The Really Funny Thing About Apathy by Chelsea Martin

The Really Funny Thing About Apathy

Fiction. In THE REALLY FUNNY THING ABOUT APATHY, Chelsea Martin's charming but merciless prose employs mathematical paradoxes and theories of infinity to examine the inner workings of the bored and culturally over-stimulated while they idly consider the meaning of life. Overwhelmed and assaulted by their own inner monologues, these characters stumble through a series of external events, obsessing over the possible connections and ultimately assig...

Details The Really Funny Thing About Apathy

TitleThe Really Funny Thing About Apathy
Release DateNov 4th, 2010
GenrePoetry, Short Stories, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews The Really Funny Thing About Apathy

  • Matt
    The really funny thing about apathy is that I was wholly apathetic to it. "A self-indulgent jerk-off session with Bright Eyes playing in the background," I think is what I called it after finishing, except that as much as I don't like Connor Oberst, I can recognize that he has some skill, and makes people feel some things (all of the things). This just made me angry for having wasted my time.[1 star for somehow convincing someone to publish that ...
  • Kerri Anne
    The really funny thing about apathy is it didn't make me laugh at all. So maybe the really funny thing about apathy is it's not funny?I don't know. What I do know is I really didn't like this. I swear I tried. But I really really (REALLY) need a story to say something, to GO somewhere, to THINK and FEEL and GROW (and/or help me to!), rather than running around in circles chasing the need to be perpetually clever.[One star for not really caring at...
  • Kevin
    I read the manuscript of this book a couple of months ago and loved it, as I expected to (you'll see my blurb on the back cover). Martin seems to be challenging herself more and more with her writing, as evidenced in stories like this new one at Spork. It's now officially out (just stocked 30 of them at Powell's)--hooray!.
  • Emily
    -I liked the transitions and rhythm shifts between the 4 individual pieces comprising this book.-I would say something about liking the 'thematic concerns' of movement, stagnation, destination, and the paradoxes surrounding them, but that feels trite and degrading to her skill. -I like the math/ physics (probability) and psychology motifs as a means to approach likelihood of events.-Martin's narrators think, emote and behave in an oddly systemati...
  • Eric T. Voigt
    None of the stories betray a feeling of apathy and none of them are especially funny. Misleadingly titled. I've got some ill-will for this book, because my expectations have been thwarted. "Everything Was Fine Until Whatever" had me ready for more absurdity, many more stories, and laughs. I liked everything I read, with the cousin-time dad visits story and "The Consumption" as the standouts, but, yeah, that was of five options. And they were all ...
  • Liana
    Really excellent insight. And funny. I thought I was reading myself while I was reading her. I aspire to do as she does: be real about lost or loved or wanted things, be true to oneself, and over-analyze. There's true beauty in that, I think. She's a girl who can reveal an eternity inside 8 seconds. And she knows that love is an impossible thing to understand (and so is McDonald's, lol).
  • Nicole Jacob
    Naturally I'm obsessed with this book. Martin has a wonderful way of turning ordinary things into beautifully written masterpieces. I still think my favorite book is Everything Was Fine Until Whatever, but this is a close second. Favorite quote: It seemed like everything would be disappointing if you had no expectations. I had expectations.
  • cat
    2011 Book 65/100Super short, super-indie read - with my favorite chapter being 'McDonald's is Impossible' that ends with the sentence "And eating food from McDonald's is mathematically impossible". Like I said, super-indie.
  • Tracy
    I read this while my friends were asleep on a Sunday morning. The really funny thing is to feel this way you can't be apathetic. This collection made me say "whoa."
  • cassandra
    neurotic, autobiographical, lovely, true, human, original.
  • C
    Five stars for the first section of the collection. The rest just kind of lost me.
  • Emily Butler
    Loved it, definitely will re-read.
  • Flungoutofspace
    I thought there were some interesting things in there, and liked the writing, but it was a tad too experimental for me. Didn't finish.
  • Stacey Keating
    it is beautiful and makes me feel all my feelings i love chelsea martin she just gets it. : )
  • Stephen
    McDonald's Is Impossible is included in this slim and stunning volume and it is an absolute masterpiece.
  • Jonathan Lee B.
    The Really Funny Thing About Apathy is wearing shorts and swinging on a swing alone in a park.
  • Esther Marie
    The really funny thing is that I thought this book would have some substance. My mistake, to be fair, but, ugh....
  • Frances Dinger
    "McDonald's is Imposible" is like "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" for severely depressed adults, which is to say, awesome.