Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs

Looking for Lovely

“I want you to take every step of your life with excitement for where you are headed. And I want you to feel beautiful and confident as you do.” But how? When the enemy whispers lies that you are not smart enough, pretty enough, or rich enough? Or you are too dumb, too loud, too quiet, too thin, too fat, too much or not enough? What if you don’t have what it takes to be who you really want to be? In Looking for Lovely, Annie F. Downs shar...

Details Looking for Lovely

TitleLooking for Lovely
Release DateApr 5th, 2016
PublisherB Books
GenreNonfiction, Christian, Religion, Faith, Christian Living, Audiobook, Christianity

Reviews Looking for Lovely

  • Becki Campbell
    There is something beautiful about a “Me Too” book. The type of book where the author shares bits and pieces of her heart, her struggles, and walk with the Lord in a way where you can’t help but nod your head in complete agreement. Looking for Lovely is that type of book.Annie Downs allows us to walk along side her as she processes one of the darkest moments in her life. Sharing how God lovingly unearthed destructive thought patterns, lifes...
  • Joan
    Downs takes us through many of her life experiences. She is a different person today, she writes, because of suffering and the transformation that followed. She explains how she found beauty in the mundane, collecting moments that matter. She encourages us to do the same.For this senior citizen, this is a book that did not grab me. Downs rambles through her life, writing about many of her experiences. We read about her being overweight as a child...
  • Stefanie Kellum
    Add Annie Downs to the list of Christian authors who have obviously walked around in my mind and heart. (See also Niequist, Shauna and Bessey, Sarah). One day in Heaven, I just know we're all going to form an all-girl praise rock band. You just wait and see. ;) Seriously though, this is another one of those books that came along exactly when I needed it, and I'm hoping to look for lovely in my own life and find glimpses of Jesus along the way. Th...
  • Andrea Cox
    by Andrea Renee CoxThis was an amazing workbook (along with the video package I had to purchase separately). A few times, it didn't go as deep as I expected it to, but overall, it was a delightful Bible study that helps a person shift their focus to what really matters: God's faithfulness.I hope Annie F. Downs does more Bible studies over the coming years. She's so easy to listen to in the videos, and her voice comes out in the writing too. She s...
  • Jamie
    4.5You know those books that hit you right when and where you need it? I can definitely say that about Annie’s newest release Looking for Lovely. Refreshing and inspiring, I was so encouraged by this book! “I saw God in those sushi rolls. I saw how He is a God who puts everything in its right place.”I really loved the reminder that we can see God in the little things. Through Annie’s sometimes funny, sometimes serious, all the time intere...
  • Brooke
    Annie F Downs has an informal writing style. At times her thoughts seemed disjointed or fractured but you can switch gears with her a little easier when you get use to her writing style. She has a very friendly and honest voice but at times her descriptions are vague or over generalized, & sometimes her overly friendly chit chatty voice impedes the content of her message. It seems confusing and forces you to reread parts because of the awkward wo...
  • Katie M. Reid
    This is a beautiful and honest book about fighting for beauty among brokenness. Annie Downs bravely invites us into her real life—her joys, her struggles, her hangups, and her hangouts—as she searches for the loveliness in everyday life. This book made me want to visit Annie's stomping grounds, of Nashville, and yet also uncover my own collection of lovely right where I live too. I finished this book in just a few days because it was captivat...
  • Skyeler
    There were many parts I enjoyed, and I liked the essence of the book. We sometimes need to take a step back and look for the lovely. But I found the author a bit more liberal than myself, and there was perhaps a bit too much disagreement to thoroughly love this book.
  • Stacy
    I honestly could not find a flow or meaning to this book. It felt like she was rambling on and had 20 different ideas in her head. I just finished a great book that walked thru the 5 Habits of Women that was a great study of Ruth. Picking up this book was such a watered down disappointment that I can't even waste my time to finish it. Sorry but this book is definitely one I recommend you just skip!
  • Lori
    So glad I have my own copy of this book. It's one that I will read over and over. Trying to find the lovely even when life is hard can be so difficult. It's one that I will pass on to my friends who are struggling with their own "broken crazy" and if you read this you will get what I'm talking about. I hope you find some lovely in your day!
  • Abby
    Annie does it again! With humor, real life stories and meaningful observations Annie will make you feel like you're on a coffee date. Each chapter has reflection and simple everyday challenges to help you capture lovely in your life if only you'll look for it.
  • Jenny
    Annie Downs writes of her search to find beauty even during challenging times, to collect the moments that allow her to experience serenity and joy ... and to hopefully help her readers do the same. She shares many of her personal challenges and how they have shaped her. And at the end of most chapters, she gives a specific challenge to "look for lovely". Some of the challenges include getting up early to watch the sunrise, visit a place in your ...
  • Princessdarcy
    This was a sweet little book that reminds you to look at the beauty in the every day. I did find it a bit privileged - it WOULD be great if we could all go to sleep in our beds with the blinds up so it's dark in the room at night and we can rise with the sun but MOST of us don't live on an acreage or anywhere that putting the blinds up at night would result in nothing more than it being awfully bright when one is trying to sleep.I also didn't rea...
  • Becca Sue
    Annie Downs has a way of pulling you in with her wit, charm and love for the Lord. This was a great read! I loved all her personal stories that were woven into the message. She has a way of making a connection with you as if you were sitting across from her having coffee!
  • Alexis Polk
    Very good read! Really makes you appreciate every aspect of your life the good and the bad and appreciate it. Each moment that happens no matter good or bad happens for a reason really enjoyed this!
  • Deanna Drogan
    Annie came to speak at Liberty a few years ago and I absolutely loved every second of it! My friends and I were in tears by the end. I would recommend ready any piece of content she writes! She writes and speaks with such authenticity.
  • Sam Villeneuve
    Annie does a really amazing job describing how she looks for Lovely. Her writing makes you feel you are right next to her experiencing everything too. My only wish is that she would have gone a little deeper. The book wasn’t fluffy but it wasn’t deep. It was a light and quick read that gave me a lot to think about.
  • Jessica Wilkins
    This was just what I needed.. A beautiful book about looking for the lovely in our everyday. Annie F Downs is real and vulnerable and funny and wise and the kind of woman who I need to become friends with! It felt a lot like a conversation over a good meal and like another reviewer mentioned.. so often I found myself saying "me too!"I definitely found the lovely in this book!
  • Carrie Kann
    I love me some Annie.
  • Emily
    Do you ever have those moments where you can just tell that there's a book that God really wants you to read?Because I do. And this book was definitely one of them.I'd been wanting to read it for awhile now (the title is delightful and the word "lovely" drew me in, admittedly), and finally bought it a week ago. I was sitting in Starbucks not thirty minutes later, journaling and reading my Bible with Looking For Lovely on the table, waiting for me...
  • Pattie
    Annie F. Downs is probably one of the most conversational writers I've ever read. Internal monologue? Check. Questions? Check. Answers? Sometimes in the form of more questions. Check.Enter her latest book, "Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments that Matter.""Looking for Lovely" sounded like a great book for me. Collecting moments? Yes. Loveliness everywhere? Yes, please. I'm still in awe that not only did my copy of the book come in an envel...
  • Mary Lou
    Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs is written in a conversational, diary-like style in which the author shares the principles that have helped her move from being “broken crazy” to finding “the lovely” in life in the midst of pain. She is an emotional woman who writes openly about her feelings and her journey, confident that her experience will resonate with many other younger women. The excessive emotionalism, however, seen in frequent wo...
  • Becky
    Looking for Lovely was a quick and (mostly) enjoyable read. It is a personal narrative of a young, single Christian woman. (I see it as a polished form of stream of consciousness; it is organized not random, but, it's almost an uncensored look at a woman's private thoughts.) If the book has spiritual insights to pass along, it is probably in the showing and not telling. In other words, that she is--that we all are--works in progress; that we all ...
  • Caitlyn
    I want to buy mass quantities of this book and hand it out to everyone I know. I love, love, love this book. Non-Fiction books are always difficult for me to get in to and then actually finish. I just find myself missing a plot or some characters, needing a touch of conflict and resolution. Annie, however, became my friend in the very first chapter. Her writing style and her voice were so relatable and I found her verbalizing my own struggles in ...
  • Rachel Dawson
    This was one I saw RAVED about all over social media, and it came to our lovely book corner at work, so I snagged it. As far as books by Christian women go, this is one I actually liked, but it still didn't blow me away. I don't know what it is about books by Christian women, but usually I find them icky or shallow, but this one wasn't either of those things. It was a refreshing read, a fun read, and Annie wrote like a real friend, which I really...
  • Ashley
    I didn't love this like I loved Let's All Be Brave, but I'm still very glad to have read Looking for Lovely. Annie brings up important issues and talks about them with honesty and rawness that makes you feel okay for struggling. You're not alone, you are loved, and there is lovely in the brokenness.
  • Tina
    I finished the book thinking if she can get a book published then so can I. This a memoir of random experiences with some spiritual epiphanies. It's a sweet book and a light read at best. If I had one message to give the author it would be, "go deeper Annie."
  • Stephanie
    Fantastic and pure wonder. I loved this book so much! I first heard of Annie when I read her first book and this one is all about finding the lovely even admist the broken. Absolutely a must read for anyone!
  • Letitia
    I loved this book! I read it a chapter a day in my morning prayer time and could have stayed it with many more chapters. An authentic voice that spoke to me.
  • Becky Mccoy
    This book put words to an ache in my heart. Annie Downs writes in a way that I felt like I was reading a letter from a dear friend. I laughed and cried and I don't often do that with books.