Adultery by Paulo Coelho


I want to change. I need to change. I'm gradually losing touch with myself. Adultery, the provocative new novel by Paulo Coelho, best-selling author of The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes, explores the question of what it means to live life fully and happily, finding the balance between life's routine and the desire for something new.

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Release DateAug 19th, 2014
GenreFiction, Romance, Novels, Contemporary

Reviews Adultery

  • Agi
    Waste of time. SPOILERS AHEAD! It is not a story about love. It's a story about adrenaline rush and how bit of excitement and doing something different and new with your husband can save your marriage.Spoiler alert!Its a story of egoistic and bored woman who has everything- money, lovely kids, bit dull but understanding and loving husband, respectable job. But she is not happy... Kinda depressed, or maybe not really, she is not sure herself. So s...
  • Zulma Mayor
    Ok so, if you are going to write a review about a book... At least know how to spell! I don't appreciate the fact that some people take it up to themselves to write a review about a book and give away what the story is about and how it ends. I think instead, it would be better if you just say it wasn't what you expected and that's it!Don't ruin it for others please!!!
  • Ebony
    I did not like Adultery. I thought I would. I read Paul Coelho. I write about adultery. How could this go awry? Well, it started with the main character. I didn’t like her. I didn’t get her. I didn’t know her. In all of my interviews with women about infidelity, in all my years being a woman, in all my years of having woman friends, I simply did not understand her. It was part nationality, part class, part life circumstance, but mostly it w...
  • Amira Mahmoud
    لا أبالي ولو مقدار ذرة أن أكون سعيدًا، أفضل أن أعيش حياتي بشغف وهذا خطير لأنك لا تعلمين البتة ما قد يحدث تاليًا أكثر ما قد يُرعبنا في الحياة، هو أن نقف عند اللحظة التي نجد فيها أن حياتنا ليس لها أي معنىلا تُزيد للدنيا شيء، أنت فقط ولدت، تتعلم، تعمل، ...
  • Flavia Viotti
    This book is very different from Paulos previous work. As a woman I feel like he got us! Even though the title is Adultery I think this is a book about love!! This book is very different from Paulo´s previous work. As a woman I feel like he got us! Even though the title is Adultery I think this is a book about love!!
  • Cris
    The story of an existential crisis peppered with porn and religious preaching and ending with a trite conclusion. Not what I expected from Coelho.
  • Bea
    If you have negative IQ, this is the book for you.Full review available on Bozhidara's Book Corner
  • Michelle
    A good friend of mine kept posting quotes from “Adultery” on Facebook, and he highly recommended this book to me. I think this was a test of our bond because, after this read, I would have violently chucked the book at him! As much as I love him, I’ll now take his book recommendations with a grain of salt. I do not belittle Paulo Coelho’s achievements, but he just sinks this novel deeper and deeper into the mud and left it there.The story...
  • Faouzia
    i did not like at all!! i am disappointed at him!!Spoiler: I really wanted her to commit suicide at the end, or at least take an overdose of the drugs she bought!!
  • Ecaterina Leonte
    I would have rated it ZERO stars it that were possible. Don't waste your time reading this crap, it's not worth it. Glad I didn't waste my money as well, in you're curious just borrow it from someone.
  • Rebecca
    I can't believe this is written by the same man who wrote one of my favorite novels. Utterly shocking and incredibly disappointing. I read the entire book, because I was waiting for it to get good, but it never happened. Don't waste time, or money on this sell out.
  • Damaskcat
    To say this is a book about a woman committing adultery is to miss the whole point of the story I feel. Linda lives in Switzerland with her husband and two children - none of whom are ever named. She has a good life, and an interesting job as a journalist and as a family they are financially secure with domestic staff to look after the children and do the housework. Who could want anything more from life?But Linda is restless and bored. It would ...
  • Andrea
    I'm glad to read a new genre by Paulo Coelho which falls more into literary fiction. As with most of the writers who get famous for a particular genre, readers who are familiar with his earlier works are quick to dismiss and criticize a book where they were expecting a different outcome. In this story, Coelho shows the monster, that which resides in each of us, coming up with revenge. Through the life of the main character, feelings of dissatisfa...
  • Cindy
    Addition 4/20/2015 To authors or publishers looking for a review - I don't consider Adultery to be erotica. Although the book has a few graphic sexual situations in it, it's not, in my opinion, written with the intent to be erotica or written explicitly to excite sexual natures through reading. Although I'd be glad to give an honest review, I'm not an avid reader of erotica, so I may not be the best person to ask.Addition 2/2015: This book is a l...
  • Bijay
    Uggh! platitudes, platitudes everywhere…nor very original thing to read (sorry Mr. Coleridge ! but hey there are many good lines for seemingly deep and feel-good but very out-of-context platitudes deduced from scriptures and evolutionary science and whatnots for sharing in facebook; just superimpose them over beautiful pictures that can be easily obtained from google images and voila!). Anyways, the book reads like a diary collection of author...
  • Taghreed Jamal el deen
    يبدو أن كويلو وضع كل قدراته الروائية في رائعته الخيميائي ولم يبقَ لديه ما يقدّمه ..نعم هناك رسالة ، لكن القالب الروائي الذي حاول حشرها ضمنه فاشل جدا !نجمة واحدة للاقتباسات والرسائل الجميلة فقطأعتقد أنه سيمضي وقت طويل قبل أن أفكر في القراءة لكويلو م...
  • Katie Shahin
    About the book"Adultery" follows the narrator Linda. A Swiss women in her thirties, married with three children, who appears to be suffering from a quarter life crisis. As she questions her everyday life and the world and asks "is this it?" she starts to look for something to shake up her world a little. This leads to her starting an affair with a politician.ProsI've been a fan of Paulo Coelho's for many years. What I especially enjoy is the mode...
  • Emad Attili
    Well, I think that I liked and hated this book!It's not awesome. It's not GREAT. It's just good ... and bad!!There are so many things that I didn't like, and there are things that I really liked. What I liked is the idea of redemption. Everyone of us deserve a second chance. We're neither Angels nor demons. We're humans, and being a human means being a sinner.What I didn't like (pretty much hated actually!!!):1. Spending so many pages talking abo...
  • Shaimaa Ali
    When the Alchemist lost his Charming Powers!
  • Rana Abid
    Done ❤❤❤(Learn to love better.This should be out goal in the world: learn to love. Life offers us thousands of opportunities for learning. Every man and every woman, in every day of our lives, always has a good opportunity to surrender to love. Life is not a long vacation, but a constant learning process.) a novel of a lucky woman, she has everything, wealthy man, kids, and respected work, but instead of being happy she feels disappointed a...
  • يامي أحمد
    الرواية سيء نوعًا ما تكرار الموضوع ومشاعرها بصيغ مختلفة كان سيء، يمكن اختصار أحداث الرواية في 20 صفحة دون أدنى تشويه للحبكة
  • Cher
    1 star - I really hated it.Once upon a time, a ludicrous married woman with children feels she is bored by being so happy and her life being so perfect (she actually says this). So, to cure herself of this dreadful happiness she begins to randomly have slutty interactions (the author's words, not mine) with other men. Then one New Year's Eve, this vapid, nonsensical character has a sudden epiphany and moment of transcendence in which she discover...
  • Prity Malhotra
    Adultery is Paulo Coelho's most Intimidating work so far. I have read some Negative Reviews about this Book. However I think people hate this Book for its Main Character Linda who has PErfect Life, Perfect Husband, Good Career yet commits Adultery to bring some Excitement in her Life. But is it customary for every writer to have a Self-Righteous Lead Character ? Anyways, moving on, this Book talks about a Topic so Raw that most Women would deny e...
  • Aditi
    “To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” ----T.F. HodgePaulo Coelho, the international bestselling author, has penned a compelling tale of love and infidelity mixed with the good ol' Coelho style of philosophy in his book, Adultery. This story is centered around a married woman who is lucky enough to have a good, rich and loving husband and two beautiful kids and a grand house, yet she st...
  • Sid
    Whenever life brings me a lot of problems and I am not able to find solution in any of the books I am reading at that specific point, I go directly to read any of Paulo Coelho's books. This book was on my to-read list but I wasn't sure by the name of it, if it could be of some help to me in any way or not. Well, none of my current reads was able to captivate me yesterday, I decided to read some book with less pages and more lesson and trusting Co...
  • Katy Noyes
    Really disappointed with this. The Alchemist I found beautiful, Veronika decides to die very well written. I knew within a few pages of starting this that it was not a book of beauty or joy. It's not a bad thing when writers explore different genres, writing styles, techniques. But if they aren't very interesting - what's the point?Adultery has been written about by many, but I don't think this adds anything to the genre.A rich, successful woman ...
  • Blanca Hindle
    In the world, there is this invisible thread that connects us to one another. Unfortunately for the human race, most people aren't aware of it's existence or ever get to feel it's pull on their beings. This in turn, throws us into a constant state of despair because our souls feel there is something missing but misconstrue what that thing is.In essence, that is what Adultery, by Paulo Coelho is about. A woman of great material fortune begins to f...
  • Ahmed Almawali
    بالتأكيد باولو كويلو لن يخسرَ شيئا إذا ما قرأتُ روايته الأخيرةَ في نسخة مقرصنة، فهو من صنفِ الأدباءِ الذين اغتنوا من أدبهم، فبالإضافةِ إلى استنادي للرخصةِ التي يتحدث بها بعض العلماء باعتبار العلمِ مشاع للجميع وللاستخدام المعرفي لا التجاري بالإض...
  • Melinda
    Skidded by with a 2 rating. I'm convinced his magic is gone.
  • Shwan Majeed
    في هذه الرواية يدخل باولو كويلو الى عمق حياة الزوجية وبالتفصيل يدخل عالم الخيانة, الذي هي محور اكبر مشاكل الزوجية على مر الزمان في جميع الثقافات, صحيح الكتاب لديه الكثير والكثير من التفاصيل ولكن حسب رأي الشخصي مناسبة جدا ومفيدة جدا في نفس الوقت فأن...