First Kiss (The Ghost Bird, #10) by C.L. Stone

First Kiss (The Ghost Bird, #10)

The time has finally come for Sang Sorenson to be formally introduced to the Academy. Protocol dictates the boys keep the details of Sang’s official introduction to the Academy a secret from her. The only thing they can advise her to do is to work on what will become her mantra: She is determined to stay with her team, no matter what.Despite her wishes, however, the boys are second-guessing her place with them, concerned for her safety. With da...

Details First Kiss (The Ghost Bird, #10)

TitleFirst Kiss (The Ghost Bird, #10)
Release DateApr 25th, 2016
PublisherArcato Publishing
GenreYoung Adult, Romance, High School

Reviews First Kiss (The Ghost Bird, #10)

  • Pao
    IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!Sadly, not for us. Only for those in the world of:First Kiss is book 10 in the Ghost Bird series. Can you believe it?! Book 10 already. We've all been for a while in this crazy and lovely universe, and by this point, I think we are all completely and utterly obsessed.I longed for this book with all my heart since C. L. mentioned each Academy guy would have his own book. So there's no surprise I ended up loving it. Because my s...
  • Leah Rhodes
    Yes, I did read The Healing Power of Sugar in one night. And YES! I'm very sad that I am once again waiting for the next book. I want it now! I want it YESTERDAY! If you are a #1 fan of this series you understand my pain right now, but I WILL wait and be VERY happy when it is written to perfection. Who do we think it is? Dr. Green because he was her first kiss. Or maybe Kota because I've been hearing that.I DON'T KNOW!Either way, I CANNOT WAIT! L...
  • Katrin
    So, apparently all the guys will get to know about Sang's shower phobia in this book FINALLY!!!Ha. Ha ha. HAHAHA FIRST KISS WHAT?!?!Kota Kota please let this be Kota's book pleeeeeeeeeease.
  • Lina
    CONFESSION: I am pretty much obsessed with this series. I can't really downplay this; I'm not embarrassed. I found out about this series three days ago, and three days later -- and many charges to my Apple account -- I have finished all ten Ghost Bird books. (Same with the other Academy series, but that's a story for another day.) Yes, I read a fuck ton. If you've read these books, you probably understand the addiction. A lot of people are claimi...
  • Brittney
    After Reading:I am so glad that Kota was able to have his moment with Sang in this book. C. L. Stone kills me with this cliffhanger and I absolutely cannot wait for the next book. Sang also has moment with some of the other guys in this book and her shower fear comes out! Before Reading:Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.It is Kota's time to shine!Or Mr. Blackbourne?
  • Shannon
    I think this is the part where I jump off the Academy train. Last book it was obnoxious fatphobia. This one had gynophobia and a minor screed against feminism. (Did I think gynophobia was a real thing before today? No, no I did not. So, uh, yeah, I guess C L Stone taught me something.) I'm totally here for the wish fulfillment male harem fantasy. I want Victor and Silas in particular to be about ten years older so they can be in a much better boo...
  • Spoon
    This installment redeemed this series for me in so many ways. I'm trying not to gush and it's already been a few days. I finally got to see the Sang I've been waiting 9 books for. The capable, confident LEADER, the girl who can jump into a situation despite her fears--without the boys. The girl every character has called amazing since book 1. I saw her, and I loved her.This is also the first book where I felt I understood Meanie better. He loves ...
  • Amber Eckstein
    EEEEEK! This happens to be one of my favorites. OK. So I say that every single time I read a book but honestly this had so many good things about it. KOTA finally knows!!! Like now everyone knows about the plan and even though that he knew about the dating. Their first kiss and him counting the first eight was beautiful. Sean proved so many times over why I loved him so much. Holding Sang while she cried. Amazing. Victor being the protector that ...
  • Mary McFarlane
    OH MY GOD!!!!! The last like 25% of this book was soooo good!!! I was glad we got to see more into the academy and meet other people. I really like Lake and hope we can hear more about her in later books. But the ending of this book just made me so much more excited for the next book!!!
  • Geleen Faye
    OH MY GOSH! You totally slayed this one, C.L. Stone! I think 20 books won't be enough for this series. Full review to follow.Update:Me to myself: Calm. Down.
  • The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha)
    I love these books so much. Gah! The feels, man!!! I'll post my full review soon on The Book Disciple
  • Talltree
    O.M.G.CL Stone certainly hit this one out of the ballpark!!!!
  • Sammy
    Update: Ahh this book series just keeps giving and giving.That ending though... Dun dun duuuuuun! Getting way too excited over this two word title right now! Ahhhhh I cannot wait!
  • Jennifer Lanak
    It's time for Sang to be introduced to the Academy, so the group packs up for a camping trip. Anxiety runs high for several reasons: Sang is extremely shy and has a hard time even talking to other Academy students, and she hasn't had any time with Kota yet to see if he will be receptive to "the plan" to keep their group together. Over the course of the week, Sang gets separated from the guys, meets a few new friends, discovers a crucial part of h...
  • Jessica
    UPDATED REVIEWThe FIRST KISS started out slow for me, nevertheless it was still so good because I learned more about the Academy and Sang was able to stand up on her own without the boys. Even Lake intrigued me that I'm hoping to read more about her in the next books. Although I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get much of Green and Blackbourne, but the next book will clearly highlight the two so I cannot wait! Not to mention that cliffhanger! ...
  • Stacy
    God why do I keep reading these books?!?! There's honestly not much progression so far and we've just reached book 10. TEN!!! I'm the idiot that keeps buying them, I get that. I keep telling myself "surely we're going to get something resolved". Nope, not really. Oh ok well yea so she's in the academy for six months. It'll probably be another 20 books before we reach the end of that time. Just move the story on for the love of God! And then to en...
  • Kavita
    I just finished reading this book and I enjoyed reading it. It was so good. I learned a lot about the academy. I also like the fact Kayli and her team are in this book! I hope we read more about lake and her team.All the guys finally know about the shower phobia. Kota finally knows about the plan and Sang's father is back...LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!why is he back??? What does he want from her?!!I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THE NEXT BOOK!
  • Liz
    For the whole book there were about 3 important things that happened and the rest was just fluff around it. I can see how this would work so so so well for teenage girls. Pity the ending was the best, now I'll have to read the next one as well... :)
  • Sam
    Better than the last one....
  • Kelsey Terhune
    Another great bookI absolutely love this series, the books keep getting better and better, the only thing I hate about this series is having to wait for the next book :)
  • Searcy
    Re-read review: somewhere between 4 and 20 starsI think FIRST KISS may be one of my favorite books in the GHOST BIRD series. Perhaps because it is the least 'angsty' and is less juvenile feeling. Perhaps because we start to get some resolution to some of the zillion dangling threads and open issues in the series. Perhaps because that first kiss was so anticipated and full of all the feels. I just know that I loved this one. Couldn't put it down, ...
  • Bella
    ★3 Stars★This series is my guilty pleasure (it was also the first to introduce me to the wonderfully addictive world of reverse-harem). I am always way too eager to get my hands on the next Ghost Bird book, once I've finished the latest release. With that being said, I'm afraid I'm starting to get pissy. This series is dragggggggggggggging. The author needs to get things moving faster, or I am in serious danger of giving up on Sang and the ga...
  • Leanne Herrera
    I began reading this series in 2014 and was so enthused about it I contacted the author. This book took me through laughter and tears and a lot of hope. I began reading it around midnight ( huge mistake) and kept telling myself I would read one more chapter and finish it the next day. At 4 A.M. to the extreme dislike of my family I screamed because it left me hanging and now I will have to wait until she writes a follow up to this one.Caution: Ma...
  • Lisa
    Started out very slow and the main girl was annoying the crap out of me with her helplessness and neediness. YOU DONT NEED A MAN TO SAVE YOU CONSTANTLY. Rant over. That being said, I liked the ending. It got really intense and she finally f-ing told people what's going on. Also - thanks for that cliffhanger (not). Ugh. Still makes me want to read the next one even though I need her to nut up and do something for herself sometime soon before I los...
  • Charity
    January 1, 2018 Technically, this book can’t really count as a 2018 book, as I started this book in December 31, 2017, and finish around 1:00ish the following day. Even though this book is a re-read for me, I definitely sill enjoyed as much as I do the first time, maybe even more. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I didn’t enjoy it the first time (as a matter of fact, I already really enjoyed it the first time), just that I caught so much ...
  • Kai P
    Took me 10 series to realize wil, the nerdy guy who kept popping up whenever sang is, aka volto (I presume) was kayli’s sister from the beetle series.Finally, first kiss with Kota! I can’t wait for mr blackborne’s!
  • Jessica (Stuck in Books)
    Love this book. Love this series. And so excited and beyond ready for Black and Green!!
  • Keanna (KeyReadThat)
    I LOVED MY BABIES! The dynamics between her and the boys are getting pushed with each hand hold or kiss. Kota' s reaction to Sang' s shower phobia kind ticked me, because I'm like Ķota, honey you may be smart, but not enough for you to pick up Sang' s reaction why to recurs how she does. The cliffhanger,....GAHHHH!