Mia's Masters (Locks and Chains, #2) by Sara Kingston

Mia's Masters (Locks and Chains, #2)

Mia Randall has drooled over her three drop-dead-gorgeous and very gay bosses for almost three years. Listening to their kinky boardroom sex-a-thons would heat any woman’s blood. But as always the disappointment that they are gay has kept her desires a secret. When a fire leaves her homeless with nothing but the clothes on her back, her bosses come to her rescue with an offer she just can’t refuse.Dylan Cooper and his partners Mathew Reed and...

Details Mia's Masters (Locks and Chains, #2)

TitleMia's Masters (Locks and Chains, #2)
Release DateAug 7th, 2012
PublisherSiren-BookStrand, Inc.
GenreErotica, Bdsm, Menage, M M F, Romance, M M Romance, Adult Fiction

Reviews Mia's Masters (Locks and Chains, #2)

  • Obsessed
    I have to admit that after the first book in this series that I found the second one to be a bit of a disappointment. My biggest beef was with the men in the story. This is purely a personal preference, but none of these men came off as particularly Alpha to me. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get behind a male Dom saying "you've been a naughty boy, haven't you!" That was less than a turn-on for me. It sounded more like dialogue for a...
  • Dar
    Mia has been listening to her red hot bosses have lunch-time sex in the boardroom for years, and last year they added a 3rd. She lusts after all three but believes them to be gay, so in order to fulfill her fantasy she applies to be a sub at Locks and Chains, using the three of them as references but not telling them. Of course, Craig, not wanting history to repeat itself, arranges for the boys to know. The catalyst come when Mia's apartment burn...
  • Cyn Mistress Kitty
    3.0-3.5 starsI liked the second story in the series however, Dylan was way too dominating for me. I liked the man on man loving but I didn't really believe in their need or love of Mia. Dylan also pissed me off in his treatment of Mia toward the end and never really seemed sorry for it.I still want Craig's story.
  • Maplemuffin25
    I was a bit disappointed with this book. The book is a hot mmmf story that was actually quite good. But there is this one thing I can not stand: the way Dylan handled his feelings for Mia and how he tried to push her away - it was just wrong! How can she ever trust him after this?This was a deal breaker for me. The rest of the book was good and if you are not all to strict I'd recommend it!
  • Charlene
    Needs to find a better way to show conflict other than complete lack of trust after months of being together.
  • Claudia Reinbrecht
    3.5Mia's past was never revealed to the men - they should have been told about it before she forgave them
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Alyn's review posted on Guilty PleasuresI am really enjoying the Locks and Chains series and find myself more curious about the owner of the club as each book progresses. In the second installment, we are introduced to Mia, a natural submissive that doesn’t realize what a treasure she is. Survivor of a difficult childhood and believing that perhaps she is not the type of woman that can be loved, she is set to her single life as she fantasizes a...
  • Karen
    Mia workds for three beautiful guys she thinks are gay for years she drools over them and know she can have non of them but when she applies for a app at LOCK AND CHAINS PRIVATE CLUB sbmd she gets a shock,, Her bosses are not gay.. and they have been wanting her for some time years..... but since she worked for them they dare not ask for more than her daily job as receptionist..So after they find out she has applied for a app at thier club!!! the...
  • Charlotte Smith
    Totally believable Dom, and it was awesome to see a full-scale BDSM ménage relationship involved a Dom, a switch, and two subs. The potential for interesting sex is explored in depth, and Ms Kingston delivers (as usual) with witty, believable dialogue between her characters.
  • Tammy
    I couldnt put this one down. Fabulous book, a must read.
  • Susan
    It was ok. Not as good as the first in this series but ok.
  • Laura's Book Addiction
    First read sept 12 Re-read Dec 17
  • poppy
    Really really hot read i really enjoyed this book and loved the relationship between mias boys recommended