Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5) by L.A. Casey

Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5)

Alannah Ryan is plagued by an old face haunting her dreams, turning her waking hours into a mess of worry. Talking it out with the person she loves the most isn’t a possibility, not when the same face haunts him, too. To protect the love of her life from another burden, she keeps her fear to herself, even as that fear begins to consume her.Damien Slater has the life he always wanted with the woman he adores by his side, but there’s a problem....

Details Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5)

TitleAlannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5)
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary, Humor, Funny

Reviews Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5)

  • Maria...
    3,5 StarsCheers to what's coming. Hopefully a good one...Review to come!
  • Pick a Book
    English / Português4 starsAh guys! I was longing for a lightweight book that would make me laugh and suddenly my wish was granted when ALANNAH appeared on my Kindle. I love this family so much and I'm a little sad because there's just one more book left.ALANNAH is a book that comes to show what we more than already know: that Alannah and Damien really love each other. And I LOOOOVE the way Damien loves Alannah. Like, no matter if they're fightin...
  • Steffi De Ceuster ♥
    As every one knows I love this series so much, sometimes they are a bit much. But I love it all! This one was a bit different I think because it had a little less drama, but that was all fine with me.Alannah and Damien was a book everyone wanted to read and was waiting for very much, this second one of them is just as good. We love getting glimpses off them all, they are just so fantastic and lovable! I love the all the alphas in this series, but...
  • Michelle
    I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary honest review. God I love Alannah and Damien. When they argue you can feel the sexual tention is off the charts. And Damien omg he's so perfect the way he cares about her always putting her first. Dealing with her mood swings the man is Saint. I just love this couple.
  • BookSmacked
    Whenever a Slater Brothers book comes out I squeal with excitement because I absolutely love this series. It’s on of my go to recs and rereads. I’m a bit sad though knowing that this is coming to an end. My only comfort is that we will have a spin off that involves these characters that I love so much. Alannah and Damien went through so much in his book and these two definitely deserve their HEA. Once again in true Slater Brothers fashion we ...
  • MillsyLovesBooks
    My reviews of both Damien and Alannah feel bitter/sweet knowing that were drawing end to what has been a fabulous series. My only comfort is that we will be getting a spin off series that involves these characters that I love so much. And fingers crossed to getting some Slater children stories????Alannah suffered so much mentally and emotionally for me throughout this series. So to see her and Damien finally get their HEA was wonderful. But i can...
  • Brandi
    This installment in the Slater Brother series was super entertaining. Yes, it was kind of the wrap-up to Alannah & Damien's story but it felt more like a shared Slater Brothers book, which wasn't a bad thing. It was jam-packed with witty banter & some sexy scenes. My favorite parts...*The Alannah/Bronagh scenes- Gods, they say the funniest & most honest things when they're together & I love it so damn much. *Angry sex with Damien- So, so good... ...
  • Anna Banana
    I can't believe that there's just one more book left until this series is complete!I really enjoyed this novella but the plot was kind of all over the place and I could tell it was kind of half-assed just to have some sort of plot but really, it was all about the character moments. Which, I'm more than ok with. I love that this series as a whole is more character driven and it's just about a group of friends/family falling in love and living thei...
  • Adriana
    Loved every second When this appeared in my kindle I was ecstatic . It was so worth the wait read in one sitting couldn't put it down . I love Alannah she is one of my fav and her and Damien belong together and I also love her relationships with everyone especially Alec had me in stiches . Loved that we got to see what everyone was up to and we also got a tease of the next book. This is why LA Casey will always be my number 1 author love everythi...
  • Amy Davies
    BLOODY LOVED ITShunning loved it. Loved seeing Alannah and Damien grow. Seeing all the Slater boys and girls come together again. Hey again the banter is EPIC. So looking forward to the next instalment <3
  • Penny
    4 Stars
  • Ginny
    I'm not entirely sure why this was necessary. Given the first chapter, I assumed that it would perhaps have some sort of revenge-style plot, but nope. Nothing. I kept reading it thinking, "Just keep going, something'll happen." That 'something' was just continual pregnancies. On the topic of pregnancy, this novella is a tad ridiculous. These women must be absolute machines to each pump out five babies on a whim, just one after the other. And oh m...
  • Up All Night With Books
    5 StarsReview by StaceyLate Night ReviewerUp All Night W/ Books BlogAlannah is another great book by LA Casey and a fantastic addition to the Slater Brothers series. I’d recommend starting the series from the beginning, so you can truly capture the unique personalities of each of her characters. Their possessiveness of what is theirs and their sense of humor will have you falling in love with each and everyone of them. They have a way of crawli...
  • Ruby Ap.
    I've loved the Slater Brothers since the debut story, "Dominic" which is Dominic aka Nico and Bronagh's story came out and each one has been awesome and I've got to admit I'm a bit sad while reading this, knowing we're one book away for the Slater Brothers Series to end but nonetheless, I've forged on and started reading the novella, "Alannah" and I wasn't disappointed at all :) I loved every single moment of reading this novella :)Here we get to...
  • Georgie
    This was such a bittersweet read for me!We were there from the very beginning with these boys so it was a little emotional having to turn the last page on this book.But in true LA Casey style - this book definitely left me wanting me and I wasn't disappointed -especially when I got to the end of the book and found a sneak peak at the next generation of Slaters - the kiddos!!HELL YEAH!But I digress - back to Alannah...I loved this book!We got grea...
  • Andi Isack
    Let me start this review with...the ending part of this book. Cuz it got my heart. Because you'll have the chance to get a sneak peek of the conclusive book of this series. You'll meet again every single Slater starting by Dominic! It's unbelievable that we got here, The Slater brothers Series is almost over. And I loved and I'd read this series over and over again.Now, Alannah concluded the circle. Alannah is a very special tender and sweet nove...
  • Stacey #northsouthbookblog
    I have loved this series and it’s definitely made Lee one of my go to authors. I’m so sad the series is coming to an end...thank God we are getting a spin-off in The Collins Brothers series!!Another great novella with thrills and fights (in Tesco of all places!), laughter and tears (Alec 😂) and more lovely Slater babies!!I didn’t think I could love Damien more than I already do, but he’s just perfect! He loves Alannah and just wants to...
  • Tongan Book Lover (Ofa Tafa)
    I’m crying happy tears. How the author got me feeling almost every emotion in the span of this little novella I’ll never know but I loved it. The family dynamic and dysfunction will always be my favourite part about the Slater Family. And their loyalty. It was also the perfect ending to Damien and Alannah’s story. I can’t wait for the next book! That excerpt at the end had me screaming! I loved it!
  • Clare
    I love love love this series and can't get enough, This one was really really good, This is a must read series, and i cannot wait for The Brothers book it's gonna be amazing i know it. LA Casey writes such great stories.
  • Liana Sue
    L.A. Casey never disappoints! I recommend this series to everyone and anyone who will listen. Seriously, take the chance. You will not be disappointed. I'm sad that there is only one book remaining in the Slater Brothers series. I'm also very excited to get my hands on it!
  • Tracy Reads
    review to come
  • Megan Fall
    Absolutely amazing! Did not disappoint one bit!! I adore this series, and can’t wait for the last one to be released!!
  • Camilla (thecrazyreader)
    3.5 stelle!
  • Vanessa Lawford
    I am doing a dance for this book but I am also sad because it means this series is almost finished. I loved this book and I cannot wait for September for the next book.I voluntarily read an ARC of Alannah for Sweet Treats Book Blog 💖
  • Emma Johnston
    I absolutely loved this book, I mean, I read it in one go i was that excited!!Alannah has always been one of my faves from book 1 so I loved her even more by her book <3 cannot wait for Brothers in September!!
  • Zoya
    Cause I can't really stand Alannah it gets 4 stars. She just irritates me a lot for some reason! Damien and her are my least favourite from the couples. Alec was hilarious in this! Bronagh was as always my favourite and Dominic was spectacular as per usual! I wish Aideen and Kane were in this more, they're my second favourite couple!
  • Bookbytch5 janet Gray
    Alannah story was awesome. loved the way Alannah and Damien story end was just beautiful plus love the crack between Alannah and Alex. Plus loved the snip-it of the Brothers at the end so cant wait to read it and the Collins brothers stories what there released. A must read, Another great story L.A.
  • Nova
    It is no secret how in love with this series I am and that’s never going to change I’ve read these books about 4 times now! Im sure I’m not alone in wanting Alannah and Damien’s story. This one is fun and not as much drama in it as in previous books but still so so enjoyable. It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing the series is coming to the end but seeing Alannah and Damien finally be the couple we have always wanted them to be. Also the g...
  • Jessica Graham
    What could I possibly say about this book that can convince YOU; the reader, to buy and keep this book on hand forever. No, no, no I can’t possibly tell you about the males in this book that are to die for. And I’m not only speaking on their looks, but also their personalities. Nor could I only mention that Irish woman are not for playing games, and they’ll protect and love their males deeply. And maybe I shouldn’t mention that your heart...