Forgiveness and Permission (The Ghost Bird, #4) by C.L. Stone

Forgiveness and Permission (The Ghost Bird, #4)

Sang Sorenson’s abusive mother is secure in a hospital, and her father has vanished to a new family of his own, leaving Sang and her sister to fend for themselves. Sang is hanging by a thread, and her only hope is a group of boys she feels she barely knows.She’s never really alone. The Academy team has stepped in, promising to protect and care for Sang. Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North take over, showing Sang they can be d...

Details Forgiveness and Permission (The Ghost Bird, #4)

TitleForgiveness and Permission (The Ghost Bird, #4)
Release DateOct 29th, 2013
PublisherArcato Publishing
GenrePolyamorous, Reverse Harem, Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, High School

Reviews Forgiveness and Permission (The Ghost Bird, #4)

  • Hugin
    This book, in fact the entire series so far, is fucked up beyond repair. So fucked up that I can't stop reading it.At the end of book four I was like WTF?! YEAH, get it on! - POLYGAMY!Now, seriously: What is wrong with all the people that have given these books ratings above 4 points? There is so much wrong with what I've read, I don't even know where to begin.Well, let me try:-> The grammar - HELP! I'm slowly lOOsing the ability to write properl...
  • Tomoe-Aurelia
    I know I already said it but I'm addicted to this series and it keeps getting better !North and Mr Blackbourne, you stole the show on this one ! Not that I'm complaining, not at all ...(view spoiler)[Book boyfriends are awesome and yes it's okay to have 9 in the same series ! (hide spoiler)]
  • Layla
    I had enjoyed the first two books in The Academy series. I was a little put off in book three with the strange personal relationships Sang was beginning to have with all of the boys and Mr. Blackbourne. I was also having a hard time relating to Sang in book three because she was so weak and scared one minute and then the next minute she is out defending boys that can clearly take care of themselves. Her lack of backbone started to drive me crazy....
  • Steph Goose
    It is rare to find a book, let alone a series, that I want to reread. With so many stories out there waiting to be experienced, the idea of devoting extra time to just sitting back and re-enjoy something I've already read seems like a waste of precious time. My list of to-be-read is longer than I will ever come close to completing.With Sang's story, I find myself breaking that rule. I want to see these characters, these relationships, blossom all...
  • Meredith
    Full review to come soon. I have a lot of mixed emotions on this one, but I still can't stop reading. I NEED to know what happens. What a preview to leave behind! AHHHHH!Full Review (no spoilers):Okay, so it's no secret that I am totally obsessed with this series. Every time a new book releases I devour it in a day and then pine over the next one until it comes out. I don't know how C.L. Stone does it, but she has totally forced me to completely ...
  • carinne
    I love love love this series. Seriously I turned the last page last night, and I was like, Somethings wrong, there is no way that I read the book that fast." Then I wanted to cry because it was over. I also promised my self I couldn't move on to the next book yet because when I read these things, I forget there is a world out there and you know I need to work and stuff so I Can buy more books.So lets actually talk about this little gem. First of ...
  • Rhea_Sways
    Yup, I am a giant masochist It is final as evident with my continued reading of garbage. I will not bother for with a proper review of this....You ask me if anything happened since last book.. NO! NOTHING HAPPENS... I swear the h wipes her ass and the author will write a litany of chapters about how amazing she is..
  • Alaina
    Second time read. First time review.I am really enjoying these books again. I love Sang and the gang. Out of all the guys, North and Mr. Blackbourne are my favorite right now. I'm sure my favorites will change in the next book but North is just so protective over Sang - he just doesn't really know how to show it. Then there's Mr. Blackbourne and I'm just sensing that their relationship is getting stronger.The gang is still trying to work with San...
  • Stephanie
    I'm having a major book hang over. Waiting 3 months for the next book is going to be pure torture. I've already read the first 3 books 5 times each. I'm going to have to do the same with this one to help stave off my with draws.
  • Praiz Sophyronja
    9 GUYS.9 DIFFERENT LOVE INTERESTS. AT ONCE. WHAT THE FUCK?? I'm seriously questioning my sanity right now!!Because, I'm totally rooting for Sang and her 9 men to be still together??And the thing is, there isn't one I like more than the others, I seriously think all the guys are equally as incredible as others...This is so damn unrealistic, I MEAN COME THE FUCK ON?? 9 GUYS??? WHAAAT*Mindblown*
  • Sharon Mariampillai
    This is my favourite book. I love Sang, she is the best heroine ever. I hate the bad stuff that she goes through. Also, I love how the boys protect her. My favourite boy is North. Silas is my second favourite. Then, Mr. Blackbourne rounds out my top three. Each boy brings a special and unique quality to the book. This was a fantastic sequel. It is something totally different than what you usually expect from an author. I think it makes the story ...
  • Lisa @ 2bookaholics
    Let me start off by saying I am 100 percent addicted to this series. I want to go all fan girl on CL and give her a big hug and kiss on the cheek for giving me something so different from the norm. These books are different. The direction they are heading is different and even though I wasn't so sure about it she's given me a reason to want to follow it through. In this book Sang and her sister are on there own, crazy mom is in a hospital and th...
  • Jennifer
    Oh crap! C.L went there! I was wondering if Sang would fall for one, but over the series of books it looks like she falls for them all. Are we going down the road of polygamy? It sure looks like it, and I think that is just so awesome! Usually, it's one guy and a bunch of women, I love that it's one girl and a group of guys! Woot about time! Woman power! hahaI loved that we learned more in the story, things unraveled a bit. I totally loved that S...
  • Mel
    AHHHH YESSSS.(Sliiiiightly addicted to these. SORRY I'M NOT SORRY.)Not gonna spoiler it,, I love North. He's such a mess. Also, DAT ENDING. If you don't find yourself going "oh man, I hoped she was gonna do that" are you reading this for? I mean, really. ;)
  • Margaret
    Loved it! Please don't make me wait til Jan of 14 , please, please, please! I absolutely am on board with the bird being with all of the dogs!!! I was leaning more towards Mr. Blackbourne as her love interest, but when I read that...I got ..well...excited by the concept! Love this series, just don't think I'll make it til Jan! And just for the record I am in love with all of them...ALL of them!
  • Aly
    Very little plot movementFirst of all, I do like this series. The secret agent stuff, what Sang goes through, and her relationship with the boys is all interesting. I'm really looking forward to Sang falling in love with the boys and the romance. But in this book, hardly anything happened. We don't know any more about the Academy than before. Sang has still not kissed any of the boys. There was some arguing, but not really any forward progress. I...
  • Kayla
    So this was full of drama and cutesy scenes that I loved! Obviously the fours stars are for pure enjoyment and not the quality of the story or writing.
  • Siv Therese
    To come so far I guess you've read book 1 and 2 and 3 and were as me, just about as crazy as you can become to read book4! Waiting and waiting and waaaaiting... just thinking about the book, imagening different outcomes, and reading the other books again and again. And when book 4 finally were released, you bought it the second it was awailable? I sure did! Is it as good as the others? YES!Are there still secrets, intrigues, action, laugh out lou...
  • Pao
    To be completely honest, I'm a little bit shocked with THAT END!, perhaps I'm too naive and I didn't considered that THAT would be the 'solution' to the reverse harem situation *feels dumb*. Not that I don't approve it, I've already stated that I couldn't/wanted to pick just one, but seriously, C.L. Stone you have surprised me once again. HUGE surprise.I've realized I write almost the same things in my reviews about these books but it's only the ...
  • Danielle
    This book is amazing. I am officially OBSESSED! I finished the book, and immediately started rereading it. I can't get enough! I honestly can't wait until the next one comes out. January can't get here quick enough! I love all of the boys, (Kota being my favorite) and I love how you learn a little bit more about their background throughout each book. The character development is amazing, without it these books would not be anywhere as perfect as ...
  • Sage Elizabeth
    3.5*******1.) Introductions ★★★★1.1.) Meeting Sang: Kota ★★★1.2.) Meeting Sang: Victor ★★★1.3.) Meeting Sang: Silas ★★★★1.4) Meeting Sang: Nathan ★★★★★2.) First Days ★★★★3.) Friends vs. Family ★★★
  • Laura
    If the rest of this series continues down the path that this one appears to be heading down then THAT IS HOW MORE BOOKS SHOULD DEAL WITH LOVE TRIANGLES/QUEADRANGLES/PENTAGONS! ;P Heeheehee
  • Lucy at Rain and Cupcakes Book Blog
    Oh my, that ending.....!!!!!!! Must.Read.The.Next.Book.NOW!!
  • Claire (bookscoffeeandrepeat)
    It's been confirmed. I'm a masochist for even trying to finish reading this book. There were moments when I wanted to stop but I had to know what happens to my favorite characters! I deeply dislike the protagonist though. Idk what a majority of guys in the series sees in her because there's nothing remarkable about her except her surprising abilities. Besides that, I really don't see any reason for them to be attracted to her. Heck, even the wait...
  • Jennifer
    Now that her stepmother is in the hospital and her father has wandered off, Sang has a bit of freedom to get to know the boys from the Academy. Even without the threat of abuse from home, there is still plenty to trouble Sang. Principal Hendricks wants her to spy on the boys from the Academy, and Vice Principal McCoy is showing a lot more creepy interest in her than is comfortable. The boys will have to continue to work hard to keep her safe. San...
  • Paula Phillips
    Before writing this review, I do have to admit that I have enjoyed this series to date and am enjoying it and want to see what happens but for some reason Forgiveness and Permission drove me freaking cray-cray, and I wanted to scream at this book and to be honest, I think there was a bit of shaking the Ipad as well . Parts of this one just frustrated the hell out of me. So to catch up, Sang's mother is now in the hospital, and her father has run ...
  • Nikki
    Sweet lord above I haTE THIS. This book took me so long to read compared to others because it was so gratingly unbelievable. Okay, I get that all the books are pretty unrealistic, but this one was so horrifically stupid I can't even ????? I have a few serious issues with this book that I feel compelled to air. Firstly, how many times do I need to read that "Sang feels uncomfortable with Mr Blackbourne touching her, because she's used to the other...
  • Mim
    Overall, we don't see a whole lot of development in Sang's character since the first book (fragile, insecure and naiive at times) - except perhaps towards the end when she starts to show more courage and independence. She still doesn't quite know what to make of all the attention and flirtations by the Academy boys - as if she were the queen bee. More frustrating are the internal dialogues: "Did Nathan biting my fingers mean something?" "What hap...