Love's Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird, #12) by C.L. Stone

Love's Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird, #12)

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author, C. L. Stone, read Love's Cruel Redemption, the much-anticipated twelfth book in The Academy Ghost Bird Series.Sang’s life was on pause after the dramatic break with her real family. Now she’s back in the game, returning to Ashley Waters to appear like a normal student. However, returning to school hasn’t made her life any easier. When it comes to the Academy and her role in the secret organization, there...

Details Love's Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird, #12)

TitleLove's Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird, #12)
Release DateMay 28th, 2018
PublisherArcato Publishing
GenreYoung Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Love's Cruel Redemption (The Ghost Bird, #12)

  • Pao
    Is a truth universally known that when you finish a good book, you just have no idea how to write a decent review about it.Not gonna write one because I simply don't have the words to express everything. If you're reading this, you probably are already a fan of the series and either you've read the book, are about to or you were wandering and found yourself here. Academy books never disappoint.******************Update 3/02/18I literally was sayin...
  • Willow Lock
    Well, I've just finished the eleventh book in this series, Black and Green. Don't worry, I won't spoil, however I know this book is going to give us a whirlwind of emotions due to the teaser the author gave us. Incredibly excited, and I know it will be amazing.
  • Briana
    I read the teaser in Black and Green. Omg! What a cliffhanger! I'm so excited for this book!UPDATE:Finished! I flew through this book! It was a good read, I was pretty much sucked into it. Lol. But it’s a little bit slow for my taste. I understand all the guys and Sang are coming to terms with their relationship but it feels like they’re going in circles a bit and the build up with the teaser was for not. Still excited for the next one though...
  • Kristine
    Well, I think that I am finally going to quit this series. This is book 12 and the way the books are progressing, it will be 10 years before we see any real resolution. If she was putting out a book every couple of months, that’s one thing – but at this rate…it’s really not worth it. And now - the books. I’m not really sure what happened and when it happened, but this series has just gotten completely crazy. At the beginning of the seri...
  • Sydney Sage
    How dare she put a cliff hanger!If I have to wait a year for this one Im gonna be so mad! Like someone gonna have to hold me back mad!!!
  • Autumn Miller ~ autumnbookreads
    3.5 Stars MAJOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT: After months of waiting... the next book in The Ghost Bird series is finally here. I have been waiting for what seems like forever to read this book and I have been counting down the days until its release. Let me start off by saying that I binge read the first eleven books so to wait as long as I did for this one, I built it up a lot in my head and I had a lot of high expectations. So what naturally comes ...
  • Lina
    Can #KissOwen please be a thing? ___EDIT: (06/17/18 - post-reading): I LOVED THAT VERY, VERY MUCH. Especially the part where (view spoiler)[ Sang woke up in bed with Owen, because I love Owen, and that made my heart flutter in the most spastic of ways. (hide spoiler)]My only wish is for more FLUFFY GOOD TIMES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Oh, and for everyone to maybe, hopefully stop hating on Nathan. He's not my favorite Academy boy (that spot is reser...
  • Meghan
    So, I bought it and just finished it. Mixed feelings. The book itself was, of course, well written and the story pulls you in like always. Which is why I gave it 5 stars. I do love the writing style, and the story telling. I adore the characters. However, I am so very tired of “two steps forward, one step back”. I read either in C.L. Stone’s newsletter or blog post, that there will be 20 books in this series, and Owen’s will be the last o...
  • HolyMoly
    What a disappointment.I love this series... but Love’s Cruel Redemption was a very hard read for me.... Hard as in- I could hardly force myself to finish it. I found the story line boring and the whole book lacked any romance -something I never would expect in book 12 of a series. I found myself just skipping paragraphs so I could finish the dang thing. The whole school storyline with the teacher and principle was anticlimactic, Sang kissed a f...
  • Liyanna
    This is not easy reviewing a book this far in the series. because let's be honest, we are all here until the end now. I invested too much time, read all the books too many times to stop here. But when you plan a series this long, and you decide to slow down the number of books you release a year something has to give. And I didn't feel cheated in this one. I felt the story was moving forward, we got some resolutions, some hinted reveals, and it w...
  • ♡ Booklish ⛈ ☔Feelings ♡
    I glad something important happened in this book but i don't like the idea of waiting 8 more years to see the end . Owen's book will be the last one :( That's insane . I wish i hadn't find this series . Who knows we will be alive by that time😂😂😂😂 I think i have to live with that 😕
  • Sammy King
    Awesome The worst part of this book was the last page.. when it ended and I was left with the knowledge I would be waiting for the next book to be released.
  • Megan
    i liked this one a lot better than the last one. I still there there is a lot of unnecessary drama and so so much stress but I still really enjoyed this book.
  • Anna
    The moment I realized that Love's Cruel Redemption came out I was like "I don't care about anything else, I'm putting every other book on hold and reading this baby". I forgot how easy it was to read these books. The story flows so effortlessly. Like, at no point at all did I struggle with getting into the story or staying focused - I just was. I loved that Sang was more involved in the Academy business and that the guys finally started to view h...
  • Jennifer Lanak
    I was really hoping that this installment of the series would be focused on Mr. Blackbourne since he is the only guy in the group that we haven't spent a whole lot of time getting to know, but alas, that is not the case. Nathan's POV joined Sang's and we struggled through his indecisiveness about the plan to keep the group together and his lack of confidence in Sang's feelings for him. In other plotlines, things at school start to get crazy! By t...
  • Matilde Damkier
    By now, I guess most of the people reading this series has had to face this dreaded task: having to trudge through a whole book focusing on your least-favorite Academy boy.It wasn't fun, but I got through it. I didn't like Nathan going into this book and it didn't really change my mind about him. However, that's done and dusted. I like the series and I'm still on board with it - and now I can cross my fingers and hope that we won't be focusing on...
  • Sam
    A very high 4 stars. Read this in one sitting. This is hands down the most addicting series I’ve ever read, and for that reason it’s also the most irritating. I’ve reviewed this before, but it has taken the author 4, 5 (?) years to write these books that only have spanned over a 6 month time period. Stuff needs to start happening! Can I demand that this author lock herself/himself in a room for 30 days and knock out another one without me w...
  • Rochelle Hurson
    ProgressingAnother great book from CL Stone. Sang is becoming much more confident and it is good to see how relationships are developing. I like that some of the old, long running issues are starting to clear up and there is more progression with everything. And I finally don't dislike Nathan. A lot of action in this instalment and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing i would say negatively is that I was disappointed with the editing. There we...
  • Bella Suarez-Ramirez
    Cruel redemptionSo what can I say... love this series from the very beginning. This book is different from the rest in which we finally see some progression within the dynamics that is Sang and her guys. As a team and family and even though there are doubts they seam to finally finalize with what their feeling are towards one another. I like the mystery of this story line and the ending was like unbelievable and puts a whole new twist to what I t...
  • SJ
    I am so loving this series and I the story is really coming along. The guys are still not all onboard, trying to keep things under wraps is getting harder especially with Erica. Danielle is stirring up trouble, Volto keeps throwing a spanner in the works and is as mysterious as ever and Hendricks is getting desperate Exciting ameith action and intrigue and twists and turns that just kept me glued to the page, I am so happy to read more about Sang...
  • Victoria Roy
    I have mixed feelings about this book. First of all, for a book that comes out once a year there was a lot of errors in it. There are authors who put out 4 books the same size as this in a year and there are less errors. I expect more polish for such a wait. On to the story itself...Sang. I am probably one of the few people who like Sang. Sang reminds me so much of myself that its sometimes painful to read about her. HOWEVER - she has had less an...
  • Casie
    Omfg!This books was absolutely insane! It was a rollercoaster of crazy and I enjoyed every word of the ride! This is my favorite book in the series in a long time. So and so obviously well written! Thank you so much!
  • Mary McFarlane
    Yet again these books just suck me in and I can’t stop reading them! This was such worth the wait but hopefully the next books don’t take a long to come out. And that ending OH MY GOD!!!!
  • Kayla
    So I searched everywhere at the crack of dawn today to find this book. Little note to the author, you can't release 8 books and expects us to wait a year on each one.
  • Virginia
    I really like these characters but I'm just so ready for some sort of BIG progress.. Still a great read and will continue to read this series.
  • Searcy
    3.5 stars (overall this was 5 stars, but several parts were uber annoying and there were a number of ridiculously illogical plot points so I had to deduct)LOVE'S CRUEL REDEMPTION was both one of the best and one of the most frustrating of the books in the GHOST BIRD series. It was wonderful because there was finally a lot of real progress made on many fronts - relationship, Ashley Waters, and Volto. It was also action-packed and exciting. Tense. ...
  • O'Colemain
    Wow, I just finished after spending most of the day reading. This was such a good book! maybe the best so far, Kota and Nathan's doubts about the relationship came to a head in a fantastic way. We made some headway in the school and Valto situation (a big surprise near the end!). Thankfully the "epilogue" scene was not as bad a cliffhanger as the previous one but it Definitely leaves me wondering when the next book will be out, sadly however it l...
  • The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha)
    Loved the increase in danger and action! Loved the further developing relationships. Super curious about who is Volto (and the person hinted to is not quite who I thought it was, but I was close...). Not sure I will be able to wait another year for the next book though! That is the hardest part.