Full Circle (Sweep, #14) by Cate Tiernan

Full Circle (Sweep, #14)

Hunter, Morgan, and Alisa. All three are witches, and each is in turmoil. Hunter feels stifled by the small town world of Widow's Vale. Morgan is terrified of the possibility of life without him. And Alisa is still coping with the knowledge that she is a witch--by blood. Together, the three worked together to defeat the most unspeakable evil known to witches. Now, the danger they face is just as deadly. But to vanquish their new foe, they must fi...

Details Full Circle (Sweep, #14)

TitleFull Circle (Sweep, #14)
Release DateSep 30th, 2002
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Witches, Magic

Reviews Full Circle (Sweep, #14)

  • Tara
    The Sweep series was given to me by my 2nd cousin-in-law. Weird, I know. She said that I would really enjoy this series because it was similar to Twilight (which at the time I was going through my Twilight-phase). Now, about three or four years later, I am still trying to finish the series and so is my roommate. She finally caught up to me and we decided to read the last two books out loud... in a cemetery... at night for maximum "spookiness". Al...
  • Vanessa
    This is technically the final book in the official Wicca/Sweep series, as far as I can tell. And I thought it was a really good ending! The book returns to a dual narrative from the perspectives of both Morgan and Hunter, and I was happy to be back in their heads, particularly at this late stage in the series.There was quite a lot of action in this book, a lot of which I wasn't expecting. I liked the alternating between the slightly less serious ...
  • Michelle
    This book was good. It had a few surprises up its sleeve. I liked that the story line was back to the average Morgan/Hunter theme. It dealt with a growing discontentment with the council, which I think will continue in the last installment. While I really like this series and I am still very interested to see how everything will turn out in the various story lines, I feel like Morgan and Hunter have not really developed as a couple. They started ...
  • mai
    dude, where's the sex?
  • Jennifer Girard
    It was better than the previous two books in the series but it wasn't the best! I never read this one before this is exciting! I'll finally be able to read the last book !
  • Whitney
    PlotThere are about two things going on in Full Circle, neither of which seem all that important. For the first plot point, someone from Morgan’s past is back to take revenge on her or something. It’s very drawn out, with a nice chunk of text focused on the dreams that Morgan is having. The second plot point has no real relevance that I can see. It’s basically Hunter dealing with a potential dark witch even though he is no longer a sequel. ...
  • JonSnow
    Read in 2004Read in 2015Read in 2017I'm actually going to upgrade my old rating from a 3 to a 4. But it's more of a 3.4-3.6 really or a 6.5/10. I'm being generous mind you, because this book wasn't terrific per se. The reason being, is that the book does wrap up nicely and hold true to its title "full circle". This isn't the most exciting book. It isn't the most shocking, despite what should be some shocking events... they just didn't really do t...
  • Abbie
    Actual rating - 2.5This one wasn't the worst in the series, but I can't say that I enjoyed it. I'm glad the next one is the last, as they're seriously dragging now.
  • Jennifer
    My least favorite of the series. Morgan puts the same weight of importance on attempts on her life and her weak sauce romance. I get that it's YA paranormal romance, but that doesn't mean it gets to suck without consequence. Morgan is probably one of the most infuriating MC's I've ever encountered - she's worse than a cardboard cutout type, because she's so intentionally spiteful towards the people around her. Your family loves and cares for you ...
  • Isabella Jensen
    3.5Ironically, reading the first two pages of the next book knocked this score down .25 stars for me.So yeah, once again another book in the series that didn't need to happen. So much wasted time and paper into these over fleshed out stories. There's no reason this series should be literally over 3,000 pages. It should be like 4-5 300 to 350 page books. This whole book could have been 90 pages. I didn't really care about Morgan's dreams and becau...
  • Emma ☽
    First 50% was about a 2 star, and the last 50% was about 3.5 stars, 4 MAX! ugh, this one was one of the worst.
  • Erin
    I have completely fallen in love with this series.
  • Renee Martin
    I won’t spoil it for anyone reading, but WTC? Cate, you can’t do that in one page! No no no!
  • Haeja
    This is a review of the whole series, originally posted at My Book Musings.I’m a fan of books about magic although I’m not into Wicca. I suppose the ‘unknown’ attracts me because it’s not a world I’m familiar with (Harry Potter, Charmed, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan here!). I’ve been looking for a satisfactory story on witches and I finally came across this. What attracted me first was the fact that there are 15 books in the se...
  • Lauren Hemmelgarn
    The 187 page novel, Full Circle, by Cate Tiernan is a book about a girl Morgan Rowlands that just recently found out that she was a blood witch and is still learning her true powers. Morgan is starting to have terrifying dreams and is now sleepwalking too. After a few dreams she realizes that the hawk that she is running away from in these dreams is her dead ex-boyfriend, Cal. In one of her final dreams she is in a meadow walking with Cal and she...
  • Kat Mandu
    Kat Mandu says...This is the original finale of the Sweep series, with Night’s Child being a twenty-years-later kind of thing and the final finale. But the present battle Morgan has to face just may change her future forever.Only one of the summaries on the back page of this book matches the story—Morgan’s does, but Hunter’s does not. So I was a little thrown by the back page, even though I’ve read it before (a very long time ago). Howe...
  • Kat Mandu
    Kat Mandu says... This is the original finale of the Sweep series, with Night’s Child being a twenty-years-later kind of thing and the final finale. But the present battle Morgan has to face just may change her future forever.Only one of the summaries on the back page of this book matches the story—Morgan’s does, but Hunter’s does not. So I was a little thrown by the back page, even though I’ve read it before (a very long time ago). How...
  • T.J. Day
    Neither one of the summaries on the back page of this book matches to what the story says. Morgan's does, but Hunter's does not. So I was a little thrown by the back page, even though I've read it before (a very long time ago). However, I was much more impressed by this book than I have the last couple books in the series. And yes, it's probably because Morgan and Hunter are back to narrating the story. I have always enjoyed Hunter's smart, comic...
  • Charlotte Phillips
    Ok, this has to be my favorite one out of the whole series because it just seemed to contain the most life, detail, depth and power. I loved the way the whole story line flowed in this book, the way the characters felt like they were alive as I was reading it, and how I felt drawn to complete it and reach every word and line as carefully and consideratly as I could. What I loved about this novel was the fact that the author wrote like she had in ...
  • Nairabell
    Morgan has battled great evil and found great joy since discovering Wicca and her own inner magick. She's come to terms with her heritage and learnt to balance the magickal aspects of her life with the mundane. Now she is looking forward to a bright future. So when Morgan begins having nightmares she ignores them at first. But when Morgan realises that she has been sleepwalking she realises that some dangers from her past aren't as defeated as sh...
  • Jacquline
    First, I would just like to comment that I was right that Selene was going to come back. I knew that we haven't seen the last of her. Selene used Cal's image to try and destroy Morgan for good. She haunted Morgan's dreams and used the body of a hawk to try and accomplish what she wanted. Hunter, Alyce, and Bethany all tried to help Morgan with her problem. Oh, and Morgan shape-shifted again, except this time into a hawk. Dark magick. In addition,...
  • Rose Heartfilia
    I think this book was a great ending for the series. If you don't count Nightchild. You got that spectacular new battle thing. Not as fierce as Ciaran or Selene and Cal together but you have deathly. Still scary enough.The idea that the whole battle for Morgan are finally finished is satisfing. The idea that Tiernan put something from the first parts into the last is amazing. I loved it. The return of every character. From Killian till Sky. To al...
  • Francais Parker
    World Building: B+Mythology: A-Girl Power: A+Guy-Hero: APlot-Twists: A++Love-Interests: A+Villains: AFor you clean-readers: this book does NOT have mature content. There is some kissing and some scary scenes, as well.
  • Nina
    In this the second to the last book in the series Morgan begins having strange and vivid dreams about a hawk with flaming wings and Cal. As the dreams progress and get more vivid and dangerous Morgan realizes that she is not just dreaming, but being drawn to her death by them. Of course Hunter, Alyce, and Bethany are there to support her and try to help Morgan. At the same time, Morgan is offered an opportunity she cannot pass up. However, it inv...
  • Neep
    It really felt like the author was just dragging things out here - bringing back dead characters, introducing new ones 14 books in and expecting the reader to connect with them. I thought the whole sub-plot with Patrice was boring and pointless and the conflict was stupid, it was obvious all along she wasn't 'evil'. The way she was dealt with seemed really disturbing to me as well. Hunter and his dad are super happy they've crafted a spell that c...
  • Chibineko
    I'm aware that there's an additional book in the series, but since that came out a year or two after the main series finished, I'm considering this as the end to the series. (The super special is sort of a sequel in my opinion.)This book finds Morgan trying to get over the events of the series so far. All in the span of a year she's discovered that she's a witch, that her first love's mother was trying to kill her, that her mother was murdered by...
  • Shweta Choudhary
    In this, we get both Hunter's and Morgan's point of view. There is two set of storyline in this book . One of Patrice who was not behaving well and hunter had to deal with it and Morgan having dreams of hawks with fire. So this book deals with Hunter trying to find out what was wrong with Patrice the coven leader and trying to help Morgan out with her dreams...and doubting whether Ca has again come back to take away Morgan from him. This also dea...
  • Natalia Paez
    My rating for this Book is 3.5 stars.No entiendo porque hablan en la sinopsis de Alisa, si aqui no aparece en ningún momento solo al principio y nada más.Eso es lo primero que quería comentar, segundo este libro me pareció vago a comparación del anterior es que es algo que definitivamente perdió su decadencia, esta claro que es interesante el fantasma del pasado que vuelve para tomar venganza en la vida de Morgan y el encuentro de Hunter co...
  • Linda
    And so, effectively, the series ends. It was lovely to read about Wicca so mainstream as a religion. Even if the paranormal blood witches did exist in addition to regular Wiccans, and they mingled nicely. The books deal with bigotry (within witch clans, as well as anti-gay, and touch on a lot of genuine teen angst and issues, like attempted date rape. There is young love, both true and false, and plenty of bumps. The writing is tight, although in...
  • Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto
    Today's review is on Full Circle by Cate TiernanFull Circle is the final installment in Tiernan's Sweep series and thankfully was full of adventure, love, and happiness.It seems that even beyond the grave, Cal hasn't given up on having Morgan be with him. He has been visiting her in her dreams. At first she is just scared, but when she awakes from one on the edge of a cliff she knows she is under attack. It's not Cal; however, but Selene who is o...