Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst


The enemy wants us to feel rejected . . . left out, lonely, and less than. When we allow him to speak lies through our rejection, he pickpockets our purpose. Cripples our courage. Dismantles our dreams. And blinds us to the beauty of Christ’s powerful love.In Uninvited, Lysa shares her own deeply personal experiences with rejection—from the incredibly painful childhood abandonment by her father to the perceived judgment of the perfectly toned...

Details Uninvited

Release DateAug 9th, 2016
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Religion, Faith, Self Help, Christian Living

Reviews Uninvited

  • Rachel B
    This book was a little unfocused. It seemed to touch on every topic and yet not really say anything. To sum it up, "God loves you, so you should live your life feeling loved. If you don't feel loved, that's a problem. The solution? Know that God loves you." Which isn't wrong - it's just incredibly simplistic and not overly helpful.TerKeurst also took a few verses out of context and read into Bible stories a bit more than I believe is wise. There ...
  • Callie
    2/5 stars.So, I'm just going to go ahead and give you the bottom line right from the start - I was rather disappointed in this book.I read The Best Yes by Lysa Terkheurst a while ago, and I really found it helpful, so I thought I'd pick up her new book. I generally think that Terkheurst is a good writer, but this book really fell flat for me, I think for a few reasons.1. This was not a great time in my life to read this book. I was trying to reme...
  • Rosie
    Oh my stars.I wish I could have had this book a couple years ago. It would have saved me so much hurt. But I didn't, and that's okay. God brought me through and helped me work through it. In her book, Mrs. TerKeurst walks through how to overcome the pain of past or present rejection, and how to in turn live loved. If you've ever tasted that bitter sting of being rejected, I strongly recommend you pick this book up. As she points out, not tending ...
  • Donella
    Just What I neededThis book touched me so personally that I am in tears. It was like the author was speaking directly to me.
  • Amber
    This is one of those "highlight every other sentence and re-read every month" type books. I think everyone who has ever walked the earth has dealt with rejection in one form or another. Rejection can be devastating and crippling. It is so easy to be consumed by it, to allow it to change who we are and what we think about ourselves. I am a big fan of Lysa's but the way she walks through this book and how to process and grow from rejection is beaut...
  • Laura
    If you have ever felt rejected, left out, cast aside or even simply feel unloved at times, this book will have something that will help you feel loved and will help your emotional pain heal as you learn to accept God's love for you and his forgiveness. This was an easy read and I loved how organized the book was. I would recommend buying the hardcopy because at the end of the book, Lysa listed all of the important bible verses that were used in e...
  • Nikki
    This is not a Gospel driven book. Many Christian women authors today seem to want to use our depravity to make sure we know we're not alone and almost make us feel okay about our feelings, however ungodly they may be. This book is no exception to that. While there were a few chapters that spoke to me, by the end, I just wanted so badly for her to use my sinfulness, my depravity, my "lonely, left out feelings" to remind me of why I need Christ and...
  • Stephanie
    My feelings about Uninvited can best be summed up with a dispassionate "meh, it was alright." Lysa TerKeurst's writing style didn't do much for me and the chapters felt a little disjointed and unfocused. I did like the overall message the book was trying to convey, but the way that message was flushed out was disappointing and, if I'm being totally honest, forgettable. This isn't a book that will stay with me or that I'll refer back to in years t...
  • Crystalyn
    I skipped many paragraphs. Her writing style doesn't captivate me and to be honest, her experience of being rejected didn't compare to the depths of what many of us experience. I appreciate the concept, though. But I was disappointed. This is the third book of hers that I have read and haven't been captivated. I think the cover art was pretty and the title and subject matter is what made we want to read it.
  • Jill
    If you have ever felt rejected, I would recommend this book. I've been dealing with feeling left out, duped, and, well, uninvited lately. This book was a good reminder that a lot of the feelings we deal with right now are tied to things that happened in the past, and that God never rejects us. I plan on buying my own copy so I can highlight and mark it up good.
  • Brandice
    This book was great. I'd never heard of it but stumbled across it on display at the bookstore. Parts of it were incredibly relatable for me - some very familiar feelings and actions. It gave me a lot to think about.
  • Serethiel ☽ ✨
    4.5 starsTHIS BOOK, Y'ALL.Lysa TerKeurst delivers such a heartfelt address on rejection, chatting with the reader and sharing hilarious anecdotes as if she's basically your bestie. Uninvited delivers the eye-opening message that it's perfectly natural to feel the sharp ache of rejection... but also gently presents advice on how we can rest in God's eternal embrace throughout it.
  • Kara Neal
    Skip itThere were some good things in this book. There really were. But my overall takeaway is that this writer seems awfully petty and fixated on herself much of the time. Another sticking point for me is that she seems to believe God speaks to her personally. Scripture doesn't support that. Looking into her church, pastor, and theology, I'd suggest to proceed with discernment. Test the spirits.
  • Kris
    Rather fluffy and cliche in the beginning, but it did get better, as my friend said it would. I must admit that there are thought-provoking pieces of advice in here, despite the book's weak structure and lackluster writing style. I can see how it would be of great help to some. But it just didn't strike a chord with me. The whole thing was wrapped in too many layers of cheesiness.
  • Lisa
    I debated between giving this 2 or 3 stars. I was drawn in by the title and subject matter, but didn't feel the book delivered on its promises. I wasn't captivated by the writing and actually skimmed some parts. This was the first book I've read by this author. I was hoping for more- more depth, more personal stories, more connection... just more.
  • Melissa
    Not gonna lie, the positive reviews had me thinking that this would be an excellent read. This is the first time I've ever read a Lysa Terkeurst book (likely the last time as well), and I just can't give it anything higher than two stars. I had many issues with this book, but I'll list only my main concerns: it's very jumpy, going from one topic to the next. Some of the examples are really hard to relate to (and at times, verge on the silly side)...
  • Christina Claypool
    When a book comes along at just the right time, it can be a double blessing. Lysa TerKeurst's "Uninvited..." came along at the perfect moment for me.If we're honest, there are times when we all feel rejected, and less than. Many of us, like Lysa so adeptly writes about, have childhood issues which we can hold onto, if we're not careful. As an author and role model, she is transparent in a sensitive and challenging way, using herself as an example...
  • Stephanie
    I always enjoy Lysa's writing. It is so honest. This book did not disappoint.Lysa lets the reader look into her own insecurities to teach the reader lessons when we feel rejected. She gives lots of personal stories and plenty of scripture for the reader to hide in her heart. "Live from the abundant pace that you are loved, and you won't find yourself begging others for scraps of love" is one of the author's quotes that I feel sums up the point of...
  • Amie Walker
    This was the first book I have read by Lysa. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed. I felt like her chapters were unfocused and really didn't get very deep into the topic of rejection. It was very "fluffy" and I was looking for more biblical truths than what she presented. Plus, if I had to hear about her thighs or body image issues one more time I would've simply put the book down.
  • Sylvia
    Interesting, insightful and inspirational.
  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    Have you ever looked through someone else’s prescription glasses and even though it’s perfect for them it’s a blurry mess for you? That’s how I feel when I read Lysa’s books. For the life of me I couldn’t connect with this book! Perhaps it’s because I’m not feeling rejected or uninvited. Or it could be because, like most of this authors books, her books are very unfocused. I’m always about learning and keeping a solid foundation...
  • Shantelle
    4.5 starsI read Uninvited with my ladies' Bible study group. It was really good, and so much of it extremely relevant for me! I found some awesome and inspiring quotes, and a lot of thought-provoking concepts in this book. Though some parts were kind of glum-feeling, truly Uninvited continually pointed back to Christ. And finding love and security in Him. It was beautiful.I certainly recommend to any woman who has struggled with insecurity, rejec...
  • Tracy S
    This book was so good because everyone can relate to the feeling of being left out, unwanted, rejected, or unloved at some point in their lives by others, even those close to us. Many of us know we are loved by Jesus, but how many of us live like we are loved by him every second of our lives? This book has practical tips for how to "live loved" through every season and every aspect of our lives. It has wonderful scripture references as well to ke...
  • royaevereads
    This book is good for a bit of self discovery - thinking about why you feel uninvited or rejected in certain situations. It gives suggestions of how you should change your mindset with scriptural references. However, it didn’t give anything in the way of practical advice. I also felt the title was a little misleading as only one or two small sections related to the feeling of being left out in social situations, and that’s what I was interest...
  • Schuyler
    While I'm not suffering from a deep and traumatic relationship break-up, I was in need of fresh reminders of God's sustaining love when I picked up this book. I think what I most appreciated about Lysa's book was the truth it gave me about God's power, sustenance, and love. As Lysa says on pg. 23, we need our minds braced by truth. My own mind feels weary right now, so I need more time in the words of God, and the life that he gives through Scrip...
  • Jeanie
    I've been hurt by rejection and started believing lies about my God and who I am in Him-I deny myself the protection of His truth. And my search for love and acceptance outside of God's presence then leads to dangerous places. Rating 3.5TerKeurst is a wonderful writer who expresses herself with vulnerability and rawness. The pain of rejection can spill out in our lives in many different ways and the damage it does can leave us spiritual immature ...
  • Joan
    This is, by far, the best book I have ever read on rejection. TerKeurst writes from experience. Her depth of empathy is refreshing. The practical suggestions she gives are inspiring.There are many who feel they have been rejected by their father and this book is specifically great for this issue. TerKeurst is painfully honest with her own contemporary feelings and their roots in past experience. Those who have experienced rejection with certainly...
  • Bluerose's Heart
    When I first debated whether or not to read this book, I thought it might be one of those books that so many would roll their eyes at. I wondered if I'd be ashamed to be seen reading it. (Maybe, but I did read it in the privacy of my own home.) I decided to give it a try, though. I remember loving Lysa's writing style in the past, and really, if there was ever a book title that was meant for me, it'd be this one. I've made it no secret that I suf...
  • Sarah
    I'm generally not a fan of "Christian women's issues" books and I would never have picked this up had it not been an assignment. Overall it felt shallow and self-involved. The examples given by the author were mostly petty, and when she could have gone deeper into some of her past, she just glossed over it. Other than the last "bonus chapter" most of the application points just seem like they would enforce more self-absorbed behavior. I understan...
  • Halley Hopson
    4.5 stars!I found this book of Lysa’s much more relatable and heart wrenching than the previous book of hers that I read. I do think she has a talent for getting down to the nitty gritty of the problems women deal with as a whole and she definitely is gifted and inspired by God to relate them back to the Bible and Christian principles.