The Long-Lost Home (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #6) by Maryrose Wood

The Long-Lost Home (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #6)

Unhappy Penelope Lumley is trapped in unhappy Plinkst! Even the beets for which Plinkst is inexplicably famous fail to grow in this utterly miserable Russian village. Penelope anxiously counts the days and wonders how she will ever get back to England in time to save all the Ashtons—who, she now knows, include herself and the Incorrigible children, although their precise location on the family tree is still a mystery—from their accursèd fate...

Details The Long-Lost Home (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #6)

TitleThe Long-Lost Home (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #6)
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
PublisherBalzer + Bray
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Mystery, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Long-Lost Home (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #6)

  • Melki
    "It is a strange feeling, to meet people who make such a vivid impression, and then not know how things turn out for them."This final volume gets off to a sad start as we find our dear Miss Lumley incarcerated dwelling at the Babushkinov's Failing Beet Plantation in Plinkst. Her three horrid charges are more interested in kicking one another than learning anything about geography from the wretched potato globe Miss Lumley has been forced to impro...
  • Jayme
    I was devastated to learn that Katherine Kellgren had passed away. Her narration of the first five books was true art. The new narrator did a good job, but it was impossible not to compare and wish for Kellgren's voice back. The acknowledgments and dedication at the end of the book made me sob. As for the book itself, I felt it wrapped the series up nicely. Lots of deus ex machina (convenient coincidences and happenstance), which is typical of mi...
  • Jennifer
    George R R Martin classifies authors as either architects (everything planned out in advance) or gardeners (plop in a seed, see what happens). And while I often like the organic garden approach, series based on Conspiratorial Mysterious Events are so, so much better in the hands of architects. (Ahem, Series of Unfortunate Events, X-Files, and Lost.) Maryrose Wood is very much an architect, and in this final book of her series, all the pieces buil...
  • twice_baked✌️
    I had a really hard time deciding what rating to give this book. It was hard, because it's the last book - but I'm not sure if it's the best...because I really liked the fifth, it was full of intrigue even if the ending was sad.But this one has a really good ending, so what can I say. That's why I'm giving the book 3.5 stars (rounding up to four).I think the thing I most enjoyed about this book was Simon and Penelope - but I also enjoyed Mrs. Pen...
  • Kaarin
    This book started rather slowly for me, but soon gained its footing. I found this to be a satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable series. Like the other books in the series, it is full of pithy insights, clever puns, stock characters, unlikely coincidences, and plot twists. Ultimately predictable? Perhaps. But still lots of fun. This entire series has been elevated by the work of Katherine Kellgren, and her work as reader was the reason I made myse...
  • Michelle
    For such a great series, The Long-Lost Home fell flat. It was nice to wrap everything up, but the last book and this book could have been edited into one. This book dragged, which was disappointing when the previous books were fast-paced adventures. This was more a 2-star book but I do love the characters.
  • raffaela
    I promised I would review this series (why I'm doing the series as a whole and not book-by-book will become apparent in a moment), so here we go. And without spoilers too!The series tells the story of three children who, before their recent adoption into the wealthy Ashton family, were raised by wolves and of their plucky governess Penelope's attempts to educate them while also trying to figure out the mystery behind their background (and her own...
  • Kitty
    selle sarja lõpp saabus nüüd küll kuidagi... järsku. jah, eelmistes osades selgus tasapisi, kuhu see kõik välja jõuab, viimasesse väga palju üllatusi enam ei jagunud, rohkem see vanakooli krimka finaal, kus kõik kogunevad ühte tuppa kokku ja juhmimatele seletatakse ka ära, mis tegelikult toimus. ja siis elavad kõik õnnelikult edasi, kui nad veel ära pole surnud. ja selleks, et kõik sinna tuppa õigeks ajaks kohale jõuaksid, oli ...
  • Sophie Putt
    I don't know much how to review this book. It was what I expected, but not what I expected. I felt like people and places where in the right spot at the right time...though...there was really no explanation why they where there or a reason how they where in the exact place needed. For example: when Simon somehow came across Old Tim. How in the world did Simon get to the exact same place as Old Tim? Or when Penelope somehow was able to get away wi...
  • Almira
    In the previous book (#5), our heroine, Penelope Lumley is "kidnapped" by the terrible Russian family, the Babushkinovs, to become the governess to the most awful mannered, unkind children, 12 year Veronika (spoiled rotten!) and 8 year old twins, Boris and Constantin (brutes of the 1st degree). While on the "homefront" of Ashton Place, Constance Ashton is very close to giving birth to the heir of Lord Fredrick, and the dastardly "curse" is coming...
  • Christopher
    Being stuck in bed with pneumonia means you get some reading done. Sheesh.I don't know what was sadder, the bittersweet ending to the book (and series) or the lovely little blurb from the author about the lady who narrated the audiobooks. As for the book itself, what a grand way to end the series. The adventure from Russia back to England was fraught with deus ex machina at every turn and it was great. Of course Penny has the best luck, she's fro...
  • Misti
    Plucky governess Penelope Lumley is exiled to Russia, while the Incorrigible children are back at Ashton Place, at the mercy of the enigmatic Edward Ashton. Moreover, the curse on the Ashton family seems to be coming to a head. Will all of the disparate elements come together in time?This book does a good job of tying up all of the loose ends of the series. If you’ve enjoyed it up to this point, you should find this a satisfying read. It’s be...
  • Rod Brown
    A fine ending to an enjoyable series. A back cover blurb sums it up perfectly: "Jane Eyre meets Lemony Snicket in this smart, surprising satire." Our Jane Eyre stand-in, governess Penelope Lumley, finds herself exiled to Russia and spends most of the book on a quest to return to Ashton Place to protect her young wards, the mostly-reformed-but-still-a-touch-feral Incorrigible children.What I didn't love was our young heroine reveling in felony-lev...
  • Amy Meyers
    I absolutely love this series. This book gets four stars, because the beginning in Russia makes the reader squirmy, hoping Penelope can quickly get back to England (LOVED the part with Tolstoy!), and I wasn't as satisfied with the ending of the curse as I'd hoped I would be. But overall, such a joyful series. Penelope's pluck and determination and Swanburnian character are a true example to everyone. I will read (and the ones narrated...
  • Jennifer Wilkey
    What a beautiful conclusion to this wonderful series. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. So happy to have a satisfying conclusion that remained true to the spirit of the series. The wit, charm, and heart of both the characters and the writing make this one of the best series for children (ahem, and adults) that I have ever read. These books have greatly added to the culture of our family as jokes, educational tangents, and other moments from the...
  • Kim N
    I read this series aloud to the girls over the last year. The stories were different from the usual fare and very enjoyable. I loved the way the author used great vocabulary and threaded all kinds of educational topics into the stories (We took the opportunity to study The Raven by Poe, etc). BUT I did not like being strung along for six books to find the answer to the mystery! Could have wrapped this up in a couple of books for sure.
  • Andrew Wolgemuth
    This is a solid conclusion to a wonderful series as loose ends are drawn together in clear, satisfying ways...and yet it doesn't quite have the full whimsy and entertaining absurdity of the other Ashton Place books. Also, while Fiona Hardingham does a lovely job narrating the audio edition, she had humungous shoes to fill as Katherine Kellgren was masterful in the first five books in the series. Hardingham probably tried to match Kellgren's work ...
  • Karen Newberry
    That sad feeling when you finish a series that you’ve loved for so long...I have it. This quiet and silly story about the adventures of three wolf children and their governess has made me happy since I began it eight years ago. Think a Flava de Luce with less poison and murder. Fantastic audiobook productions. Through all six books. Listen to the author’s tribute to the original narrator at the end of The Long-Lost Home. Yes, it’s a series ...
  • Joseph Leskey
    Just quite nearly brilliant, I think, when you add it all together and divide by who knows what. I like the way that this all ends, with spoiler already knowing spoiler and a spoiler spoiler. Admittedly, there were some parts of this tale which seem doubtful, but when one makes careful calculation, it kind of makes sense, what.
  • Danica
    I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a series in quite the same way that I did this one. My whole heart loves this perfect and quirky little series. I also loved that this book was dedicated to Katherine Kellgren because the series would not have been the same without her narration ❤ I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a series in quite the same way that I did this one. My whole heart loves this perfect and quirky little series. I also loved t...
  • Joannemarie O'Donnell
    Like all the other books in this series, I really enjoyed this. I've been waiting for this book to come out and was saddened that it came out after the passing of the woman who beautifully narrated all of the audiobooks in this series. I was really touched by her tribute to Ms. Kelgren, and glad that she did get to read the end of the story before her untimely passing. I highly recommend this series.
  • Christa
    A perfect ending to a perfect series. Love these.
  • Joella
    I love this series, and this was a good ending that gave all the answers I had been wondering about. Also, the dedication that was read at the end of the book nearly made me cry. Such a good book!
  • Amber
    4.5 stars. The first half of the book could have been shortened, but the series as a whole was loved by my entire family!
  • Nathan Tainsh
    A good end to the series in my opinion. the story was fun to listen to with my family.
  • Sarah Booth
    A cute end to the series. The joys of a happy ending!
  • DaNae
    Melodramatic, silly and eventually satisfying,
  • Sarah
    While the ending was a little silly, all in all a great, fun series! It does have a soothsayer and curses. They're presented in a light-hearted way, but I am holding off on the series for my younger children for that reason.
  • Meredith
    A fantastic audio narration, and so sad that the original series narrator passed away. A great ending to a very special and adorable series.
  • Alicia
    2018-06-19 admit that I was a bit grumpy for a large part of this book, because I wanted my long-awaited ANSWERS and instead Wood spends more than half the book dealing with the cliffhanger from book 5. This was all objectively very entertaining, and when I reread it, I will inevitably like it much more, but I was impatient this go-round! But once things start to come together, I was on the edge of my seat, and was ...