The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9) by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9)

At long last, New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter unveils the story of Paris, the darkest and most tormented Lord of the Underworld.Possessed by the demon of Promiscuity, immortal warrior Paris is irresistibly seductive — but his potent allure comes at a terrible price. Every night he must bed someone new, or weaken and die. And the woman he craves above all others is the one woman he'd thought was forever beyond his reach... until...

Details The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9)

TitleThe Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9)
Release DateFeb 28th, 2012
PublisherHQN Books
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Demons

Reviews The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9)

  • Laura
    |3.8 stars| This book was such a roller-coaster, there were good things and bad things, as well as things that shouldn’t have happened because what was the point?As a couple Paris and Sienna were chaotic and they knew it. They were driven by the idea of them rather than they by themselves; something that I was glad it was there. Somethings were kinda obsessive and way too intense –something that didn’t bother me before in the series but wit...
  • Sophia Triad
    Paris: Demon of PromiscuityButterfly: on his lower backHis curse: SEX. He has to have it. He NEEDS to have it often, unless he wants to become weak and die. It does not matter if the sexual partner is male or female. It only matters that he will have her/him just one time. A second time is NOT allowed. Even if he does not feel like it, even if he is tired or sick, he must go hunting for sex every single day. Thankfully his fellow Lords are helpin...
  • Exina
    Sept 29, 2014Third re-read, still epic! May 27, 2012 As for me, The Darkest Seduction is one of the best books of 2012.The Darkest Seduction is filled with emotions, surprises and hope.Paris and Sienna’s love is so heartwarming, the chemistry and intimacy between them is overwhelming. Sienna deserves Paris’ adoration and respect; and Sienna’s tolerance and devotion for him is a balm for Paris’ tortured soul. They are perfect for each oth...
  • Ren
    More than 5 stars and Top Read 2012.Another must read for Lords of The Underworld fans. And for you who dying to read Paris's story. Wonder if he finally find his ladylove that manage to make his hard twice, but then die and Cronus ressurect and make her Keeper of Wrath, Sienna Blackstone. And being faithful. Commitment and Paris. Two words that against each other.Gena put S to SUPERB and this book is epic. With capital E. Once again she prove th...
  • Jen Davis
    Let me start out by saying that I am a huge, huge fan of the Lords of the Underworld series. And like everyone else, I have been anxiously awaiting the story that would give poor Paris his HEA. This book gave me all the things I wanted –and even worked in some amazing surprises—but it didn’t quite live up to its potential for me.The biggest problem is simply that the book is bloated. It's too long and stuffed with too much stuff. I was exci...
  • Michelle
    4 Over Loaded Stars!This is the ninth book in The Lords of the Underworlds series. It's Paris and Siennas book. Paris the keeper of Promiscuity demon has to have sex daily in order to not weaken and die. If Paris tries to have the same woman twice his demon shuts him down. If Paris denies himself sex his demon goes to extreme measures to get it. His demon lets off a scent that anything can't resist. His demon is not picky when it comes to sex eit...
  • valee
    While I really liked it, I wasn't crazy about it. It had mayor pros and cons against the previous installments. Pros:-The plot was better built. Everything finally came to an end. No more suspense, no more inclusiveness, for once everything ended just as it had to end. You just feel like every word you're reading will take you somewhere important eventually. Nothing was left in the loose with this read.. Which I'm glad because with some of the pr...
  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    I am a huge fan of this series and have been so looking forward to Paris, the keeper of promiscuity. I have liked him a lot in the previous books and when I finally read it….I was like….. DISAPPOINTED….DISAPPOINTED….DISAPPOINTED Paris is like this whinging and whinnying guy!!!! On his quest to finding his soul mate, Sienna!!!!Please forget her!!!! Find someone else!!! Please!!!!But no, on he goes to, through and back to hell to get her...
  • Dinjolina
    If Sienna is not his chosen one I am going to scream my head off.Not because I really care or don't care about her-I only care about the fact that this author made me go trough 7 books worth of Paris related angst.If the author plops in a new heroine just for him it will mostly prove her to not be a very good writer. She can call it 'visions while writing the book that change EVERYTHING' but I call it lame.
  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    Read in 2012Find my complete review here: http://rachybee-the-rest-is-still-unw...The Darkest Seduction proves to be one of the most exciting, heart-pounding Lords of the Underworld stories, and Gena Showalter doesn’t disappoint with the tale pretty much every LOTU fan has been waiting for!I’m finding it really hard to explain my feelings on this particular book and actually have it make sense. I had both high expectations and no expectations...
  • Deborah Obida
    “When dealing with people and their emotions, allowances must always be made. Paris' book is everything I thought it would be and I love it, I discovered a lot of things in this book about Paris and I realized that just like the other Lords, I don't know him. There is so much more to him than his looks and demon, Paris loathe the person he is now, he thinks he is not good enough and hates using people for sex, he feels as if he is forcing them ...
  • Mimi Smith
    4.5 starsthis book had a slow start for me, but it picked up on the way. Paris and Sienna's story started a while ago, so my expectations were high, and I liked it a lot. I even liked the slew of other stories and much is resolved here. If you want to see the major parts of the story, read on... Mimi's DS shopping list 1. Paris and Sienna I had a problem with them at first, with their constant yearning for each other, after a few days' worth of q...
  • Melanie
    3.5 starsParis and Sienna's story has been a long time coming and while I've always been rather ambivalent towards the Keeper of Promiscuity, I was still interested in how Showalter would pull off a HEA for the Lord who needs one-night stands in order to survive. Now that I've read 'The Darkest Seduction' I can say that while I did (for the most part) like it, it wasn't (IMO at least) Showalter's best work. What I liked:1. I really like how Showa...
  • Katie(babs)
    Gena brought her "A" game to this one. It's the best one in this series. I adored Paris and how he treats Sienna. Also one big storyline that has been current throughout is tied up.I may have missed this but I don't understand why Paris can stay faithful to Sienna. His demon makes his body respond to other women because she needs sex, but why is Sienna so special? She also came into her own here and kicks some major demon booty.And the loves scen...
  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    RATING: 4.5 "FINALLY IT'S PARIS' STORY" HEARTS!This is, perhaps, the most highly anticipated story of the Lords of the Underworld, especially given the amount of time and angst invested into Paris’ story. It’s been a long time coming, and fortunately for fans, it does not dissatisfy. The Darkest Seduction is a crucial step-up from its predecessor in many ways – an excitement-fueled, sizzlingly seductive, darkly intense addition to Gena Show...
  • Nicole
    This was really a great addition to the Lords of the underworld series. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited about Paris's story. Maybe it was dragged out a bit to much, but it turned out to be really enjoyable. Sexy as always!I couldn't decide who made a better Paris so let me know which one should make it to the Deliciously Sexy Book Boyfriends page.To see the pictures and Vote on Paris go to
  • Christina
    The action at the end of the book almost pushed it to a 3.0 but I just can't get over how utterly sappy the romance between Paris and Sienna was. There was no sparks just the fact that Paris got hard twice for the same woman. Well, I need more than that. Then added to the sugar an sweetness was the never-ending "I have to leave him, but maybe I can stay one more day" tug of war. Oh and it wasn't one sided, Paris was in the same tug of war "I need...
  • Anita
    It took me awhile, but I managed to finish reading this book. First off, I lost interest in Paris and Sienna a long time ago and I spot read many of their scenes/dialogue. I began to wonder if the LOTU would sustain through the end, but after reading Sabin's story, I was skeptical. Then came along Gideon, Amun and Strider's stories. Very disappointing, but I had my answer. I do love the Lords, but for me, this series has gotten too juvenile. Thes...
  • Laura V.
    ¡Y pensar que yo quería saltearme este libro! ¡Qué estúpida!No, no me enamoré del romance entre Paris y Sienna y jamás creeré en este romance, no es su culpa, lo intentan, pero yo ya les tenía desconfianza desde antes. Pero se lee, y muy bien. Tiene un buen ritmo, ni te das cuenta de la cantidad de hojas, y tenemos varios puntos de vista. Cosa que normalmente me molesta, pero en este me encanta, porque:1. Amo a Kane2. Amo a Zacharel3. Am...
  • hayledie
    İlk olarak bahsetmek istediğim çok önemli ama aslında o kadar da önemli olmayan bir şey var.Bu seride bi benim cehenneme gitmediğim kaldı.Kane, Amun, Legion, muhtemelen Baden... hepsi bir etrafı gezdi yine bekliyorum biri o cehennemden çıkıp kitaba dahil olacakNeyse, konudan sapmayalım.İçim acıya acıya 4 veriyorum, aslında 3 verecektim -çünkü kitap benim için bir miktar hayal kırıklığı oldu. Fakat Paris'e öyle bağım...
  • Kübra Yağmur Aslanhan
    Yıldızları Paris için böyle bol bastım. -.-Son zamanlarda yorum ön izlemelerim de sürekli hata mesajı alıyorum, bu yüzden uzun uzun yazmaya pek isteksizim. Ayrıntılı bir şeyler okumayı arzu ediyorsanız altına imzamı atabileceğim sevgili @Hayledie 'cimin yorumuna bakmanızı tavsiye ederim.Sadece şunu söylemek istiyorum:SEN KALK PARİS'İ DOKUZUNCU KİTABA KOY!TÜM SERİ BOYUNCA PARİS'İ SÜRÜNDÜR!ONDAN SONRA, PARİS'İN ...
  • Rachaellovesbooks
    Jesus take the wheel........ finally the story of the Sexorcist and the former bait.......deep breath and I'm going in.............The only way my safety loving brain could've processed this book was to think of Paris' need for sex as akin to a diabetic's need for insulin? which he needs to survive.In the time between Paris having been with Sienna and their second chance,he's been with a lot of women some willingly in his quest to find her some o...
  • Sofia T. (♥ Dimitri Belikov)
    Best Book Ever !!!! We have all waited so much for Paris's story and finally here it is.The ninth book of The Lords Of The Underworld is finally out and waiting. The Keeper of Promiscuity may have messed around for thousands of years but now has come the time to settle down.Literally.Paris finds Sienna and together they escape from the castle Cronus held her.Apparenty Sienna is a key to win the war between Galen,Cronus and the gorgeous Lords.He w...
  • Meret Punk
    4 stars❤I have been patiently waiting for this book ever since Paris accidently killed Sienna..That was in book 2!!!For some reason, I expected more..I think the wait made build high expectations for this one xD..It was really good though..Finally, Paris found his "Mine"❤I can die in Peace now..
  • Gary
    Only 4 stars for this one as it was very every to guess what going to happen next
  • Ronda Tutt
    Brilliant, Creative, and Mind Blowing! Absolutely Fantastic! I mean just WOW! I know I can't say enough to tell everyone what a great series Gena Showalter has woven.  Paris story is astounding in the fact that this lord of sex who gives nothing but shattering pleasure to everyone he pleases finally finds his one true mate Sienna.  It is kind of sad he will no longer be our sexy playboy but sweet that he found that special person to calm and sa...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    This review posted on Guilty PleasuresRecommended ReadThe long awaited story of Paris is finally here and it does not disappoint. Kane is still missing, William is some how saved, Ashlyn and Maddox are still expecting and of course Paris is still on the hunt for Sienna. When Paris learns that Sienna had tried to reach him but he was unable to see her, he becomes determined to find a way to get to her. It is through an encounter with a minor godde...
  • Zeek
    One of the story arches in this series I was (and am- hello Torin!) most looking forward too, I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed! Paris, the Keeper of the Demon of Sex’s torturous search for the woman who became his obsession, finally comes to an end and the lady in question, Sienna, surprisingly turns into a solid female lead. (Was never quite sure if she was strong enough to handle the anxty love story the author set up for these two, but...
  • Lissa D'Angelo
    Bueno, empezaré esto con lo obvio: Estoy con “resaca literaria”, no puedo superarlo. Creo, y corro el riesgo de exagerar, pero es lo que siento, que esta novela es una de las mejores. Y no porque PARIS sea mi Señor favorito, que no lo es, sino por el giro que toma la trama. Algo que caracteriza a Gena es que todos sus novelas cuentan con el factor sorpresa, es decir, sí, todas las parejas terminan juntas al final del libro, pero aparte de ...