The Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld #10) by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld #10)

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter is back with a breathtaking Lords of the Underworld tale about a warrior trapped by darkness and the woman determined to save him Having endured weeks of torture in the bowels of hell, Kane wants nothing to do with his beautiful rescuer, Josephina Aisling. The half-Fae female threatens to awaken the demon of Disaster inside him—a beast he’s determined to kill, no matter the price. Josephina is ...

Details The Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld #10)

TitleThe Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld #10)
Release DateJul 30th, 2013
PublisherHarlequin HQN
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Demons

Reviews The Darkest Craving (Lords of The Underworld #10)

  • Taysa
    *~EDIT~* Finished. I'm giving it between 2.5 and 3 stars.So, where do I start?I guess it would be my overall feeling to this book. This is what it was like for me;It felt like a big punch in the face of her series. It's true that there wasn't a major "Christianity > Greek Mythology" issue that I thought there was going to be. And I can almost hear you all taking a big sigh of relief to hear that, HOWEVER, if you are spoiled by previous Gena books...
  • Bananas
    One star for the cover. I do love the cover. By the end of this nightmare I just wanted it to be over. Gena Showalter's books used to be smutty guilty pleasures, full of fun, humor, and steamy sex. Now all 3 have magically disappeared. *Poof* What happened? I'll get to that in a minute.I had hope going into this. After all, I adore those testosterone-fueled (well, except for Cameo) Lords of the Underworld in all their supernaturally buff glory, e...
  • Neyra ♦
    This is my fourth, and I hope my LAST attempt at writing my review for The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter. I'm tired, and more than a little grumpy...If you remember in The Darkest Seduction, Kane was taken captive by Hunters and was being escorted to hell, when he was once again kidnapped, but by demons this time. Later on, we saw how he had been tortured, but was saved by an unknown female who rescued him on the condition that once he was ...
  • Sophia Triad
    Kane: Demon of DisasterButterfly: on his right hipHis curse: Destruction. Catastrophes are caused everywhere Kane goes.Josephina “Tink” Aisling: Half Fae, half human. PrincessSupernatural ability: She has the awesome ability of temporarily stealing others’ abilities with her hands. She can also project into others’ thoughtsI think this is the first book that a Lord and his Demon really absolutely hate each other. In the previous books, th...
  • Michelle
    3 Tink and Candy Kane Stars!This is the tenth book in the Lord of the Underworld series. It's Kane and Josephina's story.Kane is the keeper of Disaster. He hates Disaster! Kane has always been left on his own pretty much because where he goes there is always a disaster. Floors cracking, bulbs bursting, ceilings falling anything Kane's demon can do to cause a disaster happens. So it's best if Kane stays away from others. Josephina is half Fae and ...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    3.5 ★'s Kane has been stuck in hell for quite a while and being tortured by who knows what, doing who knows what else and it has damaged him emotionally. How could it not? So when he is finally rescued by some strange woman who then steals his powers including Disaster, why should he care about her? The problem is he can't stop thinking about her. Poor Kane...Kane, Kane, Kane aka Candy Kane...who knew? He's really just a big teddy bear that nee...
  • Exina
    4.5 stars “You make me crave things I never thought I’d crave again.” This book is very different from the previous installments of the series, in many ways, and it also represents a turning point. A very important thing is revealed that could give a completely new turn to the events. I’m very curious how many of the Lords will use this option that I won’t give away. :)In The Darkest Craving the relationship between Kane and his demon...
  • MallyReads
    The Darkest Craving My rating: 3/5 starsGoing to be a quick review, guys. The Characters: Kane - Going to skip explaining who he is and just say what I thought. I liked Kane, he was..ok. I was definitely curious about him since about Strider's book? Yeah. I definitely liked that he hated his Demon (understandably) but I feel like Showalter definitely could have done a bit more gory scenes about what happened to him in Hell. She could have dug ...
  • Esra
    Gena showalter hiçbir zaman beni hayal kırıklığına uğratmaz. yine harika bir kitaptı. Gerçi yazarın william'ı kitabı okutmak için kullanmış gibi hissettim. Çünkü disaster'ın taşıyıcısı kane ile daha önceki kitaplarda pek bir etkileşimimiz olmamıştı. Cehennemde yaşadıkları yüzünden intiharın eşiğine gelen kane'i kurtarma görevini üstlenen william haşerilikleri , tahmin edilemez davranışları ve seksiliğiy...
  • Melissa ***BITCH, I'M READING!***
    This is painful y'all, Giving a LOTU book such a low rating,but my god! what happened to Showalters writing?! I read the Angels of the Dark series and thought maybe these are just different because it's a spinoff series. regardless it's threw me off my Showalter game, so starting this book I told myself "self..."But no, I just couldn't get into this book! I would set it down..and roll my eyes when I went back to pick it up..I can't really tell yo...
  • Alice Wulf
    Not nearly enough Gilliam for my liking. I mean, like a scene and a half, IF THAT? YOU, MRS. SHOWALTER, ARE A TEASE. Sex scenes were very lackluster (although abundant), hated the Torin and Cameo cliffhangers, and I'm like 75% sure that Mari's friend is going to be his HEA. William, like always, makes everything better. Alright! So when's the next book coming out? I want. If I have to wait another year, I'm gonna... *shakes fist* the gap between ...
  • Melissa
    I know I was a little harsh in my last review so let me start by saying that this book was definitely a huge improvement from her last ones. It didn't have the in your face religious propaganda the last few have had and the preachiness was very well disguised.As soon as you start reading it, you come face to face with the old GS. The one we love and have missed so much. It was incredible! I was so excited I couldn't wait to get into it. You meet ...
  • Brianna Ryan
    HAS THIS SERIES TURNED INTO YOUNG ADULT???WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO GENA SHOWALTER???? 3 and a half starsOk so ill start by saying that I DID enjoy this book I loved Josephine smart mouth and the fact WILLIAM was in most of the book,I really enjoyed Cameo's and Torins side story and looking forward to them,What I didn't like and to be honest will probably can the series if the next books follows the same path.Kane was a HUGE disappointment for me and ...
  • Shawna
    2 stars – Paranormal RomanceI'm a big Gena Showalter and LOTU fan, but this was a disappointment for me. Kane has never been one of my favorite warriors, and I just couldn't get into the story. It was too slow and dragged at times, and the Fae element didn't really interest me. The steam factor was just a low simmer and never quite sizzled. William's scenes and his sarcastic humor kept it from being a total bust. Overall, this was just an okay...
  • Deborah Obida
    This book is worse than Amum's book, the only none boring part is Torin and Cameo's POV.
  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    Hovering between a 4 and 4.5 starShowalter has really outdone herself with Kane's story, breathing life into his character and making him stand proudly alongside the other Lords of the Underworld.Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction
  • Jen Davis
    I went into this story with a little bit of trepidation. The last two Showalter books were not the best for me –and on top of that– I have never been that interested in Kane. But I am happy to say that I actually ended up enjoying this book more than I thought I would. Kane turned out to be a pretty good tortured hero; and his heroine turned out to be just as tortured, but with an inner strength that could not be denied.As the story begins, K...
  • Leila
    I am normally a big fan of the Lords of the Underworld series. Hot heroes with attitude that have opened Pandora's box and released all the demons and now have to deal with the demons they were given? What's not to love? Add in a heroine who can hold her own and many times saves the hero? Even better. I only gave this 3 stars because this formula works even when the author PG-13's the series. I am not pleased with the new style of writing from Ge...
  • ☆★Tinja★✮ A Court of Pizza and Laziness
    I feel bad saying this, but I'm disappointed:/ I mean the book was overall okay, I liked some parts of it but I also got often bored. The sex scenes used to be so much better, in this one everything kinda felt rushed and there aren't really any details in them anymore which is a bummer:/ The books used to be really steamy, what's happened!??I was also looking forward to some Gilly + William moments or at least something from William's POV but the...
  • Melanie
    2.5-3 very cheesy stars Unfortunately, for me this was a huge honkin'.... meh.Seriously, all I was pretty much thinking while reading this one was:IMO Kane, aka Disaster, definitely lived up to his moniker as a hero and the heroine was... well, just plain D-U-M-B. And that's me trying to be nice. The only redeeming qualities I can list are that the stage has been set for Torin's book (woot!) and Cameo's circumstances just got wayyyy more interest...
  • MelaDWolf
  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    RATING: 3.75 HEARTS! *Revised*Starting a book with trepidation and disinterest in a main character is never a good sign. Admittedly, that was the relationship between me and Kane. I only saw him as ‘just’ a side character. Surprisingly, and quite wonderfully, The Darkest Carving turned out to be, not only, a good read, but an enjoyable one at that, despite some major flaws. This book follows the traditional PNR tale, a HUGE step-back from Sho...
  • pennapely
    I was really looking forward to this book. Gena's recent turn to vanilla in her newer series was annoying but not for one second did I think she'd shortchange me in the LOTU. The storyline and characters were forgettable (seriously, I'm struggling to remember much of it) and how did Kane's demon, Disaster, come to terms with the HEA again? Totally can't remember, I think I was just reading to get it over with at that point. None of it hung togeth...
  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    Just as everyone else has said, these books have changed, and not for the better. They're rather boring now. I don't feel the need to read them as quickly as possible or I'll die. All sedate now. What I liked about this enough to give it 3 stars was Tink/Josephina and William. Oh William, you make everything better. There needed to be even more of him, of course, and Anya! Tink was funny & sweet, Kane was sweet as well, and "tortured", but this n...
  • Glamdring
    *Spoiler free review*Saying that I was disappointed by Kane's story is an understatement. For me this book was long, dragging, dull with little action, long and dragging. I'm sorry but for me, all the part taking place with the Feys was plain boring and Kane and Josephina's relationship oscillated between bland and over dramatic.Two things saved this book from the 1 star rating: William (who already saved Paris's book) and what was happening with...
  • Chitra *CJ*
    The Darkest Craving tells the story of Kane, who holds the Demon of Disaster and Josephine, the half fey servant blood slave.We know from the previous books how Kane was in pits of hell, and later tortured and abused by Legions. He is rescued by half fey/half human Josphine in exchange of her death. He however refuses having feelings for her, and when she is pulled back into her sick world, he goes there to save her. She is their blood slave, ear...
  • Katie(babs)
    The Darkest Craving is the tenth book in Gena Showalter’s beyond addiction Lord of the Underworld series. I love these books like my “craving” for brownies and coffee ice cream. I’ve been a fan from the very first book, and I can promise you with each book, this series continues to shine. These books are about immortal warriors possessed by demons because they dared to open Pandora’s Box. The Darkest Craving features Kane, who has the d...
  • Jessica
    This book was really frustrating to me. Although it was better then the most recent book in her angels series she still isn't back to her old self. I found myself skimming parts of the book and I had a hard time connecting to Kane and Tink. I just didn't care about them at all. I didn't enjoy the addition of the Fae at all. It felt like she didn't want Kane to end up with White, because she is evil, so she had to create a sweet kind creature for ...