Stories V! by Scott McClanahan

Stories V!

The final installment of Scott McClanahan's collections of short stories, following Stories and Stories II.

Details Stories V!

TitleStories V!
Release DateMar 29th, 2011
PublisherHoller Presents
GenreShort Stories, Fiction

Reviews Stories V!

  • Janie C.
    Each story I read by Scott McClanahan transports me to a world of other people. I hear their voices and I feel their stolid glances. I pass by and the words that I hear will resonate forever.
  • xTx xTx
    Don't read this book. Scott rips through each page and pokes you in the chest with bully fingers while you read it. He also yells at you. WHILE YOU ARE READING IT. He challenges you in a not nice way. If you like Scott on a personal level, you might be okay with all of his shenanigans. Maybe you are used to them. Maybe he invited you to dinner once and belittled you into finishing the casserole you weren't too fond of because "Sarah worked all da...
  • M. Sarki
    The short stories of Scott McClanahan are sometimes wonders to behold. He has within himself a childlike wonder of the world, even though he has lived, it seems, in a much different reality than most of us are faced with. His is a harsh environment with extreme characters roaming around in it. But McClanahan has made the most of it in his relating these stories meant to shed new and different light on what is often considered a frightening existe...
  • Sarah Etter
    hearing scott mclanahan read a story is probably going to make you cry. and i don't mean that in a bad way. what i mean is, he is probably going to have the story half-memorized and probably going to sing southern hymns and probably going to end by reminding you that you are not dead and then press play on a boom box and dance a very slow waltz with a woman in a way that will definitely make you cry and then you will sit up and write a review abo...
  • Roy Kesey
    I know very few young writers as strong in their remits as McClanahan is in his. Such quick shifts, such rock-solid voicing. What a pleasure, these stories.Some favored bits:"I told her I was the fucking king of putt putt golf and she would fall in love with me once she saw my mad putt putt golfing skills.""All stories told by a man with a woman in it are always about the men who are telling it. So I won’t leave you with a story. I’ll leave y...
  • Kyle Muntz
    Another really nice collection, though this one feels more like a b-sides to the first two, sort of like McClanahan's farewell to short stories. They mostly seemed to be a bit longer, with subtler arcs, and dealt with broader social themes. I'm pretty sure I've read all of his published books, and there's a really elaborate picture of McClahan's life building up; he's covered his childhood in quite a bit of depth, but I'm really looking forward t...
  • Kevin
    I get to see Scott McClanahan read IN PERSON really soon. It's gonna be like seeing Nirvana or the Beatles or Willie Nelson, or maybe all of them combined in a great soup! After each of the first couple of stories, I though to myself: I hope he reads that one. And then after the next few: I hope he reads those too. After the next one... you get the picture. I want to hear him read the whole damn book! Scott's stories are great and weird and sweet...
  • Caleb Ross
    I am going to say this upfront: With Stories V! Scott McClanahan has officially wedged himself into the canon. But which canon. The American Southern oral canon? Yes. The small press indie fiction canon? Yes. The Appalachian hipster canon. That too. McClanahan has always delivered. His first collection, Stories, described the real down-and-out American south beautifully. Stories II, true to its sequential title, continued and strengthened McClana...
  • Adam Lauver
    "or maybe I'm writing to my own ghost because all stories about ghosts are always about the ghost who is writing them."McClanahan writes words that when you read them for the very first time you feel like they're haunted and that they must have been haunted for a long long time before they were ever written.and then you feel like you must have been haunted for a long long time too, before the words, without knowing it.
  • Roxane
    This is wonderful and builds on the excellence of its predecessors. Scott does not disappoint with his insightful stories told in a unique, authentic voice. Each story blends humor and wisdom and chronicles the often difficult, awkward process of becoming a good man. I did not want this book to end.
  • David
    I love the sense of magic I get when I read McClanahan's prose. I don't mean magic as in magical happenings, but something more like a sense of wonder that is often blended with sadness and tenderness. I'm probably just babbling, but it's what I think. In any event, these are some great stories.
  • Rodney
    I get a similar feeling at the end of every Scott McClanahan book. With a big smile, I realize that an entire book has flowed through me before I knew it. Truly great storytelling, this is deceptive in it's simplicity. His writing seems so effortless. I recommend any of his books.
  • Hosho
    Another fine, fine offering. Run, don't walk to your nearest local internet...
  • Matt
  • Jodie
    Scott's a niche author who experiments with the same kind of dry wit and observation that's only comparable to Chuck Palahniuk or Sam Pink. If you're into little nuggets of curiosity in the world of short fiction, you'll totally dig this. Regular readers of fiction may find his stories a bit terse, however, which may be a turn off. An additional gift: Stories V! is available on Kindle Unlimited!
  • Scott Cumming
    Scott McClanahan and his (supposedly?) aurobiographical stories are totally unique and never fail to put a smile on my face. It's hard to break down what the stories are about and what my favoruites were because the nature of the book means they mesh together into one story that is essentially about Scott, life and the nature of the world. Give it a try and you'll see what I mean.
  • Michael
    Scott McClanahan's ability to blur fiction and non-fiction so smoothly messes me up. I feel like all of these stories are so true and so incapable of happening at the same time. This is a quick read, but I'll be returning to it often.
  • AB
    Not as good as his first collection of short stories but there are still some real gems in here
  • Jim
    If you've read my review of Stories II, you know I'm a fan of Scott McClanahan, and his beautifully surreal reading at Vermin on the Mount at Mie N Yu in Washington, D.C. cemented my admiration. Sean Carswell, my publisher at Gorsky Press, once told me that if he was in charge of an MFA program he'd gather all the applicants in a bar and admit the candidates who told the best stories. Or at least throw at the ones without stories to tell. McClana...
  • Mark Staniforth
    You'd be seriously hard-pushed to find a better value book all year: the Kindle version was no more than a couple of dollars/pounds (in fact, it currently seems to be free!)Stories V! is a collection of experimental short fictions by Scott McClanahan, and the first available as an e-book.There are some searingly good stories here, not least Jenny Sugar, a gut-wrenching sad story of a kid trying and failing to cope with the tragic death of a class...
  • Charlie L
    Awesome collection of stories. Great with endings, especially the double-endings that change the dynamic of the collection pretty well (creating uncertainty: first, "Is that really the ending?" and then, later: "Well, this must have a second ending...." Also has great and surprising shifts that suddenly make the stories much more significant. My only criticism is that their shortness does suggest a lack of something: the stories don't go quite fa...
  • Gavin Breeden
    (First I want to note that the book cover has nothing to do whatsoever with the stories. I think it's a joke.) Here's a collection of bizarre stories of small-town life. The narrator of these stories is also named Scott McClanahan and so the lines between fiction and reality are pretty blurred here, which is fun. In tone these stories are like cousins to the Southern Gothic stuff. Weird people doing strange things in West Virginia fill these page...
  • Sasha
    this was a good book that does a nice job of having little bits that set up the other stories and also these weird parts after this perfectly good story is done that goes like ALSO MONTHS LATER THIS OTHER THING HAPPENED TO ALSO END THIS STORY so you can take them or leave them but why not take them? life isn't precious and neither are books or stories, they're parts of out lives and the shift and change whether we want them to or not, and then we...
  • Stacey Teague
    there was a part in 'mary the cleaning lady' that made me cry:"There would only be the two of us licking our ice cream cones and knowing there were good things in this world too. It was hard to believe, but there were."it made me cry because earlier in the story it showed Mary's dad and how he was dying and he was being horrible to her because he had forgotten who he was. it made me think that whatever shitty things there are in this world, the c...
  • Mandy
    This past Saturday I managed to catch the Future Dead Friends tour when it stopped in Indianapolis. The last writer to read was some guy named Scott McClanahan. I didn't know who he was, and I was ready to start the long trip back home. The show had started late and I was getting tired. But then this Scott McClanahan guy started talking and just made me forget all of that. What a storyteller!Afterwards I bought this book from a table at the back ...
  • Brian
    these stories come from some pure voice of pain and transformation. i can hear them in scott's voice, his southern accent and lilting way of talking as he walks around the room, sometimes speeding through the dialogue and sometimes taking you   s   l  o   w       s      l      o     w      through the words so that you feel them and you feel them. i just wish this collection would have been longer so that it would go on a...
  • Nick
    I picked up this book immediately after reading Stores I and Stories II. And I picked up all the rest of his books and I expect finish them very soon.The way Scott McClanahan tells these stories is elegant without being self-absorbed and eloquent without being pretentious. It's as if he's somehow able to cut out the rigamarole of having to communicate an idea to you, and instead, the ideas and concomitant emotions just appear in your mind. Readin...
  • Andrew
    You might think you understand linked short-story collections and metafiction, but you don't--not until you've read Stories V! These stories--by turns honest, surprising, cunning, restrained, magical, and gritty--unflinchingly blur the lines between genre thanks to McClanahan's strong, persuasive narrative voice.Stories V! might not change your life, but it will certainly change your perspective on literature in the 21st century.
  • Ben
    With Scott the question isn't whether the work is good, it is, always, or even maybe whether he's one of our best short story writers, he is, but making sense of what he does, story after story, as they blend together into one long narrative about a guy named Scott, who we now think we know, and we might, because we know someone named Scott, and we know his stories, the ones he has shared anyway, and it's good, all of it.
  • John Tipper
    A nice book of short stories by McClanahan that are tight and punching. His youth is comically described and explored. And one story is about him teaching in a prejudiced environment, titled "Terrorists." There's a great one called "Razy" on a tomcat. The funniest piece probably is "Dead Baby Jokes."