Fracture Me (Shatter Me, #2.5) by Tahereh Mafi

Fracture Me (Shatter Me, #2.5)

In this electrifying sixty-page companion novella to the New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series, discover the fate of the Omega Point rebels as they go up against The Reestablishment. Set during and soon after the final moments of Unravel Me, Fracture Me is told from Adam's perspective.As Omega Point prepares to launch an all-out assault on The Reestablishment soldiers stationed in Sector 45, Adam's focus couldn't be further from the upcomi...

Details Fracture Me (Shatter Me, #2.5)

TitleFracture Me (Shatter Me, #2.5)
Release DateDec 17th, 2013
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fantasy, Novella, Romance

Reviews Fracture Me (Shatter Me, #2.5)

  • Cookie
    I figure since I already have this "preview," I might as well write a review for Addie Kent's novella.AND LET ME TELL YOU, ADDIE SURPRISED ME SO SO MUCH. MY NOT-SO-POSITIVE OPINIONS ABOUT HIM HAVE, dare I say it, CHANGED.When I thought I couldn't dislike him more than I did, after reading Fracture Me, Addie Kent proved me wrong. End of review.EditP.S.: Just because Adam didn't turn out to be your perfect little fucking angel with a perfect little...
  • Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner
    Let this be about Kenji. Please. (Since I don't think it will be about my favorite sexy blond man, Warner)To Adam fansFor some reason I thought Fracture Me would sway me (a little) to Team Adam but no such luck. Every time Kenji and Adam talked about Warner in front of Juliette she seemed generally interested in the conversation while she was practically comatose the rest of the time. King Warner is slaying even when he's not there!
  • Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥
    „Shit. This is even worse than I was expecting.“Yes, that’s an actual quote from “Fracture me” and damn me if this wasn’t an adequate summary for the entire novella! *lol*Give Adam a chance.I thought.Maybe he isn’t all that bad.I was convinced.Probably I misunderstood him the same way everyone misunderstood Warner at first.I kind of hoped.… And then I read “Fracture me”. I was wrong!!! Adam is still a stupid moron and if anyt...
  • Mitchii
    This novella for me is a revelation. It’s also a foreshadowing. It surprises me both in good and sad way. I’m very much vocal of my adoration towards Warner but I don’t have that much hate on Adam. I liked him just fine. The reason why I don’t prefer him is that he’s sort of bland. He doesn’t have much character and something’s telling me that he wasn’t the right guy for Juliette. Then Destroy Me and Unravel Me came that showed th...
  • Lola
    My heart is fractured,broken,shattered,in pieces,for Adam.Maybe I shouldn’t feel this way. Maybe he deserves it. He was an ass for most of the novella but, nevertheless, I cannot forget how good he once was for Juliette and how he obviously still cares for her. I still want a future with her. I want to know that one day we’ll be able to settle somewhere safe and be together in peace. I’m not ready to give up on that dream yet. I’m not rea...
  • Sandy
    UPDATE: SAY IT ISN'T SO! Adam's perspective? Really? Why in the world would you give Adam his own novella when you have WARNER (Warner!) whom you could write about. I mean, it's WARNER! Such a complex, tortured anti-hero. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. Even Kenji would have been better than Adam.UPDATE NOW THAT I'VE READ IT: I don't know how you could want Juliette to end up with Adam after reading this. Just as Destroy Me showed m...
  • Jeff
    (Psst, hey you. THIS BOOK'S FROM ADAM'S POINT OF VIEW.)..........................don't read it.*cough* sorry, what was that?Here's the thing. We've already got a few hundred pages of Adam's BS and me tearing my hair out at this point. I swear, all that's in his mind is just:Adam+gun=I CAN PROTECT JULIETTE.Well, my dear asshole Adam, my amazing plan is:You+Juliette=EVERYBODY DIE NOW.Or we can put it the simple way:Adam+book=DON'T READ IT.Here's t...
  • ♥Christina
    3 I WILL NOT LOSE HER. ★'S “All I can think is how horrible and beautiful it is, that our eyes blur the truth when we can't bear to see it.”Hmm... "Fracture Me" was an okay read. I know it's not something i'll ever take the time to read again that's for sure. There were a few sad bits like, the parts with Adam and his little brother James, and the loss of so many people and of course the loss of Omega Point. Things quickly go from bad to wo...
  • Shelly
    Yeah, this was boring. I've not got much else to say really. I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it but mainly read it for the details. It gave us a bit of an insight into Adam but it was no think like Warner's because it just confirmed everything we already knew.Feb 2013 - I really, really, really want this to be Kenji's story or Warner again but I'm pretty sure it's going to be Adam :( I don't dislike Adam, I just find him a little boring!Edit 24/08...
  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
    Weird how things can change in very short periods of time! At the beginning of this series, there were Adam and Juliette, and I couldn’t imagine anything else. Then came Destroy Me, Warner’s novella that showed a whole new side of him, and (to my own surprise) I started thinking he might be a better choice for her after all. But my heart was breaking for poor Adam. I saw him as a nice and honest – if somewhat plain – boy, not strong enoug...
  • Ashwood (애쉬 우드).
    Hmm.. well, first off, just wanted to say Warner’s book was a million times better in my opinion🤔This one made me not regret my decision of ‘not ever liking Adam again.’ I liked the fact that he really loves and cares for James but I don’t like the fact that he’s always shutting him down and not letting him ask questions when, in their world being ignorant pretty much means death. Kenji and Juliette are more than happy to answer any ...
  • Alice Cai
    4*I like that Adam cares more for James than Juliette. Adam and Juliette are toxic together anyway. Also it's realistic that he cares more for his little brother who's been with him his whole life than a girl he met only a few months ago.I'm not giving this a low rating because of Adam being an asshole because it's so obvious he's being set up to fail as a love interest. I'm just going to go along with his stick up his ass attitude.
  • ☕️Jenny
    5 Stars for Kenji's and Juliette's friendshipZero Stars for Adam's dumb ass
  • Isabella
    27/12/13Italian review: liked this novella because it made me understand Adam better.And it made me realize that he is definitely NOT the right man for Juliette. She needs someone who can actually accept her for what she is, who doesn't have to fear her in any way, and Adam is not it. He "loves" her, in his own way, but he doesn't understand her - he loves the idea of her, but she's so much more t...
  • Nadia
    After reading: I don't know how to talk about this because I'm more confused than ever. Just when I decided that it has to be Warner who'll end up with Juliette, Mafi had to confuse me some more by throwing 'Fracture Me' in my face, and I'm once again stuck in the dilemma. But of course I'm still rooting for Warner and this has given me hope that he might just escape the fate with Juliette. I'm so glad I read it, because now I can take a sigh of ...
  • Elisabeth
    Update: (March 2018) I enjoyed this so much more the second time around. I feel like this second read through of the series has helped me understand Adam so much more. I don’t always agree with the choices he makes, but I understand where he’s coming from and I appreciate him more for it 💕 — March 2015 —3.5 starsmeh. It was interesting and did add some more depth to the story, but I'm still not in love with Adam...I'm glad I read it, b...
  • Regan
    Well, I need Ignite me now.
  • Paige
    BEWARE THIS REVIEW HAS A LOT OF SPOILERS!!! My thoughts on this book are a matter of opinion. So if you're team Adam don't hate me. *Gives you cookies and MilkFor the shorter version this book has managed to:A. Convince me that Adam is hiding something. Something we'll probably find out in Ignite Me.B. Confirm my belief that Juliette and Warner will be end game.C. That Kenji is, in fact-AWESOME. D. That Adam is not the bird. This is just a crackp...
  • Natalie Monroe
    Fracture Me is a clearly transparent attempt to shove stragglers to Team Warner.How dare he care about his brother more than his girlfriend? How dare he long for a few minutes of peace instead of charging off ass over teakettle to save Juliette? The playing field is skewed towards Warner, let's get that in the open. He doesn't have anyone left to care about, but Adam does. Is that what we want, ladies? Boys with no ambition but to serve? If it is...
  • Rebecca ♥ Warner, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    So, Adam is super lame, and now we have proof. Honestly, it was so blatantly obvious that he would make a horrible partner for Juliette, that I really cant see any way that Mafi can justify them being together now. There is no way that it can happen. I never really liked Adam. He was ok in book 1 because I thought he was gonna be it, and I just went with it, but I never really loved the idea. I found Warner more interesting from the beginning, bu...
  • Zain Otoom
    Adam gives off really strong Tamlin vibes.
  • Saya ☽ Queen Of The Night
    this book should be titled IrrelevantI don’t give a shit about Adam
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
  • Denisse
    I can't deal with this boring cow. Adam is one of the worst male YA characters, and he has some hard competition, you know?So, you like Adam? Ok, fine. I just don't get why. But wahatever. Did anyone really cared about this short story? Is anyone remotely interesting in this pathetic asshole? I'm not, like, at all. GAME TIME: Marry, Kiss, Cliff: Adam, a Dementor and an Orc. GO!I'll kiss the orc, marry the dementor (I don't actually have to kiss m...
  • Anja
    *4 FRACTURED STARS*I didn't like this novella as much as Destroy Me, but it was still pretty good in my opinion.This one is told from Adam's perspective, and I think that's what I disliked most. At the start of this series I really loved Adam but now I'm seriously starting to dislike him! He's constantly having doubts about everything and everyone and he doesn't seem to know what he wants at all. He beats himself up over everything and think's he...
  • Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)
    Adam... ugh, Adam. ¡Menos mal los libros principales son narrados desde el punto de vista de Juliette! Vaya, si con los libros de la trilogía no estamos dentro de la cabeza de Adam y aún así es desesperante... ¡imaginen leer casi 100 páginas metidos en su cabeza! Lo siento, Adam, empezaste muy bien en Shatter Me, pero eres lo que llamo un rebote. Esa relación no iba hacia ningún lado, y tú siendo un capullo necesitado e intenso no ayudó...