The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6) by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6)

Forced to his knees in agony whenever he speaks the truth, Gideon can recognize any lie - until he captures Scarlet, a demon-possessed immortal who claims to be his long-lost wife. He doesn't remember the beautiful female, much less wedding - or bedding - her.

Details The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6)

TitleThe Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6)
Release DateJul 2nd, 2010
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Demons

Reviews The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6)

  • Sophia Triad
    Gideon: Demon of LiesButterfly: on his right thighHis curse: Well, lying actually. He cannot say a single truth without suffering.Scarlet: Demon of Nightmares Supernatural ability: Scarlet is half goddess as the daughter of goddess Rhea and a Myrmidon warrior. She is also the keeper of Nightmares and for that reason she has a butterfly tattoo on her upper thighs. Apparently the Lords are not the only keepers of the demons that escaped Pandora’s...
  • Exina
    "Cold metal and hot skin, a delicious combination." The Darkest Lie is the sixth book of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Gideon, Keeper of Lies, and Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares.Scarlet had spent hundreds of years in Tartarus, waiting for her husband to come back for her. He never did. When she finally got free, she came to Budapest to get revenge on her faithless husband.At the end of the previous book, The Darkest Passion, th...
  • Μaria Vrisanaki
    3,5ΧμμμμΧμμμμμμμμΑυτό το βιβλίο με μπέρδεψε.Στην αρχή είχα ενθουσιαστεί με την ιστορία του Γκίντεον και της Πορφύρα. Δεν το περίμενα καθόλου, δεν μου είχε κάνει αίσθηση ο Γκίντεον αλλά μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ η "κακιά" Πορφύρα, σε σημείο να θέλω να βάλω ...
  • Michelle
    3 Very Confusing Stars!This was the sixth book in the Lords of the Underworld series. Gideon and Scarlets story. It was my least favorite one and I had a hard time getting into it.Gideon is keeper of the Lies demon. So that means he can't speak the truth without feeling pain that will eventually make him weak. Through out the whole book you can imagine what you had to read. Gideon saying the opposite of what he really means and the person he's ta...
  • DarienMoya
    ^^LIE TO ME BABY!^^4.5Man how I enjoyed this book, it was action packed and down right awesome sauce. I am in love with that blue haired devil called Gideon. The Mr sexy, keeper of lies, which means he has to speak lies instead of truth. So everything he says means the complete opposite. He just met the keeper of nightmares and she is saying that they were married and shared a son, but Gideon can’t remember a thing but he knows this woman, he y...
  • Belinda McBride
    One of my biggest complaints in a lot of books I've read lately is the 'fiesty heroine' who is really closer to 'insufferable bitch' heroine. Gena Showalter tends to veer in that direction in this book, and then jerks the rug out from under the reader with a truly shocking twist. Unfortunately, Scarlett continues to be an insufferable bitch and never recovers my sympathy. Another complaint... in many PNR that I'm reading lately is the tendency to...
  • Kübra Yağmur
    AYRILIK ÖLÜM DEMEK Kitap Yalan'ın İblisi Gideon'un değil.Kesinlikle serinin en güzel kitabı da değil.Gideon'a bayılmadım üstelik..Ağzından çıkan her doğru beni ona aşık etmiyor.Kitaptaki diyaloglar kahrolası şekilde sinir olmama neden olmadı.Scarlet harika bir hatun değildi.Steel'e hiç üzülmedim. Gerçek ortaya çıktığında kahrolmadım.Serinin devamını merak etmiyorum.HEM DE HİÇ MERAK ETMİYORUM!Gideon Konuşmas...
  • Λίνα Θωμάρεη
    Και αργότερα δεν θα κάνω ένα διάλειμμα από την σειρά. Δεν είχε επαναλήψεις και δεν κουράστηκα καθόλου από το διάβασμα. Η ιστορία της Αλήθειας δεν ήταν κουραστική ποτέ και αστεία άλλες φορές. Και όσο αργεί το βιβλίο πιστεύω ότι η Τζίνα δεν έβλεπε πο...
  • ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness
    * THIS REVIEW WILL BE DONE COMPLETELY IN GIDEON TOUNGE*Im going to finish by saying that Gena Showalter did a terrible job not writing this book. I did think that I'd be able to understand Gideon tongue, but found after a couple of chapters that I couldn't understand Gideon at all. I became confused all the time and thought it was done poorly!Gideon - He was awful. With his not blue hair and piercing, he was so mean to Scarlet and didn't treat he...
  • Gary
    Best book in the series so far funny, entertaining and engrossing 5 out of 5 stars
  • Deborah Obida
    I think Gideon and Scarlet are the most perfect couple, they are both Keepers. Gideon lies and Scarlet nightnares.It was insta love but this one works both side, none of them was denying their attraction to eachother, they went through hell to finally be together. Scarlet is a Titan which equals badass, you don't spend centuries in Tatarus and not be. I love that Gideon didn't bother to deny his attraction to her, he wanted her and didn't hesitat...
  • Catherine
    I really liked the storyline and relationship with Scarlet and Gideon, but there was way too much going on in this book. I alternated between bored, irritated, and exasperated as I read the storyline Amun, Aeron, and William starred in. I'm interested in seeing more of Amun and William (especially him), but I felt that way too much time was spent on them when this was Gideon's book. I also wasn't that thrilled with the whole purpose of that story...
  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    The Darkest Lie has to be one of my favourites of the Lords of the Underworld series! Both highly entertaining and heartbreaking, I loved every moment of it!To be honest, I wasn’t particularly excited to read Gideon’s book. I loved the moment between him and Olivia in The Darkest Passion with the panties thing and all. However, I also found his demons, Lies to be annoying sometimes. Gideon has one of the worst demons of all. He can’t have a...
  • Canan
    Serinin her kitabı öncekinden daha heyecan verici. Yazar üzerine koyarak ilerliyor ve ben bayıldım. ♥
  • ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬
    .All the single kız kuruları... size bir haberim var…Gideon… Yalan’nın lordu……İçinizdeki kuruluğu yaşa çevirecek… [image error]Gideon açık ara lordlar arasında önde. Lütfen açıklamama izin verin.***fangirling and spoiler alert***● herifin her parçası mavi... gözleri ve saçları... ki saçları aslında siyah... ● herifin mavi takıntısı var ve o takıntının gerçekleri omg... ● herifin picercingleri... [im...
  • Μαρία Βρυσανάκη
  • Liz F
    Well, I think this is the last of the Lords of the Underworld for me for a while. This book just did not do it for me. At all.In this installment, the main story (if you can call it that) is about Gideon, Keeper of Lies. Gideon's character is actually pretty funny because he is unable to speak the truth. If he DOES speak the truth, it causes him horrible pain and weakens him for days. So a simple conversation takes quite a bit of translating. Whe...
  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    This is the 6th book in Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld and tells the story of Gideon, the Keeper of Lies – he cannot tell a lie and if he does…ooh nothing can describe the terrible pain he’s attacked with - and Scarlett, Keeper of Nightmares – she’s the one with a demon who invades your dreams and gives you deadly nightmares about what you fear most!!! After being captured in the last book by the other Lords, she’s now the...
  • Leah
    ~ TO PART IS TO DIE ~Scarlet. She's the Keeper of Nightmares and my absolute favorite heroine of the series. She's feisty, smart, loyal, bloodthirsty, vicious, and highly sarcastic. Her memories of Steel broke my heart, and it broke my heart even further when it was revealed that the memories were not real. I loved the wedding memory; that was absolutely heartwarming. I hated how easily her aunt could manipulate her memories, particularly when sh...
  • Kristin
    Before I get started on discussing anything about this book I just wanna make it known that our "heroine" Scarlet was a great big slice of fat from the annoyance meat. I typically don't really go all "oh, boy! She's the bomb" with Gena's leading ladies, I'm really interested in learning more about the pretty mens but Scarlet was just too much for me and the number one reason why I knocked a star off this book. Another reason is because while I do...
  • Mistress SuckMyBlackDagger
    Gideon oh you sexy beast. He is all sorts of tie me down and spank me hot! I really enjoyed this installment of LOTU. It was full of humor yet also stayed true to the sexy demon lord romance. Scarlet was a bit annoying at times. I just hate when they keep going back and forth mentally about to stay or not to stay. Just shut it! He is effing hot, you want him and honey you know you ain't going any where so deal with it already. I had moments of "d...
  • Ren
    Favorite Quote :"My Demon is a Girl??" Just give this book 5 stars. I don't know why this book not "touch" me like The Darkest Passion. But its still have a great storySo, Gideon is Keeper of Lies. One day, there is a woman, her name is Scarlet, told him that she is his wife. But Gideon never remember when they are married and why they are now life separated. He can't detect any lie in Scarlet too.Scarlet is the Keeper of Nightmare, she can unlea...
  • Katie Michaels
    OK. I have to admit I have some mixed feelings about this book. Our hero is Gideon and as one of the Lords of the Underworld, he holds the soul of a demon inside him. His demon is Lies, which makes him incapable of telling the truth without experiencing debilitating pain. This. Is. Utterly. Annoying. Every single bit of his dialogue is in this absurd reverse-speak, followed by a translation so we can grasp his meaning. It bugged me to such a degr...
  • Anja
    2.49 stars.There are 3 storylines in this book. Stryder's is boring and felt like page filler. Amun's managed to turn him from enigmatic and complex into tedious and simple.The romance between Gideon and Scarlet was wonderful until 56% of the way through the book. Then a plot twist was dropped that ruined everything. It took away the emotional investment and all the chemistry. In the first half of the book Scarlet was strong, confident, courageou...
  • Burcu Büyükyıldız
    Bir seriyi daha hunharca tüketmenin, can acıtan pişmanlığı içindeyim.Bitti arkadaşlar. Dayanamadım ve son kitabı da okudum. Aferin bana. -_-Ah ama Gideon... <3 Sen nasıl bir adamsın? Gerçekten içlerinde en en en tatlılarından biriydi yaa. Yalan söylediği anlarda ben bir ölümlü olarak ambale oldum burada. Zavallı ölümsüzler ne yapsın :DSeriyle ilgili epey bilgi vermiştim önceki kitapların yorumlarında.Bu kitap Yalan'...
  • Lauren (Sugar & Snark)
    I really enjoy this series it is the closest thing I have found to the BDB series by J.R Ward. While still being totally original. But here is the thing with this particular book...I didn't dislike it. The story line and characters were good and the premise was certainly unique. But when the main character can only talk in lies (if he tells the truth he faces unbearable pain) then you have to mentally convert everything he says into its opposite....
  • Kat Desi
    This review is written in Gideon Speak.I'm not going to tell you want I think about this book. I didn't like it, obviously. I hated Gideon. He made me cry with how he spoke. He is also not dreamy. He is hideous. He is not my favorite Lord out of all of the Lords of the Underworld.I also hated Scarlet, who is not totally not bad ass. She is not an interesting character. She grew up spoiled and pampered and I really don't care about her as a charac...
  • valee
    Why I thought I would not like Gideon I have no idea. I loved this book. Couldn't put it down. I was missing the thrill of reading a book who would get me all hooked like this one did.Gideon was great. I loved him. And nightmares, the heroine was amazing as well. I love A-kicking heroines. I just don't know what to say I'm still trying to recover from all those OMG and WTF moments,lol. So many amazing things happen in this book. I just think this...
  • Natalia815
    De todos los libros que llevo, este es el que tiene los dialogos más locos. Pobre Gideon, cada vez que habla siempre tiene que decir mentiras y eso como lectora es divertídisimo, tienes que pensar que es lo que realmente quiere decir.¿Y que decir de Scarlet? Pues que creo que es una de mis favoritas, me gusta como va pateando culos cuando es necesario.La historia se queda muy interesante, no creo que tarde mucho en seguir con la saga.
  • Tuba Özkat
    Çeviri bitti, son okumaya başlayacağım :))Çok eğlenceli, güzel bir kitaptı. Amun'un olayı güzeldi ve anladığım kadarıyla William'ın hala kitabı yok. İkisi dikkatimi çekmişti :) Bu kitap Gideon ve Scarlet'indi. 5. kitapta zaten olayları başlamıştı.