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Speak, by popular blogger Nish Weiseth, is a book about the power of telling our own stories and hearing those of others to change hearts, build bridges, advocate for good, make disciples with grace, and proclaim God's kingdom on Earth today.Nish Weiseth exhorts today's Christians to follow Jesus' example by using story as a vehicle for change. After all, Jesus was a master storyteller. He frequently and effectively used the art of storytelling t...

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Release DateAug 5th, 2014
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Language, Writing, Religion, Christianity

Reviews Speak

  • Jason Kanz
    In her new book Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World (2014, Zondervan), Nish Weiseth encourages people to get in the habit of sharing stories with one another. On the back cover, she asks, "How would your life be different if you shared your stories rather than your opinions?" I was drawn to this book because I believe the question she is asking is an important one. Part of what defines our humanity is that we live in relationship with othe...
  • Suni
    You should read this book, and then come over to discuss it with me over a beverage and snacks. We'll sit in comfy chairs by the big picture window and laugh and commiserate.That's what this book was about to me: community, friendship, sharing life. That's what stories are to me.I love stories. I love hearing them, and I love telling them. I am a part of a local community of storytellers. I even belong to a church that celebrates "story". In fact...
  • Nathan Albright
    [Note: This book was provided free of charge by BookLook/Zondervan Press in exchange for an honest review.]Although I have never read anything written by the author (who is best known as a blogger about social justice and related concerns, and who is editor-in-chief of A Deeper Story, which provides a collaborative effort where writers (presumably politically liberal, given the contents of this book) talk about truths of God and caring for people...
  • Laura June
    [I am a BookLook Blogger and received this book free for an honest review.]Nish is a blogger who I've enjoyed following for the past few years. She is a Christian who openly discusses her struggles with the church and her faith. She is a wise woman with a sharp wit who also has no problem with the occasional expletive. Basically, she's the kind of woman you want to go grab a beer with and discuss life in all its messy detail. [If you haven't read...
  • Henk-Jan van der Klis
    Where more sermons will not change the world, our personal stories, testimonies of a living faith, can. In Speak, popular blogger Nish Weiseth, stresses the importance of using a story as vehicle to explain the gospel, show grace, and proclaim God's Kingdom on Earth today. Though Weiseth doesn't promote a Kingdom Now ('over-realized') theology, it's obvious that goodness, justice, giving, neighbouring and church planting show the Kingdom to the w...
  • Amy E Patton
    I don't often consume a book in one sitting, but I drank Nish Weiseth's book, Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World like fine wine in one refreshing evening. Nish knows the heart of story, and she understands how God can use it for His glory. Through truth telling and example, she skillfully encourages her readers to begin telling their stories and listening to others stories with open ears, minds, and hearts. I recommend Speak to writers an...
  • Kevin Shoop
    Grade: APersonally, this book couldn't have come at a better time. Although written from a devoutly Christian (not necessarily evangelical) perspective, I believe this book would be helpful for anyone who is struggling to find their voice in this world. For me, it not only gave me the courage to write again, but also the motivation to LISTEN to others, especially those whose voices are often muted. Highly recommended.
  • Julia
    Such a great reflection on the value of relationship, authenticity, and listening in the context of a Christian life. I read this with my book club and it was really interesting to hear how we responded to the ideas about what it would really look like to value the stories of the people around us in our everyday lives and in faraway places in the world, or what it would look like for me to really value my own story.
  • Kacy Lou Leyba
    Hands down one of the best books I've read as of late. This book has inspired me to write-- to tell the stories of the marginalized and the voiceless in the Kingdom and seeking after God. This was exactly what I needed to read.
  • Stina
    This book has further inspired me to share my story with those around me. It benefits no one to walk around pretending that we have the perfect lives. God works in and through our stories, that goes for everyone. Even the "mundane" parts are important! Great book!
  • Leigh Kramer
    The level of vulnerability and high quality storytelling made this a book I couldn't put down. Nish has given us all a gift with Speak.
  • Annie Downs
    This is exactly the book our generation of storytellers needs to read. Strong examples, deep heart stuff, really moving reminders of how we are to live and write and share.
  • Karen
    Well, color me surprised. I planned to hate this book. Actually, before I planned to hate it, I planned to summarily dismiss it and slide it back into the library book drop without cracking it open once I realized I'd selected a Christian book instead of the edgy and liberal power of story book I had expected - and hoped for. I did not hate this book. I also did not love this book. I found many, many parts of this book problematic, infuriating, a...
  • Lisa
    For those who doubt their life or story matters, this is a collection of stories to convince you otherwise.Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World is a sometimes-gentle, sometimes not, kick in the pants for everyone, not just writers or storytellers or speakers, to tell our stories. And it is equal parts inspiring and convicting. (Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from Zondervan through the Booklook Bloggers program.)The author, N...
  • SaraJane
    pg. 14 "This is why story matters. Because when you listen to a story, you have to give up your stereotypes and your labels."pg. 25 "The stories of how God transforms our lives and of how we connect with other human beings can have incredible power and influence in our culture."pg. 27 "Story is the vulnerable sharing of your life experiences with others. It includes everything from the relationships you have with others today to the awkward momen...
  • Hallie Szott
    http://pagebypagebookbybook.blogspot....In Speak, Nish Weiseth advocates, with a perspective from the millennial generation, the importance of both telling and listening to personal stories. There is much transformative power found in a person’s sharing of his or her experiences, and interactions and issues with Christians and non-Christians alike can benefit from a candid beginning with story. Weiseth does a beautiful job of exploring how stor...
  • Alyssa
    I loved the basic, the bare bones, the heart of where Weiseth was trying to take us. We can only truly understand a person, their choices, their paths, their decisions by stopping, listening to their stories. It is all about being intentional and caring about those around you. By taking the time to slow down and listen to your neighbor's heart, you can make a difference in their lives. Ultimately, Weiseth is hoping it opens a door for evangelism....
  • Rachel Blom
    Speak is a passionate plea to follow Jesus’ example in using stories to reach people. Author Nish Weiseth believes stories can change people’s hearts and lives, and can be forces for justice for instance. Considering the key message of the book, it’s no wonder it includes many stories. The author shares her story of being uncomfortable with certain policies in her church for instance, which illustrates how room for people’s personal stori...
  • Erin Grasse
    This book was challenging. I really like how she approaches the notion of story-telling; it definitely shook up many of the ways that I so often jump to conclusions about people without knowing their full back-story. What bothered me the most was the subtle ulterior motive that I felt accompanied said story-telling, almost as if one is merely listening to someone else's story in order to provide a segue for evangelization, which seems to imply th...
  • Joan
    (Full Disclosure: I received an electronic review copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.) Mrs. Weiseth, a popular blogger, majored in Philosophy and Religious Studies in college. She writes about telling our stories to build relationships to help others in small and large ways, as well as, being faithful to Christ and his kingdom. She tells stories well. At the end of each chapter, she has selected a story told by others. Recom...
  • Heather Marie
    The book was well laid out and had great meaning. The lessons you can learn from it are truly good messages, but it was hard for me to one hundred percent connect with the lessons coming from someone very different than myself. I guess that's the whole point of the book though! ha! I also didn't like all the blog posts inside the book. Felt kind of like a rip off. I could have really learned the same things from going to the blog instead of getti...
  • ECLA Libraries
    Review by: C.A. Meier"Mrs. Weiseth really wants to have a coffee date with you. In her new book, Speak, she illustrates the power of storytelling. We all have a story to tell, and we do not realize how much power it conceals."To read the full review visit:http://eclalibraries.org/2015/01/19/b...
  • Jill
    I picked this up for an online book group and because I read an article by the author in Christianity Today that was really compelling. The premise of the book, that understanding the stories of others is a key to being a citizen of the world, works for me. Her examples are well-drawn, often moving. I also appreciate the practicality of it. Highly recommend.
  • Allison Garrett
    Enjoyed this. Really dared me to think beyond where I would comfortably go. Prompted some attempted openness to ideas I disagree with. And I still disagree with some of them...but it was good to be challenged to think differently. Definitely made me think outward, something I need help doing! Cool to think of someone's story having so much potential. I'm all about a good story :)
  • Tammy K
    I was totally taken back by how much I connected with this book, given that I had never heard of it nor the author before. A must-read if you desire to see God in every aspect of life... and want your story to reflect His kingdom on earth.
  • Kelly Schulz
    As creatures of story; parts of THE STORY, there is much rich and challenging encouragement here. If you are able to read and glean from an author with whom you may not agree on every point of doctrinal belief, this is a great book to read and learn from.... I sure did!
  • Judy
    Another book that I read thru in one day. It's all about relationships, relationships, relationships. Hearing people's stories and sharing your own. Bein transparent and vulnerable. God's Kingdom breaking thru one person to another. Loved this book.
  • Lizzie Lowrie
    This book is well written, it has a few really genius moments when the author's writing, her illustration and the sentiment behind it come together to make something awesome. The rest of the book is good but didn't blow me away.
  • Jessica
    The writing could've been a bit deeper, and more connected. Some more inspiring stories would've been nice too. The overall message though, is powerful. It's all about listening to others stories, and sharing our own to influence and save the world.
  • Cara
    This book disappointed me. I'm not sure how to explain the disappointment except to say that I expected a bit more storytelling, and a little less urging to tell my story. On the bright side, I found myself in it (as a commenter). Fun.