The Core (The Demon Cycle, #5) by Peter V. Brett

The Core (The Demon Cycle, #5)

For time out of mind, bloodthirsty demons have stalked the night, culling the human race to scattered remnants dependent on half-forgotten magics to protect them. Then two heroes arose—men as close as brothers, yet divided by bitter betrayal. Arlen Bales became known as the Warded Man, tattooed head to toe with powerful magic symbols that enable him to fight demons in hand-to-hand combat—and emerge victorious. Jardir, armed with magically war...

Details The Core (The Demon Cycle, #5)

TitleThe Core (The Demon Cycle, #5)
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherDel Rey
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Epic Fantasy

Reviews The Core (The Demon Cycle, #5)

  • Petrik
    4.5/5 StarsARC provided by the publisher—Harper Voyager—in exchange for an honest reviewA finale that goes beyond my expectations; The Core is a marvelous conclusion to the long-running Demon Cycle series that would make the Jongleurs sing praises.I binge read all Brett’s work in the Demon Cycle series—novels and novellas included—within a month; that’s in total more or less ten years of his work and I can say with confidence that The...
  • Mark Halse
    I am utterly bewildered by the gushing four and five star reviews of this disappointing mess. Not since QUEEN OF FIRE have I been so disappointed with the final book in a series.The sad thing is that Mr. Brett is an awesome writer. I loved most of this series and it has a lot to do with this man's way with words. He's great but fuck this book.The sheer number of POVs widened so greatly by this installment that almost nothing happens for most of t...
  • Dana Ilie
    The Core was utterly brilliant in tying everything together, and buttoning it up nicely. All of the frayed and wild storylines became centralized in very skillful and fluid ways, the full growth cycles of each character becoming apparent and displayed. There was a wonderful feeling of closure in almost every way by the end, with each of the mains being involved in all the major workings, and a lot of the mid-level characters, such as Briar, being...
  • Terence
    The Warded Man Arlen Bales and the Shar'Dama Ka Ahmann Jardir in their passion to rid the world of demons have unintentionally triggered a swarm which threatens to devour mankind. All hope is not yet lost as Arlen has a plan to exterminate the Mother of Demons by going to the Core.Peter V. Brett saved his best for last as The Core is an exceptional novel and ending to the Demon Cycle series. All the characters from the series seem to have a part ...
  • Bradley
    While I have been honored with a review copy from the publisher, let me be very clear about something: I practically demanded it. :)I read the rest of the series at the beginning of the month and grew so hooked on it that I couldn't pause to read anything else. And then, thanks to a friend, I pushed my luck and asked the publishers directly for a copy. I admit that I was practically foaming at the mouth, too, and nothing much changed when I recei...
  • Gavin
    I felt like The Core was a decent conclusion to the Demon Cycle series even if it was probably the weakest of the full Demon Cycle books. It was still an entertaining read. The Demon Cycle series has a lot of flaws but the thing it really has going for it is that Brett is a fantastic storyteller. It is easy to get caught up in the happenings even if those happenings are often as annoying as they are exciting! This last instalment of the series sa...
  • Mayim de Vries
    As far as I am concerned, zero stars is a generous rating when it comes to “The Core.” Mr Brett began high, quickly began to fall, and with each book only gained momentum. I had been wondering whether I truly wanted to read this book already before I opened the first page. I decided in favour for the sake of finishing the series. It was a mistake, so if you are a somebody like me, somebody with too many books and too little time, pass The Cor...
  • Deborah Obida
    Wow, just wow, this turned out way better than I expected, the last two books in the series were a disappointment, but this is not. It surpassed my expectations and the Sharak Ka aka the demon war was perfectly depicted.The way the author portrayed all the battle scenes in all parts of Thesa was great. It wasn’t boring even though it took like 200 pages because all the different POVs of the characters made it fun to read even though I was at th...
  • Stefan Bach
    A truly satisfying conclusion to one of the series that kept me interested in reading fantasy books after discovering A Song of Ice and Fire series and fearing how I will not find anything remotely as good as that. (Ah, summer child, you knew nothing) Now, I’m not saying this is as good as G.R.R. Martin’s series, no. But now, after couple of years reading books in this genre – out of which many aren’t even close to these ones – I re...
  • Obaid Haroon
    I can't believe the Demon Cycle is over. I started this book in high school when my best friend told me the main character reminded him of me. And here we are, years late and its over. Before I get into the meat of the review, be there be spoilers. Now as with many amazing books, I needed time to process and that time, coupled with my shitty memory means that I've forgotten a lot of the finer points. That's why we re-read folks.So t...
  • Eon ♒Windrunner♒
    4.5 StarsAs all good things come to an end, so too does the Demon Cycle series by Peter V Brett, and it is a fitting end. At the outset of the story our main characters have embarked on what amounts to a suicide mission in order to take down the demon queen and hopefully bring an end to both Sharak Ka and Sharak Sun. The descent into the Core is of course only the main thread of a multitude that permeates the story, but they are woven adeptly and...
  • Mendhak
    A decent ending to the series, though not particularly satisfying if you were looking for a good explanation or answers to some of the mysteries involved. I'd stop short of calling it a deus-ex though it did approach something close to it... Part of the problem in here is now the sheer number of characters. The scope of the story is now wider than before, and that wideness makes it a bit shallow in terms of storytelling. The original main charact...
  • Kristobelle
    If Joe Abercrombie's and Jackie Collins' books had babies, they'd be very proud of their children - The Demon Cycle Series.Ain't nothing wrong with having those legends as parents! A satisfying ending.
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum be honest, The Demon Cycle and I have something of a love-hate relationship. While I felt the first book was a truly excellent read, every sequel after that has been problematic in one form or another, be they plagued with redundant (and overly long!) flashbacks, infuriating cliffhangers, or obnoxious characters you just want to punch in the face. Still, Peter V. Brett w...
  • Milda Page Runner
    4.5*A very satisfying conclusion to the series. No new character introductions or slow start this time – the book starts with Arlen and his group travelling to the Core for the final stand and alternates with the other characters showing humanity’s war with the Demon kind from the best angles – intense and engaging start to finish. What I loved the most about this book is that P.V.Brett in some ways recaptured magic of The Warded Man. With ...
  • Bogdan
    Like other readers here I`ve had some expectations from this book that, unfortunately, were shattered from the very beginning.I wasn`t interested in the army of the characters, some of them already forgotten from the last book, and the writer had a lot of interest in them.Again, the final fight with the demons wasn`t as I hoped it will be, in short, all the structure of the book didn`t spark the same interest in me, as the previous books had.So m...
  • Bob Milne
    Wow. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you conclude one of the pivotal fantasy epics of the 21st century. The Core is not just a fitting conclusion to The Demon Cycle, it is (by far) the greatest book of an already impressive saga. Peter V. Brett has saved the best for last in a story that is big, bold, and brilliant.You know you're in for something special when the book opens with a chapter told from a demon's point of view. That's right, the f...
  • Claudia
    Great finale of one of the greatest and imaginative fantasy series. Sharak Ka, The First War, has begun. All over the world demons raise in substantial numbers, with renewed forces and an army of minds behind to wipe out humanity. Will humans prevail, or everything will be lost?Previous volumes introduced us to many characters. In this one, all of them have a part in the great war; no loose ends remained. Sharak Ka is not just the decisive battle...
  • Kaitlin
    Undeniably one of my all time favourite series. This book is the final one, and that is super sad for me because of how long I've been following the adventures and trials of these characters. There are so many who I just love by this point in the series, and I am so very glad that Brett has said he will be continuing to write more within this world (I hope it lives up to this series still).By this point in the story we're facing the final battle ...
  • Michael Sliter
    The Core – Review (Contains Spoilers)The Demon Cycle series by Peter V Brett seems to be controversial. There are readers who absolutely love the series and those—a particularly vocal bunch—who seem to hate it. I think I fall somewhere in the middle (moving toward the positive). This review contains spoilers throughout.Though this is a review of The Core, I’ll need to mention the other books. The first book, The Warded/Painted Man, introd...
  • Aline V.
    I was lucky enough to win a Goodreads giveaway (thank you!). I waited for the conclusion of this epic series for a long time and it didn't disappoint. This final book is really a treat. It managed to surprise me and despite its length, it's packed full of action that kept me breathless and dying to find out what was next all along. We get to visit a lot of previous loose ends and bring them to a satisfying outcome. And by that, I don't mean that ...
  • Anna Stephens
    A seriously epic conclusion to a magnificent series, The Core more than delivers on the promise of the first four books. It's bigger, badder, epic-er, grimmer, darker, scarier... you get the picture. Without giving too much away, you'll recall from the end of Skull Throne there's a bonkers plot to force Alagai Ka - the demon prince - to lead Arlen, Jardir, Renna, Shanvah and Shanjat to the very heart of the abyss, to the demon queen's hive, and t...
  • Joel
    Full Review on my Blog, Total Inability to ConnectThe Demon Cycle has been, consistently, one of my single favorite fantasy series since I began reading it some 7 or 8 years ago. One of the most shockingly unique and fresh ideas, in a genre that is struggling mightily with “been there, done that” syndrome, the novels had the writing quality, characters, and worldbuilding to backup it’s big ideas.The Warded Man was such a breath of fresh air...
  • Chris Thomas
    I won an ARC of this! It's made my week!Give me five minutes to compose myself...OK. So I was lucky enough to win a free copy of this a month before it hit the shelves, which is awesome because I am a massive PVB fan. Here is my Spoiler free review. I'll try not to gush.Every reason I can think of as to why I am a fan of this series can be found in this book. 1, Brett writes fantasy like Lee child writes a thriller. Fantasy books can almost alway...
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: A satisfying conclusion to a really enjoyable series.Audiobook: Another good job by Pete Bradbury. I thought he was a good fit for the series overall, and makes listening in audio a great choice. Full Review I was very late coming to this series, but I nearly listened to it all in one go. That should be a good indicator at how much I enjoyed it.This series has one of the best magic systems I've encountered, and I'm always a suc...
  • Chris Suchy
    Just awful. The series started strong but each book was a bit worse. I felt the 4th was just ok and was really hoping for a rebound. This was just so bad. A mix of too many characters (Erikson and Martin esque without any of the skill in managing them) and not enough time spent on the main plot amounted to a convoluted mess. Arlen being relegated to a secondary character was just a travesty. His and Jardir's recovering bromance was the shining li...