Obsidian Curse (A Stacy Justice Mystery #5) by Barbra Annino

Obsidian Curse (A Stacy Justice Mystery #5)

Reporter Stacy Justice has finally stopped resisting who she really is—a powerfully gifted witch. And now that the Council has appointed her Seeker of Justice, she feels stronger and more attuned to her magic than ever before.But Samhain—the night when the veil between the worlds thins—is approaching and something strange is brewing. First, a fairy with a sweet tooth appears in town unexpectedly. Then, a mysterious stranger shows up at Stac...

Details Obsidian Curse (A Stacy Justice Mystery #5)

TitleObsidian Curse (A Stacy Justice Mystery #5)
Release DateMay 13th, 2014
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Fantasy, Paranormal, Witches, Urban Fantasy

Reviews Obsidian Curse (A Stacy Justice Mystery #5)

  • Amy
    I continue to greatly enjoy this series. The characters are well formed and interesting. The author must either be a witch, have done a lot of research, or have an amazing imagination to make the witchiness of the series seem so real!I look forward to the next book!
  • Theresa
    4.5 Stars... Another fantastic addition to this series... Finding herself embedded in multiple predicaments at the same time but fueled by the love of her family and the need to seek justice, Stacy embarks on another whirlwind adventure as she attempts to thwart the revenge of a powerful goddess plotting against the Geraghty family... A great blend of humor, love, family, and friendship taking the reader on an extraordinary adventure into the mys...
  • Denise Keef
    I absolutely love this series and the fifth book is so good! I couldn't put it down and read it in a day and a half! There are a lot of twists and turns...ups and downs...Oh no moments and laugh out loud scenes(my husband asked quite a few times what I was laughing at)! Stacy along with all of her aunts, cousin Cinnamon, Leo, Chance and Thor are all here along with some new characters that I hope make appearances in future books. So looking forwa...
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    Not that I had forgotten, but it didn't take me long to remember how fun this series is and how much I enjoy reading it after picking up Obsidian Curse. I was quickly immersed right back into Stacy and the Geraghty Girls's world and I couldn't have been happier about it.With just the right amount of mystery, danger, romance, humor, and magic, this is one series any lover of either, or all, is sure to love and devour quickly. With familiar charact...
  • Becca
    I was so excited to win Barbra Annino's new book as part of the first reads program. I've been a huge fan of the Stacy Justice Mystery series and the 5th book doesn't disappoint! Obsidian Curse was a pleasure to read. I loved spending a few hours with my favorite characters. They feel like old friends. This book has the same suspense, twists, and magical touch that I enjoyed in the previous books. The town, characters, and family ties that Annino...
  • Denise Zendel
    Stacy Justice, reporter by day and powerful witch by night, is finally coming into her own. Once reluctant, she’s now embracing her skills and assuming responsibility as the Seeker of Justice, in the witch world and the human world as well. She is unable to tell her beloved of her true nature, however, and this causes complications in the relationship. He falls under the influence of a succubus and things get even more complicated.Stacy is stru...
  • April Rogers-Krick
    Barbra Annino once again takes us on a supernatural adventure into the world of Stacy Justice. As with the other four books Obsidians Curse is well thought out with characters that are not only believable but truly make you wish you could meet them. The plot is not complicated but it is also far from simple. There are enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Not only a great summer read but a wonderful anytime you want to cruel up with a...
  • Daniell
    This has got to be one of my favorite series of books! I savor each one and they never disappoint. The secret to a fabulous series is to make a great character and have fabulous and quirky people around them then continue to build and create interesting and unique stories and situations. This book does all of that and then adds humor and romance. I can not ask for more. I loved this one and would recommend the entire series....make sure you start...
  • Diane ~Firefly~
    Stacy's witchy world just keeps getting stranger. Her cousin is pregnant and acting abnormal. There is a writer in town who wants Stacy to help solve a cold case. The fae are invading her life again. And Chance is acting strangely. Stacy discovers The Scribe and is searching for the Obsidian Skull.(view spoiler)[I was really glad Stacy told Chance everything at the end. Secrets are never good. (hide spoiler)]
  • Mariko Tsubaki
    Another great book in the Stacy Justice series. I really enjoyed catching up with Cinnamon, Leo, Chance, and of course Birdie and the Great Aunts. Although this book really centered around Stacy and her transformation into a more powerful witch, I still found some laugh out loud moments. But I really wished there would have been more antics from the Geraghty girls. I am looking forward to the next book because I have a feeling the fun is just beg...
  • Sandy Duncan
    Can't get enough of Stacy JusticeAnother great story about Stacy. I love this series and can't wait for the net story. this one had it all, witchcraft,action, a bit of romance and of course mystery. highly recommend it
  • Jessica
    Always enjoyable and never a let down this book is no exception. Funny with characters you can truly say you'd be friends with and fun monster-of-the-week style story telling, win win!
  • Rob Edwards
    Love this series!I always look forward to another Stacy Justice adventure. Always feel a little sad when I finish the book. Want to keep reading.
  • Paula Harris
    Another great addition to the series.I loved that you are guessing who's on the side everyone is on until the end. I can't wait for the next Stacy Justice book.
  • Krystyna
    Skulls, Sidhe and ScrbeAwesome. A reunion is planned for former high school students bringing an author into town. He has another reason for coming - the unsolved murder of his parents. Add in a vampiric Sidhe who has a grudge against her family, a lost black obsidian skull, killers and a faeces army for a terrific plot. Where even if you spot one "baddie" you will still be surprised at the ending. Is she strong enough to trust her beau with all ...
  • Julie Shankle
    #4 was smoother but #5 kept stride nonetheless Book 4 had fewer irk-points than any of the books to present progress here with book 5 but I did enjoy this book despite my frequent disgust over how lacking in ULTRA-basic tech savvy that Annino and her beta readers and apparently editor and everyone in between are STILL, so no fluke there. I also wasn't fond of how Alzheimer's disease was flippantly played with in this book. What I loved was Stacy ...
  • Sarah Goodner
    Back to the good, old-fashioned witchy mystery. This installment was way better than the last. Stacy's wit made me laugh out loud.Blade Knight, bestselling author, returns to Amethyst for a high school reunion and to settle a score. In the meantime, a slutty demon man-napper is also on the loose, and she's got her eye set on Stacy's main squeeze.
  • Cheryl
    WritersExcellent story and well written. Stacy and Chance are trying to work on their relationship but Stacy's secrets are causing problems. You have a writer called Blade who turns out to have a witchy part. You have a succubus causing trouble. My favorite part is the overprotective Dane , Thor! Enjoy the mystery, the spy toys and the the humor! I loved it!
  • Denise McLachlan
    I love this series. It's easy to read and keeps me turning the pages quickly so I can find out what happens next. This book was as fun and as interesting as the other books in the series and, spoiler alert, the cliff hanger at the end of the book was a shocker. I immediately downloaded the next book.
  • Amy
    True lovePoor pickle! Such a sensitive lad!Cinnamon and her adorable fairy tale kitchen wares.Poor Monique, oh that's stretching it!Stacy and Chance... True love! The story gets stronger with each book! Thoroughly am enjoying reading these!
  • Karen Kepner
    Entertaining readThe Stacy Justice books are entertaining, pure fun. Characters are lively and quirky which makes it an easy read. Some twists and turns in this book were a change from the rest of the series. Readable in one reading.
  • Rhonda Jones
    Awesome BookStacy has come into her own as a witch and the Seeker of Justice. The mystery in this book was very involved and kept my interest, so much so I had trouble putting the book down so I could get some sleep.
  • Donna Snyder
    I thought Annino's previous books were better thought out than this one. The fae seem to be just a distraction with little importance. The antagonist's purpose was murky, and her demise disappointing. Maybe the next book will be better.
  • Arbys Mom
    I have to say the same thing I said with previous books in this series: great! More witchiness in this one, as Stacy is coming into her skills. But no lack of action, suspense, and wacky frustration.
  • Nirav Bhatt
    Samhain holidays are hereAs you already know Samhain holidays holds importance for Stacy and Birdie. So what adventures lay abead of them?Read for your self.
  • Deb
    I cannot get enough of Stacy Justice and her crazy family! Totally binging on this series, and expect a major book hangover when I finish the next one!
  • Karen Candee
    Justice in trainingI am enjoying this series very much. Stacy is developing in her abilities in her use of witchcraft. All of the characters in the book are very interesting.
  • Misty
    DisappoimtedWell apparently we are not given the entire series on KU. This is the last one your monthly sub will allow you to read. The books were funny and ok but will not be continuing the series on simple principle. Author or Amazon should let us know before beginning the series that the ENTIRE series is not available on KU. Seems like a a dishonest way to sell your books. I would have happily paid for something by this author that was not in ...
  • Robert L Allen
    Great seriesI can't say enough to denote my praise for the author and the characters she's created in this series of books. I've thoroughly enjoyed every book and will continue reading to the end.
  • Jane Reads
    Obsidian Curse is another great read from Barbra Annino — # 5 in the Stacy Justice, Reluctant Witch Mysteries. Important note: As Annino states on the title page of Obsidian Curse, It is highly recommended that this series be read in order. I enjoyed reading all of the books in this series, and have rated them all either Four or Five Kitties. If you like cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, you'll love Stacy Justice! The series begins with O...