Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin

Paper Ghosts

Carl Louis Feldman is an old man who was once a celebrated photographer. That was before he was tried for the murder of a young woman and acquitted. before his admission to a care home for dementia. Now his daughter has come to see him, to take him on a trip. Only she's not his daughter and, if she has her way, he's not coming back . . .Because Carl's past has finally caught up with him. The young woman driving the car is convinced her passenger ...

Details Paper Ghosts

TitlePaper Ghosts
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Paper Ghosts

  • Kendall
    Let's start off by admiring how beautiful the cover is of this book. I LOVE IT!! :)Our main character Grace was 12 when her sister Rachel went missing and was presumed to be dead but there was no body that was found. As you can imagine, Grace became obsessed with finding out what happened to her sister. Grace's obsession leads her to a man named Carl who used to be a photographer but is now living in a home with other convicts that have dementia....
  • Liz
    Reading Paper Ghosts is like watching a chess game or a tennis match. Back and forth, back and forth. Both individuals have their own agenda and are trying to outwit the other. One, Grace, is the sister of a murder victim who thinks she’s identified her sister’s killer. That man, who may now be suffering from early onset dementia, was formerly a documentary photographer who was acquitted on the one case taken to court. She takes him on a road...
  • Debra
    "Bad people are to be found everywhere, but even among the worst there may be something good."Serial Killer or man afflicted with dementia???? That is the questionCarl Feldman is a documentary photographer who is living in a half way house and has been diagnosed with dementia. One day a young woman arrives and claims to be his daughter. She wants to take him on a road trip to see if the trip can jar his memory. She believes he has killed various ...
  • Emma
    This may well be one of the most batshit crazy books i've read recently, with both the dementia suffering potential serial murderer and his pretend daughter/investigator being contenders for the mad-as-a-hatter crown.At the outset, I thought this was going to be an easy 5 stars; it begins with a sly to-and-fro between the pair, a subtle and insidious testing of each other, with every conversation seeming to insinuate dangerous knowledge and hidde...
  • Sheila
    5 stars--I greatly enjoyed this book.I really loved this book, which is an anthem to Texas disguised as a suspense novel. What made it stand out for me, in a saturated genre that I read a lot of, were the descriptions of the photographs--and actual black-and-white photos included in the book as well. I also loved trying to puzzle out Carl, who was a fascinating character--is he a killer? How progressed is his dementia? Why is he going along with ...
  • Christine
    Paper Ghosts is slightly odd. This makes it rather memorable. Julia Heaberlin gives us a slow moving relationship drama. This is a road trip, with a suspected serial killer.This story takes us into the life of Grace, a woman who is desperate for answers about her missing elder sister. Grace was a twelve year old child, when her sister went missing. This lead to her becoming totally obsessed with the case. She is prepared to conquer her fears and ...
  • Holly
    I knew from the very first chapters that I was going to enjoy this book. Grace was only 12 when her older sister went missing, presumed dead when no body turned up. So for years Grace's obsession was to find out what happened to Rachel and find her killer. Her obsession takes her to a man she believes is the killer, a renowned photographer, Carl. So she pretends to be Carl's daughter, because he is now living in a home where convicts with dementi...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    FULL REVIEW WILL BE ON MAY 15, 2018."PAPER GHOSTS is very well written, a bit evasive, and chilling. Ms. Heaberlin weaves an absorbing tale with intriguing characters. Her detailed writing is marvelous.If you think you would enjoy a stressful, not sure why Grace is doing what she is doing “ride,” you won’t be disappointed in the twists and turns and situations that come up.PAPER GHOSTS is my first book by Ms. Heaberlin, and she definitely k...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I loved Paper Ghosts. When I finished it I wanted to cry and I wasn’t sure why or who for. It’s interesting that this is a crime novel that ends up, to my mind, being about nearly everything but the crime.Paper Ghosts is a dual-edged character drama, two people caught up in a mental game of cat and mouse, in Grace’s case not only with Carl but with herself. She believes he killed her sister, she is not sure if his illness is real or an atte...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    3.5 stars, rounding to 4 for Goodreads. (Also, please note the publication date is extended to 5/15/18)Grace's older sister, Rachel, goes missing, is presumed dead and the person who likely is responsible for this, Carl, has dementia, barely remembers where he is and so is acquitted and put into an assisted-living facility. Grace spends years training and researching. Researching all the missing girls that may be tied to Carl. Training to make su...
  • KC
    Documentary photographer Carl Feldman suffers from dementia. One day, he meets a young woman who claims to be his long lost daughter and pleads with Carl's guardian to take him on a road trip to get acquainted. During their travels, Carl discovers that she is not his daughter and accuses him of killing her sister as well as numerous other women across the state of Texas. Carl has no memory of murdering anyone. Is he a pathological liar and serial...
  • Tracy Fenton
    Firstly I need to say that I read this on the suggestion of a blogger I follow and I didn’t actually read the blurb before reading the book and I haven’t read Julia Heaberlin’s first book Black Eyed Susans either.So, my thoughts… well reading through the various comments and reviews it appears this is a marmite book, which is great as I love marmite, but did I love this book? Having now read the book and finally reading the blurb above I ...
  • Laura Rash
    No bookmark needed with this one! A crazy, unique story with photos & survival guide entries & short chapters make it a quick read. You start out feeling one way about these characters & view them in a new light by the end. Slightly dark but very suspenseful & addicting to the very last page. Be sure to read the authors note at the end bc it adds some incredible insight to the story.
  • Jo
    3.5 starsThis one started so strong, but the middle was simply wandering around inside the protagonist's head. It was a little confusing to be honest, and for someone who had trained for every scenario, she really wasn't very prepared. I loved Barfly and how he moved the narrator closer to being human for the reader. And, like I've said before, I love a good epilogue so the book gets points for that.
  • Brenda Ayala
    Decidedly underwhelming.It says it’s a novel of suspense, but what it really is is a constant deluge of internal monologuing by our protagonist. Lots and lots and lots of internal monologuing. We ultimately find out the answers to the burning questions of who murdered the girls, but frankly I was so dull-eyed by the time we got there I was indifferent. A shrug of the shoulder and a, “meh,” was all it got out of me. This is also due to Carl ...
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    via my blog:'Lying is a delightful thing, for it leads to truth. That’s Dostoyevsky.'This is a heck of a suspense story about a serial killer who may or may not have dementia. Can you ever really trust a killer? Sure, he’s an old man but isn’t dementia a convenient illness for someone with a lot of sins to hide? Carl Louis Feldman was a celebrated photographer, but it’s the girls he photographed that...
  • Wendi Lee
    Carl Feldman is an elderly photographer acquitted of murder. He suffers from dementia, and lives in a halfway house with his ghosts. Our protagonist is a young woman whose older sister, Rachel, disappeared years before; her life from that point forward was spent trying to find her sister, at any and all costs. She believes that Carl might be responsible for Rachel's death, and takes him on a road trip through Texas in hopes of jarring his memorie...
  • Kasa Cotugno
    When she's 12, Rachel, her beloved older sister, disappears. Rachel was the one who protected her, but apparently she was the one in danger. That is the premise of this excellent psychological thriller. (We don't know our protagonist's real name until the end of the book, so I'll refer to her as Ms P. ) Obsessed with solving the question of Rachel's disappearance, Ms P believes she has the answer, and fifteen years later takes off on an unlikely ...
  • Clare
    With thanks to Netgalley and Penguin for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.When I saw the synopsis for Paper Ghosts I had to request this book. I loved the idea of a young woman (who is not given a name until the end of the book), taking a serial killer now struck with dementia on a road trip.When she was 11 years old her big sister Rachel disappeared on her way to a baby sitting job. Rachel was never found and over the years she...
  • Julie Lacey
    This book was different to what I expected and even though it was a slow burner, I really enjoyed it. Grace is searching for answers to what happened to her sister and needs to know if she’s dead or alive. The man who can help her with this is in a home suffering with Dementia. She poses as his daughter and after gaining the trust of the home, says she wants to take him away for a few days.She persuades Carl to come by agreeing to some of his c...
  • Yzabel Ginsberg
    [I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]I had liked ‘Black-Eyed Susans’ by the same author well enough, and I thought I’d like this one as well, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the case. As evidenced by the time I needed to finish it, that wasn’t because I had too much work and no time to read, but because it kept falling from my hands and I’d reach something else to reach instead.It started well enough, and I thought that the...
  • Emily
    Hot damn, we got a live one! With Paper Ghosts, Julia Heaberlin emerges as a true successor to Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins. This novel had me engrossed all the way through its satisfying conclusion. The pacing was excellent and Heaberlin kept me guessing.
  • Valerie Sparkle
    I've really enjoyed both titles by this author. This was another great thriller that kept me guessing all the way. I highly recommend it.
  • Craig Sisterson
    Texas journalist-turned-novelist Julia Heaberlin just gets better and better. Years ago I read her debut, PLAYING DEAD, where a former rodeo rider who is contacted after her father's death by a woman claiming that she was kidnapped as a baby. I thought Heaberlin showed lots of promise, and a knack for evoking the Texas setting (geography and people), and twisted family secrets.That was a good book. Her third, BLACK-EYED SUSANS, was brilliant. The...
  • Latkins
    Having recently read Black Eyed Susans and enjoyed it, I wasn't disappointed with this new thriller from Heaberlin. The narrator's life was torn apart when she was 12 and her older sister Rachel, 19, disappeared, never to be seen again. Since then, the narrator has been investigating the case herself, and is convinced that Carl, a photographer who was once tried for and acquitted of murdering another young woman, is a serial killer responsible fo...
  • Beth McCraw
    Loved this!! I seriously had a hard time putting this down, I just had to know what happened! I loved Black Eyed Sudan’s as well, highly recommend her books!!
  • Sabrina
    This book is THE definition of psychological thriller. I found myself very hesitant tor read it at night before bed. I am not even sure how to review without giving much away. This is a book that will definitely sit with me for awhile and make me look at people in a different angle.Would you ever go on a 10 day road trip with someone who may or may not be a serial killer? What if you add dementia on top of that and that person cannot even be sure...
  • Theresa Smith Writes
    Julia Heaberlin is my queen of psychological thrillers. Her stories drip with dread while also beating with a strong heart. Paper Ghosts has a such a chilling premise, revenge in extremis. The minute I had this book in my hands, all others were left on the pile, and I hardly ever do that, being the methodical reader that I am.When Grace was twelve, her nineteen year old sister vanished, never to be seen or heard from again. As the investigation r...
  • Jennilyn
    I was instantly smitten by the premise. Roadtrips are intimate and suffocatingly up close that we mostly take them with family and friends, people whom we know, can tolerate and trust our lives with. So I was curious with this woman who will pack for a roadtrip with a possible serial killer. I was half hoping that she backs off (but then nothing will happen and there will be no book) and half cheering her to not give up until she finds the truth....