The Order War (The Saga of Recluce, #4) by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

The Order War (The Saga of Recluce, #4)

"In this fourth tale set in Modesitt's universe, where good and evil, chaos and order, are in perpetual conflict, a young wizard finds that his destiny is to strike a balance, but at considerable personal cost".--Publishers Weekly.

Details The Order War (The Saga of Recluce, #4)

TitleThe Order War (The Saga of Recluce, #4)
Release DateOct 12th, 2010
PublisherTor Fantasy
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews The Order War (The Saga of Recluce, #4)

  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    This is book 4 of the Saga of Recluce. The internal chronology of the series looks to be pretty whacked, since this is apparently ranked as book 9, with the first published book (Magic of Recluce) ranked as book 10, according to some. Anyway, confusion aside, the book works perfectly well as a standalone, although it took me a while to get up to speed on the back story and the history of the world. If you’ve read Modesitt, you’ll know how he ...
  • Jim
    This is the 4th book in published order, the way Modesitt likes people to read this series. Chronologically, it is very directly linked to the first book & answers a LOT of questions, even though it happens about 200 years earlier. The hero of the "Magic of Recluse" (2d book) is Lerris & he meets a Gray wizard named Justen. This book tells us just who Justin is & a lot about what Lerris saw.One of the neatest things that Modesitt does is garble h...
  • Jim
    In some ways this is an excellent piece of the Recluce saga. It really fills in a lot that is just hinted at in the first book published, The Magic of Recluce, so great for advancing the story. It also sets the stage very well for those books later in the chronology, even though they were written first. OTOH, it's the one I like least in the series. I've never cared for the way Modesitt does his romance & this book is particularly cloying. The de...
  • Ben Babcock
    My previous reviews of the Recluce saga have been brutally honest when it comes to how L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s writing is disappointing a second time around. So I want to begin this review by praising The Order War for being the best book so far in the series, in terms of both story and writing! After three repetitive, somewhat dull books, Modesitt has finally produced a volume that drew me into the conflict, made me care about the characters, and...
  • Mark
    The Order War is the fourth book in Modesitt's Recluce series. The events in this book take place subsequent to the events in the previous book, The Magic Engineer, but before the events in the first book, The Magic of Recluce. To sum this book up, it has a lot of good information regarding the nature of the balance between order and chaos and it introduces a philosophical element extoling the virtues of balance and the evils of extreme order or ...
  • Bryan Brown
    This book was much harder to get through than most of the others, and that has sunk my rating a bit. At times reading this story even felt a bit like a chore, which was funny because this story is a pivotal point in the history of this world, one that changed both Recluse, and Fairhaven and all the lands on the planet. I am pleased to say that it picked up towards the end of the book. I’ll try to explain the parts that slowed me down below. Fir...
  • Kathi
    9/10An excellent installment in the Recluce series. Romance, magic, subterfuge, war, characters that were not quite as stubbornly naive or dense as in some of the other books.
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    I like the Recluse books and got sucked into the series as soon as I read the first. They (unfortunately) tend to run a little hot and cold and while this one didn't "pull me in" as much as some others, it's a good read in it's way. The rating fluctuates as I think of it, so maybe 3.5 might be considered a better might have come out here a compromise 3 depending on the way I felt when I reviewed it.
  • Thor Arne
    Strong finish, but most of the book was dragging on a fair bit.
  • Ken Weeks
    I absolutely LOVE this series.
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this free book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)Whenever I read epic fantasy I am always floored by the sheer size of plots and characters who have to come together. It includes a forethought and mastery of elements I just have no clue about. But what I loved about The Order War is just how epic it is. Not only does this occur as part of a series, which you can seriously sti...
  • Anne
    This appears to be the first book in the saga chronologically -- which may be why the airport bookstore had this one and not book #1 on their shelves. The downside of starting here is that there's a lot of stuff from book 1 (The Magic of Recluce) which is assumed knowledge in this one. I was continually disoriented by missing information and that made it hard to really suspend my disbelief. It also made me question some of the blurbs on the cover...
  • Zach
    A much better book in this series, I feel like L.E. Modesitt Jr. was really making strides in becoming a good writer. The book still started out painfully slow and I contemplated giving up the series as I have on most of the books thus far but eventually the story really got roiling. Elements of Homer's the Odyssey and dashed with a bit of philosophy under bedding the story really held my interest. I guess this will be a short review because that...
  • Darryl
    Another enjoyable book in the Saga of Recluse. I made the mistake of accidentally reading book 5 The Death of Chaos before reading this one - so it ruined much of the suspense of this novel. I think one of the problems with this series is that some of the characters are starting to have the same traits as characters from previous novels and that the female characters are often secondary to the story.
  • Matt
    It's another fun romp in the world of Recluce and the over-narrative is definitely taking shape at this juncture. I'm excited to see how things shake out for the descendants and long-lived in future installments.
  • Kerry
    Published 1995. Really had to slog thru this one to get to some action and actual movement of the characters. Last one in the series I'll read. Could be cut down 1/2 and be a better book from my standpoint.
  • Debra Meyer
    I want to say it was a really good book except that the extremely short chapters and the phenomenal amount of verbal sound effects had me cussing so much that it made it difficult to totally enjoy it.
  • Bernard Campbell
    Another good book in the Recluce series. Order and chaos locked in balance...
  • Robert Kaul
    I tried but just couldn't finish.
  • M. J.
    Again I reach into the gift box and draw out a book. Seeing that it is fourth in a series, I checked to see if there were any others by the same author, and moved a few books around to group some together, but it appears that this is the only one of these there. It is evident that the series offers a world with some sort of blend of technology and magic, which is intriguing.My problems with this book fall generally into three categories. One cate...
  • Daniel Shellenbarger
    In this, the fourth book in the Recluce saga, Modesitt finally gets back around to Justen the gray wizard from the first book; frankly, it just didn't interest me. A lot of what goes on in The Order War is repetitious, the Chaotic White Wizards are still building their westward road and steamrolling any kingdom that gets in their way, the Order-bound Black Wizards of Recluce are still well... reclusive, and the protagonist feels like a mash-up of...
  • C.S. Zahn
    All of the books from the Recluse Saga were great!
  • Maaike
    I tried, I really tried. I knew from previous books that Modesitt has a certain style of writing, but I thought I could handle it because this story was about Justen, a character I really was curious about. But it didn’t work for me. There are several main flaws with the book. The characters left me indifferent, even Justen. The Whites are inter-changeable and all characters were flat. There is hardly any emotion and I never connected with any ...
  • Katy M
    This one is about balance. All black or all white have equally negative resultsI never put spoilers in my reviews.L. E. Modesitt, Jr. writes epic fantasy with political commentary overtones. His world building is impeccable, taking the familiar and giving it a unique twist.His protagonists are usually underdogs who don't fit into the mold cast for them by others in some way, chronicling their struggles to understand themselves and how to find the...
  • Froxis
    I just love the world that has been created.
  • Richard Tran
    Another good book in the Recluce Saga. The events of this book occurs a bit before Book 1 and deals with the adventures of Justen and Gunnar. This book does a really good job explaining the Druids and Gray mages and how not everything is white and black.The Druids believe that nature naturally balances Chaos and Order. This is common theme throughout most of the Recluce books. This book starts off with the white mages of Fairhaven slowly taking o...
  • Richard
    The Recluce series for those who have not approached them before are a series of fantasy stories whose primary plot focus is 2 groups of wizards, ones who work with the forces of Order and therefore are better at building things, and those who work with chaos whose forte is destruction.To my dismay at times with Modesitt's work is his tendency to tell a story and then write 8 books telling the backstory of the first book and this pattern can been...
  • Dan Lewis
    The fourth in a series. As Modesitt depicts events other novels have only alluded to, he maintains the drama. Everyone's life makes this transition from drama to history.In this history of wizards and order and chaos, we learn the manner of an ancient event alluded to in the first Recluce book. Justen is an engineer from a land of order with an unusual relationship to order and chaos, who must decide how to balance them within himself and the wor...
  • Chip Hunter
    This book brings the Rucluce Saga full circle with the introduction of Justen the Gray and the destruction of Fairhaven. I was really excited about this story because I thought that those two topics could be really great. However, I was somewhat dissapointed in many aspects of this book. I don't really know what it was, but I just wasn't able to get into this book as much as I did the last couple. Much of the book seemed to drag on with very litt...