Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley


Some houses seem to want to hold their secrets.It’s 1759 and the world is at war, pulling the North American colonies of Britain and France into the conflict. The times are complicated, as are the loyalties of many New York merchants who have secretly been trading with the French for years, defying Britain’s colonial laws in a game growing ever more treacherous.When captured French officers are brought to Long Island to be billeted in private...

Details Bellewether

Release DateApr 24th, 2018
PublisherSimon & Schuster Canada
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Historical Romance

Reviews Bellewether

  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies
    Holy crap, it is so boring. I've read Kearsley before, but not for a few years. I don't remember the rest being as bad as this one.I wouldn't say it was BAD bad, just so long and dull. The story is told from 3 POVs, 2 historical, 1 present, and they are all awful. The narratives ramble on and on and on about their lives and stuff and there's this mystery with no buildup. Like literally, no buildup. I confess, I DNFed it at like 70% and I have no ...
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    3.33 stars. Full review, first posted on Fantasy Literature: Susanna Kearsley is a popular Canadian novelist who writes historical fiction, favoring the dual-timeline model with a current plotline and a historical one that intersect in one way or another. Her novels are generally spiced with a mystery, a romance (or perhaps two, one in each of the timelines) … and a paranormal element, such as time travel, ghostly spirits, or a character with p...
  • Erin
    Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review. April 24th, as I stated in my reviews of both Come from Away and The Husband Hour is going to be an epic day for all of us Canadian book readers and now I have to add Bellewether to that book buying list. This is my 10th Susanna Kearsley in a five year period and let me tell you that this Canadian novelist is a powerhouse that you cannot afford to pass by. Meticulously r...
  • Zoe
    Powerful, absorbing, and incredibly fascinating!Bellewether is an enthralling tale set on the eastern shores of Long Island during the late 1750s, as well as present day, and is told from three different perspectives. Lydia, a strong, hardworking young woman struggling to care and support those she loves in a time of uncertainty and upheaval. Jean-Philippe, a French-Canadian soldier who finds himself captured and a parole of honour in the final...
  • Genevieve Graham
    As she has with every one of her exquisite time slip novels, Susanna Kearsley left me breathless with "Bellewether". Historical fiction is all about bringing history to life, and Ms Kearsley always gives us so much more than a mere heartbeat. With a curator's expertise, a historian's passion, and an artist's finesse, she brings meticulous attention to 18th century historical detail (including the Acadians - a particular favourite of mine), and ev...
  • Holly
    Considering how almost absolutely nothing happens in this book, I surprisingly liked it while I was reading it. It was only when it ended, and well, I realized I just read a whole lotta' nothin', that I decided I couldn't rate this higher than three stars.Susana Kearsley has a formula that she uses for It goes like this:- Two main narrators, both female- The female narrators live in different time periods- One of the female nar...
  • Sophia
    Want some atmosphere and a story focused on an old Colonial Era house out on Long Island that is on the cusp of revealing it's secrets? Susanna Kearsley does what she does best and offers a story within a story, a twisting tale full of secrets and love in the past? And that little bit where the reader catches something in their peripheral view and, for just an instant, believes in ghosts and superstition as reality.The story opens with history bu...
  • Melissa
    I love historical fiction. Even more when there’s a connection to the present, like with this book. And even even more when there’s romance. And it did help that it involved a French Canadian soldier, since I live in Quebec... I love to know more about history. I really loved that book. It’s beautifully written, and the change of perspective between Lydia, Jean-Philippe and Charley is captivating. Thanks to the publisher for the advanced eb...
  • Cindy Burnett
    Susanna Kearsley’s latest book focuses on a house on the eastern shores of Long Island. In this dual timeline tale, the story alternates between three characters, Lydia, Jean-Phillippe, and Charley. Lydia and Jean-Phillippe live in the 1750’s; Lydia inhabits the house in question, and Jean-Phillippe is a French Canadian lieutenant held there as a captive during the Seven Years’ War. Charley lives in the present day and endeavors to uncover ...
  • Tina
    3.5 *Susanna Kearsley is an excellent story teller. I like how she blends the past and present together. This was a fascinating story. The present day story involves Charley (Charlotte) who comes back to her father's birthplace (on Long Island) to be a curator of an old historic museum home. The past story involves the historical home and its family. It mainly focuses on Lydia who lives in the home with her father and brothers. It is the time of ...
  • Hollis
    If you're looking for a detailed historical read set in the late 1700s surrounding the war between the British and the French on American, and Canadian soil, you'll love this. I have never read anything from this particular conflict, though I think maybe I've read something after the fact?, and I particularly wasn't familiar with this idea of billeted war prisoners staying in peoples' homes, as a mark of their honour and rank, instead of jails bu...
  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    Title: BellewetherAuthor: Susanna KearsleyRelease date: August 6, 2018Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]The house, when I first saw it, seemed intent on guarding what it knew within its walls as long as it stayed standing; but we all learned, by the end of it, that secrets aren’t such easy things to keep.Charlotte "Charlie" Van Hoek is the new curator at the Wilde family museum at Snug Cove, and stumbles upon a love story in ...
  • Amy Bruno
    3.5 stars. Great writing as always, I just wish there had been a little more drama and action.
  • ✶Rachelle✶
    4 starsI very much enjoyed this! It has everything I love about Ms. Kearsley’s books, and I can’t wait to add a copy to my bookshelf. Full review to follow closer to publication ————-I was beyond thrilled to see this ARC waiting in my inbox!Susanna Kearsley is one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to get started with this one =D
  • Scarlett
    You know that feeling when you get a great first impression of someone, but you become disappointed after spending some substantial time with them? That is how I felt about this book, I lost interest very quickly. The topic seemed interesting, but it was nothing new. The typical past and present story, told from several perspectives, did nothing to impress me. None of the characters had something to captivate me or to make me care. Still, Susanna...
  • Jessica
    Kearsley manages to weave dry historical detail, blossoming lukewarm love affairs, and the banal intricacies of working for non-profit institutions into a tale I will soon forget. Thank you to Netgalley for providing free digital access to this title in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Bree Hill
    Susanna Kearsley has been my FAVORITE author for the past couple of years and it’s hard for me to go into her books unbiased and not automatically assuming I’m going to LOVE them just because it’s her. I found myself doing that with this book when really, about halfway through I was like OMG..SK is known for slow moving books but she’s also written books like Mariana and The Shadowy Horses where I felt from the beginning she had me sucked...
  • TL
    (my copy is is 434 pages)Writing: 4 starsPlot: 3.5 starsCharacters: 4 stars3.75 stars overall perhaps----Miss Kearsley's wonderful writing transports me yet again to a long ago time and place. I fell in love with atmosphere and the people in it... wanting not to leave and at the same time wanting to know how it all turned out.And yet, I didn't love this as much as her others (but I have a feeling this one will be more appreciated with further rea...
  • Tracey
    “It's late summer, war is raging, and families are torn apart by divided loyalties and deadly secrets. In this complex and dangerous time, a young French Canadian lieutenant is captured and billeted with a Long Island family, an unwilling and unwelcome guest. Jean-Philippe de Sabran finds himself drawn to the daughter of the house. Slowly, Lydia Wilde comes to lean on Jean-Philippe, true soldier and gentleman, until their lives become intertwin...
  • Scarlett Readz and Runz....Through Novel Time & Distance
    This book follows the two timeline historical fiction style that we know of previous Susanna Kearsley writings. The main characters are in the present and intermingle with those in the past. Usually it is a setting or a relative that connects the two. In this novel however, it is only the presence of a ghost that shows itself like a house ghost or a legend told.“The story of the ghost has been around for generations, and every generation ads th...
  • Hannah
    Really wanted to love this offering by Kearsley, but my gosh it was so SLOOOW. Took me nearly 3 weeks to finish.Haven't given up on her writing, but will say her last 3 books don't hold a candle to Mariana or Every Secret Thing.
  • Megan
    Susanna Kearsley writes yet another lush saga in her newest novel Bellewether! Ms. Kearsley has become an “auto buy” author for me ever since I discovered The Winter Sea a few years ago. I love that these secular novels are fairly clean with such amazing writing. I have devoured all of her work since and my only complaint is that this novel took so long to be released!Ms. Kearsley includes evocative descriptions and the setting (an old house ...
  • Pamela
    Once again, Ms. Kearsley delivers a wonderful story about a time in history that I was quite ignorant of. Her characters are brought to life in such a way that you feel you are right there with them. I love how she gives us a time-slip story with such enchanting characters such as Charley and Sam and Lydia and Jean-Phillip. The supporting cast is exceptional as well.Susanna is one of those authors that you can count on to bring the history to viv...
  • Booksandchinooks (Laurie)
    I received a digital copy of this book from Simon and Schuster Canada and Netgalley for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. There is a mix of a present day story and a historical story with a ghost story thrown in. I’m not usually too fond of ghost elements but it worked for me in this book. This book was well researched historically. Charley is one of the main characters and her story is present day. She moves to Long Island to work ...
  • Milena
    4.5 starsI've read most of Susanna Kearsley's books but I haven't picked one up in a while and I forgot what a masterful storyteller she is. Her stories are always beautifully written, impeccably researched, romantic and captivating. She is the queen of historical fiction and dual time storylines and Bellewether was such a perfect combination of the two. If you love historical mysteries and fiction, if you love romance or stories about ghosts and...
  • Bookworm
    2.5 stars Oh dear...this book was disappointing for me on so many levels. It sounded incredibly intriguing and seemed to have all of my favourite elements including a fascinating historical back drop, war, romance and even a paranormal aspect. Unfortunately I found it challenging to care and engage in the plot. I will even admit there was an instance about a third of the way through in which I considered abandoning it altogether although I'm glad...
  • Jess
    I said this on twitter, but I don't know why I pretend Susanna Kearsley isn't my favorite author. Because she consistently makes me feel things that other authors don't, and I value it so, so much.This one did feel a little bit different, just because I'd gotten so used to her European voice, and this is a decidedly North American book and I honestly really loved it for that specificity. The French and Indian War isn't one that's covered in great...