Prison School, Vol. 6 by Akira Hiramoto

Prison School, Vol. 6

An unthinkable "nightmare scenario" is brought down on the Shadow Student Council, shaking the Prison to its core...!! Kiyoshi falls into the trap laid by Kate, the Regular Student Council President, and finds himself behind bars once again! Now Mari, Meiko, and Kiyoshi must share a co-ed Prison. Meanwhile, Kate's plan for revenge is quietly set into motion...!

Details Prison School, Vol. 6

TitlePrison School, Vol. 6
Release DateMar 28th, 2017
PublisherYen Press
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Humor, Cultural, Japan, Horror, Young Adult

Reviews Prison School, Vol. 6

  • Anna
    Welcome to another lewd volume of sweaty talkin cameltoes! Hiramoto knows how anatomy works and absolutely chooses to ignore it for extreme low angles, undies 3 sizes too tiny and oversized EVERYTHING moist constantly"my boobs are not a meter around" says Meiko.... and I just... yeah, that's a hefty bust for a middle-schooler (yet somehow isn't drawn to look that bad? At that art her current circumference must be damn same as her height)
  • Constance Marie
    This Andre plot is killing me
  • Kenny
    Still a crackling good read