heritage of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Part of the Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World series, this well-known single-volume recommendation integrates vibrant composing with appealing and relatable subjects to immerse readers in this remarkable duration of Near East history.

The brand-new A Companion to the Ancient Near East, 2e has actually been completely upgraded and modified to consist of brand-new advancements in pertinent fields, especially archaeology, and broaden on styles of interest to modern trainees. Accessible,Clear, chapters use fresh conversations on the history of the household and gender functions, the languages, literature, and faiths of the area, medication and approach, pastoralism, and borders, states, and warfare. New essays highlight current discoveries in cuneiform texts, examine how modern-day Egyptians came to comprehend their ancient history, and analyze the location of archaeology amongst the historic disciplines. This volume:

  • Offers a uniquely broad geographical, sequential, and topical variety
  • Examines the tradition of the Ancient Near East in the middle ages and modern-day worlds
  • Provides significant brand-new and revised material covering subjects such as social dispute, kingship, cosmology, work, trade, and law
  • Includes a detailed bibliographical guide to Ancient Near East research studies in addition to brand-new and upgraded recommendations and checking out tips
  • Covers the civilizations of the Sumerians, Hittites, Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Israelites, and Persians, highlighting social and cultural history

Suitable for usage as both a main recommendation or as a supplement to a chronologically organized textbook, A Companion to the Ancient Near East, Second edition, is an important resource for starting college students, advanced undergrads, trainers in the field, and scholars from other history disciplines.

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