The 7th Canon by Robert Dugoni

The 7th Canon

A riveting new legal thriller from the bestselling author of My Sister’s Grave.In San Francisco’s seamy Tenderloin district, a teenage street hustler has been murdered in a shelter for boys. And the dedicated priest who runs the struggling home stands accused. But despite damning evidence that he’s a killer—and worse—Father Thomas Martin stands by his innocence. And attorney Peter Donley stands with him.For three years Donley has cut hi...

Details The 7th Canon

TitleThe 7th Canon
Release DateSep 27th, 2016
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The 7th Canon

  • Kylie D
    An enjoyable ride where a young lawyer is thrust into the case of his life. A priest who runs a shelter for street kids in San Francisco is accused of murdering one of the boys. A jaded PI, a rogue veteran cop and a DA being bullied by his megalomaniac father all add to a riveting story. It's a fast paced story that I read in one sitting. Recommended.
  • Christine
    The 7th Canon is my first Robert Dugoni novel, and I found it to be a fast-paced highly enjoyable read. I was a little concerned as the protagonist is an attorney. The last legal thriller I read ended up on my did-not-finish shelf because the legalese was mind-boggling and a total drag on the story. I am happy to say that did not happen in this book. There is actually only a smattering of courtroom scenes; they are well done and never left me scr...
  • Paromjit
    This is a terrific legal crime thriller located in 1987 San Francisco. Pete Donley is 28, has 3 years legal experience, and a troubled personal history that involves an alcoholic and violent father that still haunts him to this day. He is married to Kim, a doctor, and has a young son, Benny. He works at his uncle Lou's firm whose biggest client is the RC church and San Francisco Archdeacon, Donatello Parnisi. This one client finances all the othe...
  • Linda
    I received a copy of The 7th Canon by Robert Dugoni through NetGalley. My thanks to Thomas & Mercer Publishers and to Robert Dugoni for the opportunity.Back up those tail lights to 1987 and shine the light on video tapes, cassettes, and portable phones the size of house bricks. The long, wide Cadillac is about to take you on one wild ride.The 7th Canon: "A lawyer should represent a client zealously within the bounds of law."Peter Donley, a young ...
  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    'Justice isn't always about right and wrong, it's all about what we can and can't prove. 'Ain't that the truth! I have never been a big fan of legal thrillers. Robert Dugoni and the 7th Canon may just have changed that. But then Pete Donley probably isn't your average lawyer. He seems to spend far more time out of the office chasing down the bad guys than he does in the courtroom or writing briefs. So there actually isn't a great deal of courtroo...
  • Zoeytron
    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.The underpinnings and inner-workings of the judicial system are given a hard look here. In the criminal justice system (hear that gavel ringing out?), the courtroom is a stage. Justice is meted out on the basis of what can be proven, what is admissible as evidence, not necessarily by the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Fascinating. This high energy legal/crime thriller grabbed me right...
  • Brenda
    I enjoy Robert Dugoni's books, and this stand alone is no exception.Dugoni mentions in his acknowledgement that this was an older manuscript and it has had many rewrites. I think these rewrites may have caused a few minor hiccups, but nothing that really detracted from the book. Perhaps it was a mix of earlier, more inexperienced writing with Dugoni's current, more polished style.Some characters were on a first name basis and others were last nam...
  • Barbara
    Father Thomas Martin - who sports a shaved head, earring, and tattoo - runs a shelter for homeless boys in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. When the bloody body of a teenage youth, Andrew Bennet, is found in the shelter's recreation room, Father Martin is accused of murder. Lou Giantelli's law firm represents Father Martin and Lou plans to defend the priest himself. First, though, Lou sends his nephew Peter Donley - a young attorney inex...
  • Matt
    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Robert Dugoni, and Thomas & Mercer for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.Stepping away from his two successful series, Dugoni released this standalone novel that mixes the detail of a legal drama with the excitement of a crime thriller to create something captivating. Taking the reader back to 1987, Degoni explores the rough Tenderloin Distric...
  • Sue
    THE 7th CANON, a standalone novel by New York Times and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Robert Dugoni is a legal crime thriller that is sure to please. I have read most of his novels in the “Tracy Crosswhite” series and” David Sloane” series, and have nothing but praise for his writing. The police procedural featuring Seattle Homicide Detective Tracy Crosswhite has kept Dugoni in the Amazon top 10 for more than two years. He is also the auth...
  • Adrian Dooley
    I flew through this book. My quickest read of the year. A compelling story fantastically told. The story, a legal crime thriller, is set in San Francisco in 1987 where Father Thomas Martin runs a shelter for homeless boys. The runaways, the drug addicts, the prostitutes, his door is an open door for those who seek refuge for the night. A boy is found brutally murdered at the shelter and all the evidence points to Father Martin as the killer. He i...
  • L.A. Starks
    I liked Dugoni's "My Sister's Grave," so I picked this up since it's by the same author. The 7th Canon is actually Dugoni's first book. However, it was not initially commercial so he shelved it until recently.The 7th Canon is set in San Francisco in the 1980s. The time frame is a bit of a problem: readers get a wink and a nod from various characters on the subjects of mobile phones and computers. It's not ideal to apply a current lens to a histor...
  • Susan Johnson
    This is by first Robert Dugoni book but it won't be my last. I had heard of him of course but had him mixed up with another author named Robert whose book I loathed. Luckily I finally got it straightened out and it allowed me to enjoy this book. I received this from Net Galley in exchange for a fair review. Peter Donley is a lawyer working in his uncle's law firm in San Francisco's Tenderloin district in 1987. They take on hard luck clients who h...
  • sue
    I’m not going into much detail at all here.I need to say I’m not much into legal dramas in books. But this one sure changed my mind.It’s very fast paced with a good flow of utter suspense.
  • Emma
    This is a really different type of book to Dugoni's Tracy Crossehite series, which I love, and for the first third I was thinking that it might not be for me. It felt like it was maybe written before those novels as the narrative wasn't quite as tight. But there was this one moment when everything came together (for me it was when two characters met and started working with each other) and all of a sudden the chemistry was there. I'm in no positi...
  • Lyn
    Good legal thriller.Blending elements of mystery and psychology into an intriguing novel set in San Francisco in the late 1980s, author Robert Dugoni has crafted a page turning and entertaining work.Young lawyer Peter Donley is learning the ropes in his uncle’s law firm when a murder in a young men’s shelter run by an unorthodox but charismatic priest sets into motion a chain of events that will change Peter’s life forever. Dugoni describes...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I think that THE 7THE CANON is an excellent thriller. The story takes place in 1987 and I was thrilled to read a book that takes place in the 80s, before all modern inventions like cell phones, etc. It's not that far back in time, but I quite enjoy reading books from that time. Probably because I'm a child of the 80s. THE 7THE CANON is a story about injustice and corruption, always a fascinating subject. One can't help wonder through the book why...
  • Jean
    Peter Donley is an up-and-coming young attorney working in his uncle Lou Giantelli’s law firm. He’s had some courtroom experience, most recently a case involving establishing the identity of a missing parrot, but come Christmas Eve, Donley’s life is about to become very interesting – and very, very busy. Chapter one had me chuckling. By the time I was finished with chapter two, I was hooked.Uncle Lou has a heart attack and a stroke, leavi...
  • Lee
    A priest who runs a shelter for homeless and troubled youth becomes the prime suspect in the death of one of these youths. He has taken in a young man who seems very troubled and agitated but several hours later when the priest is unable to locate the boy he decides that the boy has left the shelter. Not long after the priest goes to fix a fuse in the basement and he discovers the boy's body, stabbed to death. Attorney Peter Donley, who has only ...
  • Tooter
    Received my copy through Netgalley. 4.5 stars. Excellent!
  • Jim
    Peter Donley is a young lawyer with a wife and two year old son. For the past three years he has worked in his uncle's no-frills law firm in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district where people come before profits. Just as Peter is considering an offer to move to a more lucrative firm a new case lands in his lap. A case that will force him to confront his own past.Father Thomas Martin runs a shelter for homeless boys. With a shaved head, earring, a...
  • CL
    I love the Tracy Crosswhite series and Rovert Dugoni does not disappoint with the Peter Donley character. Father Thomas Martin has been accused of murdering one of the homeless boys his shelter has taken in for the night. Now Peter Donley must find the real killer before he is convicted for a crime that Father Thomas said he did not commit and for which Peter believes he is innocent. But who would want to kill a homeless boy and frame a priest. A...
  • Monnie
    After reading just two books by Robert Dugoni, I've become a fan; so when I got the chance to read an advance copy of this one in exchange for an honest review, I jumped. It's a standalone that's not part of either his Tracy Crosswhite or David Sloane series, though, so I crossed my fingers that my high expectations would be justified.They were uncrossed by the end of the first chapter; when I got near the end, they were holding my Kindle so tigh...
  • Tulay
    Great fictional story."Kids, they don't do anything except get born, and then they pay the price for someone else's mistakes and disappointments." This story is about Father Martin and people around him to help him and the kids.
  • Liz
    The Seventh Canon is the requirement for an attorney to do his or her best in defending their client, regardless of guilt or innocence. This book starts off with an immensely likeable young attorney named Peter Donley. Donley works for his uncle with an odd assortment of non-paying clients but also luckily the Archdiocese of SF. He grew up with an abusive father, which makes him even more sympathetic. Then there is a murder at a shelter for young...
  • Holly
    I must say that Robert Dugoni is becoming a must read for me. After reading his Tracy Crosswhite series, I knew that I wanted to check out his David Sloane novels. As luck would have it, a new book came out featuring a new character, Peter Donley. So I decided to read this one instead. Also, as it happens, this is a novel Robert started back in the 90's but had put on the back burner. I'm so glad that he didn't give up on it and finished it. This...
  • Pamela
    Mr. Dugoni once again delivers a fast-paced police/political crime thriller. This one takes us back to 1987 when a priest is arrested for the murder of a boy who was in his shelter. Since a priest is involved, we're not too surprised when evidence of pedophilia shows up. (Not my opinion, just an unfortunate fact). However, all is not as simple as that! We are taken on a ride with some pretty awesome characters. I loved Peter, Father Tom, Uncle Lo...
  • Louise Wilson
    A priest becomes the prime subject in the death of a minor who was staying in the shelter for homeless and troubled youths that the priest runs.The priest finds the boy's body when he went down the basement to fix a fuse. The boy had been stabbed.A young lawyer who has worked for 3 years in his uncles practice becomes the priests defence lawyer. He believes the priests innocent so to prove it and a private investigator set out to find the truth.A...
  • Kylie H
    I really did enjoy this story set in San Francisco. Peter Donley is a lawyer employed by his Uncle Lou. Her has his own demons and soon becomes embroiled in a case where a priest is accused of murdering a child prostitute in his shelter. The evidence is damning but Peter stakes his career on believing Father Martin and trying to help him.The story is fast paced, but is laced with humour that enhanced the characters rather diminishing the awful cr...
  • Sandy
    Canon 7 of the ABA moral code of responsibility states “a lawyer should represent his client zealously within the bounds of the law”. Attorney Peter Donley takes it to heart but puts his own spin on just how far he should go to save his client.Father Tom Martin runs a shelter for troubled boys. When one is found murdered, the DA wastes no time naming him as the killer. Peter works with his Uncle Lou who has made a career out of defending the ...