Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman

Simply Tuesday

Our obsession with bigger and faster is spinning us out of control. We move through the week breathless and bustling, just trying to keep up while longing to slow down. But real life happens in the small moments, the kind we find on Tuesday, the most ordinary day of the week. Tuesday carries moments we want to hold onto--as well as ones we'd rather leave behind. It hold secrets we can't see in a hurry--secrets not just for our schedules but for o...

Details Simply Tuesday

TitleSimply Tuesday
Release DateAug 18th, 2015
PublisherFleming H. Revell Company
GenreNonfiction, Christian, Religion, Faith, Self Help

Reviews Simply Tuesday

  • Michelle
    Are you ready? Because I have a lot of things to say about this book. Overall, I very much love the message of it. The trend in Christianity used to be that if you weren't selling all your possessions and moving to Africa to take care of the orphans, you were horrible and terrible and selfish and didn't have enough faith. That always bothered me for a multitude of reasons. This book glorifies a "small" and ordinary life spent serving God and how ...
  • Nika
    Oh, how I love this book. There are not many books that I choose to reread, but after the last page of this book, the only response for me is to turn back to page one. There are so many elegant truths to take in. I highly recommend it.
  • Barbara DeLalla Keegan
    Reading Simply Tuesday is like taking in a breath of fresh air. It soothes the soul and invites it to rest in the small moments. Life moves fast, and its hurried pace can come to occupy our very souls. Simply Tuesday invites us to slow down, to enjoy God's presence, and to find the glory of His kingdom in the seemingly small, simple moments of daily life. Nobody communicates on matters of the soul better than Emily P. Freeman, and she has outdone...
  • Kristin
    I received an Advance Readers Copy in exchange for my honest review & would rather be able to give this 3.5 stars than just 3, but I don't feel that it's the same as others I've given 4. I really like the author & her style. Mrs Freeman is very relatable and I believe many of her readers will benefit from the message of Simply Tuesday: "Learning to live well in ordinary time." I appreciate that she sets the standard of not elevating moments. If w...
  • Ashley Brooks
    *I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*Emily Freeman has long offered readers a place to rest and escape from the rush of daily life on her blog Chatting at the Sky. Now she's offering that same peace in Simply Tuesday. We live in a world that glorifies people and successes that are larger than life. What do we do when our own lives and accomplishments feel so small in comparison? In Simply Tuesda...
  • Sarah K
    What I liked about this book: the call to not skip over the ordinary bits of life, to find God there and not wait for the extraordinary. Lovely and challenging! Freeman also has a nice writing style- a blog voice no doubt, but one that is personal and draws you in as a reader. What I didn't like: it was so reflective and constantly told readers to reflect on their life! Sometimes bordering on ridiculous. I don't want to criticize the author or he...
  • Stephanie
    Let me just get this out of the way: I do not like flowery, try hard writing a la Ann Voskamp. I do not need odd metaphors and symbolism. Unfortunately this is how this book is written. While I appreciated a lot of the content, it was very, very hard to get beyond the writing. An English professor would have a field day with it.I was disappointed because I love Emily's blog. This book doesn't even feel like it is written by the same person. By th...
  • Fiona
    I discovered Emily Freeman with her Chatting at the Sky blog. This is the first of her books I have read. I'll read her others now, as well. Simply Tuesday feels like sensible, loving advice from an old friend. I do feel as if I am "held hostage by hustle." How wonderful for a writer to suggest I am already good enough, as I am, and that I can stop trying to accomplish more and just be. I highlighted many passages, and many of the pages are strea...
  • Kim
    This book explains why you should give yourself permission to slow down. Stop scheduling yourself into oblivion. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. The most amazing things can happen when you take the time to enjoy and observe and experience your life. There are some great quotes in here but I won't spoil any of them for you. You'll have to read it for yourself! :)
  • Angela Parlin
    Emily Freeman does it again! She causes us to stop and consider ways we are "trying to keep up while longing to slow down". She helps us see the wonder of our Tuesdays, where real life happens in small, ordinary moments. I highlighted so much of this book, my marker dried up. And then I went back to the beginning and took notes for myself, because Emily's words are just that good. READ this one!
  • Bethann
    Emily P. Freeman thoughtfully and thought provokingly writes about the small, ordinary in our lives and embracing it. Simply Tuesday is a gift for your soul as Emily invites the reader to sit on a bench, listen to the quiet and rest in both the small, average, beginnings and endings of our lives. I could have underlined and highlighted the entire book and constantly wrote in the margins "me too" and "YES!!!" Reading this book is like having a lon...
  • Debbie Covington
    Absolutely nothing ordinary about Emily's beautiful, heartfelt thoughts on everyday! I loved her encouragement of finding Jesus in the ordinary moments and don't take those moments for granted. Emily shared her heart and anytime you are willing to share your heart the story speaks to others. Allow this book to open up some God moments for you!I was given this book by the publisher to give my honest thoughts in review to others! Honestly, it's a w...
  • April Noel
    Summer vacation as a teacher was a perfect time to read this book. Emily uses a powerful combination of personal stories and quotes to get this message across. I was reminded that being small is not bad!
  • Jeannie
    I used up my pink highlighter on this one. Emily is one of my favorite writers because she helps me stop and listen. Simply Tuesday is about celebrating the everyday, small wonders of life instead of striving for bigger and faster and louder. I needed the truths this book shared.
  • Lauren Schuyler (storied.adventures)
    Full review on my blog, Storied AdventuresI LOVED this book. It has helped me so much with my anxiety, and has helped me to just breath. To be content where I am. To find joy in every life circumstance. To just live in this moment. I most definitely plan to read all of her books now!
  • Liz James
    Ok so I started this book in March after one of my best friends gave it to me for my birthday and I've just been reading bits and pieces every once in awhile. And I feel like it's been that way for a reason. Some parts of this book seemed very random and unorganized which made it hard to follow at times. But there have also been several pieces that I've read at the most perfect time in my life. So I think it's taken me 6 months to read it for a r...
  • Janet Sketchley
    Subtitled "Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World," Simply Tuesday calls readers to live in the everyday moments without the pressure to perform or to push on to the next big thing. Even the cover art, a quiet bench with birds and dragonflies, calls us to slow down.Sections consider our home, work, relationships and souls, as well as a vision for what's ahead. Readers are invited to find ourselves and our loved ones in the present, and to be ...
  • Heather Persing
    This book was not what I expected. I read "Grace for the Good Girl" a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, but this book was hard for me to finish. I don't know what it's called--if it even has a name--but there's this trendy style of writing (lots of adjectives and weird descriptions) that I find annoying. (Examples: before he took his first breath of earth-air; whose entire life pointed like a locust-colored arrow; kingdom of God is one inch...
  • Lisa
    Emily P Freeman writes what my soul longs to say in the wonder and struggle of daily life. In her latest book Simply Tuesday she grabbed my attention in the introduction when she shared a provocative question: What if the Kingdom of God was One Inch Above the Ground? Emily unpacked the question a bit to set the stage for Simply Tuesday. The Kingdom of God is in our midst as Jesus said; in the middle of our simple, everyday moments.Throughout the ...
  • Emily
    I liked the basic premise of the book...finding Christ in our everyday, ordinary lives. I had a hard time following her train of thought, so it seemed messy and unorganized to me. My one take-away was her idea of simply journaling the prompt "These are the days of..." and making a list of what is making up this season of your life (piles of laundry, late-night ice cream, family walks, etc...). As someone who recognizes the importance of journalin...
  • Pam
    Overall I liked the theme of benches and Tuesdays woven thought this book and some of the author's experiences and/or struggles were similar to my own. She was real and transparent and did not flower coat everything. However, sometimes I got lost in what she was trying to say and did not find her writing style as clear or as easy to follow as some of my other favorites. I did like her idea (on pg. 233 & 234) of journaling with these five words: "...
  • Amy Kannel
    It took me a long time to get into this, and I wasn't so impressed with it at first. It seemed pretty repetitive and But the more I read, the more I found myself underlining and dogearing pages. Several poignant gems to chew on. It is itself what it advocates: simple, small, humble, straightforward. In the end I found it encouraging and helpful and copied lots of quotes. Maybe 3.5 stars.
  • Katie M. Reid
    Simply Tuesday is a gentle invitation to slow down and live small. This book is a timely message for this day of big, busy, and shallow breathing. Emily writes beautifully, honestly, and intelligently as she shares her struggles, and suggests practical ways to get back to our soul.
  • Anne Frank
    A treasure!! Cannot speak highly of Emily's encouragement to embrace our everyday smallness, to invite Jesus to keep company with us there. This book was refreshing and comforting to my soul.
  • Kaitlin
    Emily's words are wonderful and are just what I needed. Highly recommend.
  • Mandy J. Hoffman
    Could not get myself to enjoy this book at all, so after trudging through page after page, I gave myself permission to not finish.
  • Keely
    My favorite of Emily's work so far, this book really drives home the importance of our souls and the quiet, faithful, ordinary ways God moves in them. So, so much good stuff here.
  • Amber
    I love Emily Freeman. This was such an excellent, inspiring book. It really resonated with me. A must read.
  • Katelin
    I loved this book and Emily's way of embracing the ordinary as an extraordinary part of God's kingdom.
  • Enola Stevenson
    In the end I slogged through it. I like her podcast but this read soooo drawn out, as though a series of blog posts with a common theme and constant repetition were elongated to make them fit a book. The overarching principles are sweet, but it could have been so much more to the point.