Locally Laid by Lucie B. Amundsen

Locally Laid

How a Midwestern family with no agriculture experience went from a few backyard chickens to a full-fledged farm—and discovered why local chicks are better.When Lucie Amundsen had a rare night out with her husband, she never imagined what he’d tell her over dinner—that his dream was to quit his office job (with benefits!) and start a commercial-scale pasture-raised egg farm. His entire agricultural experience consisted of raising five backya...

Details Locally Laid

TitleLocally Laid
Release DateMar 1st, 2016
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Food and Drink, Food, Animals

Reviews Locally Laid

  • Taryn Pierson
    I have a little hipster in me, an alternate personality I picture as a guy with a man-bun who loves hot yoga and kefir and raises chickens in a backyard coop just rickety enough to look cute on Instagram. It’s the same part that spurs me to drop money on organic brands at the grocery store and thinks it would be a great idea to decorate the house with antique canning jars.I have the best, the crunchiest of intentions. Sometimes I even follow th...
  • Kristin
    My disclaimer - I'm from the Duluth area, so I'm familiar with the name, the product, and parts of Locally Laid's story already. I was there for the Super Bowl commercial voting. I noticed when the eggs started hitting store shelves. I read the articles in the paper. What this book did was fill in the names, faces, and the journey behind the chickens. Oh my gosh, and what a journey it was - perhaps still is. What I REALLY appreciated was the brut...
  • Andrea
    Lucie Amundsen's husband is a bit of dreamer and Lucie tells the story of how his big dream, a commercial egg farm that pastures its chickens and feeds the. Organically and from local sources, is told with wit and humor. If you enjoy ag stories with realistic struggles and happy endings, you'll love this. Along the way Lucie explains the theories and practices that inform their decisions.
  • Torina
    I live about a half mile down the dirt road from where the Amundsen's had their first chicken pasture. I would drive by daily and wonder in delight at this unusual setup. My son's best friend helped do chicken chores back then so I feel connected to their story through reciprocity. I also, because their farm is local, buy their eggs and have started picking berries in their fields. Long disclaimer I guess. Anyway, this book was thoroughly enterta...
  • Kristin Boldon
    I read this aloud to my family on a recent road trip. I had some saucy jokes to explain but overall, they all liked it and I really appreciated seeing the character arcs on my re-read.Charming, sweet, sad, funny, well-written, and educational, this memoir and book about middle agriculture was a delight to read.Support a writer and farmer; buy this book, read this book. It will make you smile and you'll learn stuff.
  • Aaron
    It was fun experiencing life with this family as they dived headfirst and with little experience into the world of farming. I learned about middle agriculture- a food term I was unfamiliar with.
  • Adria
    Loved this memoir - and learned a lot about chickens!
  • Kath
    Informative, interesting and inspiring.
  • John
    Lucie B. and Jason Amundsen started their plucky, clucky, audacious chicken-and-egg farm (turns out the chicken comes first) in 2012 in Northeastern Minnesota and lived to tell about it."Locally Laid," the book (it's also their trade name) serves as a cautionary tale for those who may be thinking of leaving the rat race and entering the idyllic life of producing food in the country. You need to read only a few chapters to realize that the rat rac...
  • Michelle Maxwell
    I have much newfound respect for the middle-agriculture poultry industry, and even greater respect for Lucie Amundsen. While insightful and informative, her brutal honesty and wit made this a delight to read. No rose colored glasses here. She lays everything out unapologetically - and it's lovely. With so many little one-off stories of triumph and frustration, I was thoroughly entertained. The fact that she's also a local author just adds to the ...