Short Dark Oracles by Sara Levine

Short Dark Oracles

Short Dark Oracles is the debut short fiction collection from Treasure Island author Sara Levine. The manuscript was runner-up in the 2010 Caketrain Chapbook Competition, as judged by Deb Olin Unferth.

Details Short Dark Oracles

TitleShort Dark Oracles
Release DateJun 1st, 2011
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Literature

Reviews Short Dark Oracles

  • Brian
    Caketrain is quickly becoming one of my favorite independent publishers. In 2011 they released this wonderful collection of ten short works of fiction by author Sara Levine - stories with emotional depth and dark comedic moments. I especially appreciated Levine's deft hand in writing dialogue - those scenes are written with a fine distillation that includes everything that needs to be said, nothing more."Baby Love" was my favorite of the group - ...
  • Roxane
    Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding. Exceptionally written, imaginative, often hilarious. One of the smartest books I've read in recent memory.
  • Aaron Mcquiston
    Sara Levine's "Short Dark Oracles" is a great little book of stories. Short enough to read in a single afternoon (or about two plays of M83's album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" depending on how fast you read), there are peaks and valleys in these stories. It is just like any short story collection: you have some of those stories you like, some you don't like, and some you just don't get. There is more of the third category in this collection, but t...
  • Steve
    This is a powerful set of stories coming at questions of self-invention in a number of ways. In one story it's an unflattering past haircut (and the mother responsible for it) by which a character defines herself, clinging perhaps self-indulgently to that ugly identity even when it is upstaged by the ability of those around her to rise above their own damaged bodies. In others characters know themselves by the presence, absence, and discomfort of...
  • Zach
    Sara Levine is a writer who thinks beautifully, who with a little turn of phrase takes you outside the logic with which you are comfortable, and exposes the inner working of her fictional world to the reader. Reading this collection is like looking out your window, and instead of seeing the scenery, you see the fabric from which the scenery is woven. The stories are written with the perfect ratio of mirth ("So there I was, with this friend of min...
  • Owen
    I wanted to like this book more, but it just didn't work out.Poetry in this country has been destroyed by MFA programs, which produce poets and work which are only read by other MFA professors and students—can only possibly be read by other MFA professors and students, because that is the only audience sufficiently trained in its arcane rules of self-regard to understand what's being attempted. The poets take their small audiences as a badge of...
  • Jason Furman
    A selection of short stories, mostly dark in a humorous vein, often about the different perceptions that men and women have of situations and relationships. The title story “Short Dark Oracles” was probably the best but I enjoyed most of them, finding them both amusing and insightful. But not nearly as good as Sara Levine’s excellent novel Treasure Island!!!.
  • Kirsten
    Smart and dark and original and so funny and somewhat elliptical at times... my kind of collection. Glad I bought it. Caketrain should just set up a subscription service.
  • Maika
    Ever since I read the obsessive and demented caper that is Levine’s Treasure Island!!! I’ve been hungry for more of her work. When I happened to spot our very own S. Elizabeth reading this, I immediately snatched up a copy for myself. This collection of short fiction is every bit as creative, hilarious, and strange and Levine’s novel. I want more!
  • Daniel
    These are short stories for people who hate short stories--they're quick and they're funny even when taking on complex subjects. Levine writes in an "offbeat" sort of way, approaching her subjects from the side instead of head-on. She has a good way of deploying funny lines that are also very telling and surprising. She does it over and over, ending a paragraph or cutting short a thought or a mood with something unexpectedly vulgar or on-the-nose...
  • Ryan Werner
    "I wasn’t necessarily losing faith in the modern short story before I read Sara Levine’s debut collection Short Dark Oracles, but I was experiencing a dry spell of sorts- a month at most in these saturated times- in finding stories that went beyond simple compound emoting, surrogate characters using bad dialogue, or weird anti-narratives with no foundation. I take only partial blame. This book, excellent as it is on its own in a vacuum outsid...
  • Michael
    This collection of short stories is self-aware, well written, and funny. The only issue I had was that structurally it loses steam near the close. A whimper rather than a Zildjian crash ending. Still, a great read. Highly recommended.
  • Tracy
    Crazy good short stories that made me think of a more approachable and funnier Lydia Davis, by my new Facebook friend and fellow NU alum Sara Levine. Can't wait to check out her upcoming novel! :)
  • Mary
    Lovely & strange. I only wish there had been more here stories to enjoy.
  • Shay
    I really enjoyed some of these, but overall this just wasn't for me. I wanted to like it more than I could
  • Asja Bakic
    Kvaliteta priča dosta oscilira, s tim da je pripovijest "A Promise" apsolutno remek-djelo i zaslužuje 10 a ne pet zvjezdica.
  • Rogene Carter
    Fantastically entrenching and varied.
  • Never
    Awesome.Awesome awesome.