Dominicana by Angie Cruz


Fifteen-year-old Ana Cancion never dreamed of moving to America, the way the girls she grew up with in the Dominican countryside did. But when Juan Ruiz proposes and promises to take her to New York City, she has to say yes. It doesn’t matter that he is twice her age, that there is no love between them. Their marriage is an opportunity for her entire close-knit family to eventually immigrate. So on New Year’s Day, 1965, Ana leaves behind ever...

Details Dominicana

Release DateSep 3rd, 2019
PublisherFlatiron Books
GenreFiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Dominicana

  • Angela M
    “The first time Juan Ruiz proposes, I’m eleven years old, skinny and flat chested. I’m half asleep, my frizzy hair has busted out from a rubber band, and my dress is on backwards.” I couldn’t help but smile as the novel opens, picturing eleven year old Ana Cancion. It was hard to smile when at fifteen, Ana is in an arranged marriage with Juan, who is thirty two. She is sent with him to the US by her family with the hopes of “money and...
  • Rincey
    I got so engrossed in this novel that I accidentally took too long of a lunch break. And then I got so engrossed again later that night that I almost forgot to leave my house to go hang out with my friend. So yeah, I think you could say I enjoyed this book.Watch my full review:
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    Four yesss another heart-wrenching, powerful, emotional, shaking you to the cores kind of amazing story about a young woman who learn how to get out of the restraints and earn her own independence stars! Young Ana didn’t know what kind of future she was about to embrace when she left her life in Dominican countryside by accepting Juan’s marriage proposal and moved to NYC in mid-60’s.Finally she realizes that is not only a journey to another...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: ♫♪♫♪[COMMUNITY:]In the heightsI flip the lights and start my dayThere are fights[WOMEN:]And endless debts[MEN:]And bills to pay♫♪♫♪I’m so disappointed that I found this to be disappointing, but sadly that’s the case. As you can see from above, this story reminded me a bit of another that was already done – and better . . . . And before anyone jumps my ass and tel...
  • Lisa
    I opened up “Dominicano“ on a plane and for the rest of my trip was transported to 1965 New York City. I experienced the city through the eyes of 15 year old Ana, newly married and separated from her family in the Dominican Republic. Every page felt fresh, vibrant and unpredictable!(Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC.)
  • Richard Derus
    THIS ENTIRE REVIEW MUST BE READ AT YOUR OWN RISKThe pages turned...(view spoiler)[On page 48, Ana Canción gets raped by Juan, the man she's already agreed to marry in order to escape Rafael Trujillo's repressive Dominican Republic for a "better life" in New York City.They get to New York, start a tailoring business, and Ana gets pregnant. Yay. She decides to run away from Juan, but his brother César THIS ENTIRE REVIEW MUST BE READ AT YOUR OWN...
  • Simone
    A friend of mine recommend this book to me months ago. She read it for work and told me that it was definitely going to be something I would really enjoy. So, when I got the opportunity to pick up an ARC of the book, I grabbed it. After working with the publisher to give away two copies of the book, I decided it's a great opportunity to read and whoa. The results blew me away.Dominicana is the story of a young girl named Ana, who's about to embar...
  • Camille
    When BOTM issued the warning about the lack of dialogue queues I thought "hey, that's not so bad" but as I began reading it became quite distracting. However, once I got used to the style of the book I couldn't put it down! Amazing story with political undertones. It led me to research some of the history of the DR, and it's quite fascinating
  • Laura G (lauralovestoread)
    4.5 stars for Dominicana!!Wow this book really did sneak up on me in such a beautiful way. The vivid writing of Angie Cruz sucked me in right away, and I loved her sense of imagery to paint the picture of Dominican life. From the story of how Ana, 15 years old, and living in the Dominican Republic, but agrees to marry a much older man and move to America to help give her parents and siblings a better life in NYC.Dominicana is a coming of age stor...
  • BookOfCinz
    In Dominicana we meet fifteen year old Ana who lives with her family in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. Ana is part of a big a family, with her mother assuming responsibility of the children and the household- hardly taking into consideration her husband's perspective. Growing up in the 1960s a lot of persons thought the best way to "escape" and make a better life is to move to America. Ana gets this "opportunity" when one of the Rui...
  • Bobbieshiann
    I have so many thoughts roaming in my head about Dominicana. A lot of the time I wish I knew more about the culture and way of living but there was so much within the story that made it beautiful and saddening. The compassion and hope you start to feel for the main character Ana is inevitable. You watch her grow and at times I got impatient, but it was through her journey you learn of why she sacrificed so much. The original setting of this story...
  • Debbie
    My TakeawayAngie Cruz, DominicanaWhat have you done to my heart, Angie Cruz?! From the cover to the writing, I loved, loved Dominicana! When I finished reading it I could not stop thinking about Ana (major book hangover). Cruz weaved a remarkable story with complicated but fascinating individuals. I felt an instant connection with this coming of age novel, especially with Ana, the main character. Certain aspects of Ana's life reminded me of my ow...
  • Jessica Woodbury
    A captivating story of a year in the life of Ana, a 15-year-old girl in the Dominican Republic who is married to better her family's prospects to Juan, a man twice her age who is trying to make his fortune in New York City. Stories like Ana's are still rarely told and hard to find, even though it's probably more representative of more people's experiences than most fiction you read about New York City in the late 60's. But even if you didn't alre...
  • Andrea: NastyMuchachitaReads
    Angie Cruz's mother, when told this book was inspired by her experiences, said to Angie, "Who would be interested in a story about a woman like me? It's so typical." In these pages is a story of hardship & resilience necessary to surviving the States as a migrant, a spirit that carries in most Latinx literature that focuses on immigration & perhaps feels typical. But what made this book so particularly gripping, & also prompts me to qualify with ...
    Dominicana is a highly anticipated novel written by Angie Cruz, the book is definitely in my top 5 reads of this Year and I highly recommend you to grab a copy of this masterpiece!The book tells the story of Ana a young girl from DR who's about to leave for NY and marry Juan a man twice her age! The story elaborates so perfect and it has many twists, Ana's life has been rounded with many mixed emotions and experiences rough times!.I loved the ele...
  • Genevieve Trono
    Dominicana is a coming of age story that is set in NYC in the turbulent and bustling 1960s. Angie Cruz shares a remarkable story about a young girl named Ana. At 15, Ana was forced to marry a man twice her age and move from the Dominican Republic to America...with her family's hope, she could achieve the "American Dream".Upon her arrival, Ana ends up finding herself isolated from her family and at the mercy of a husband who neither seems to care ...
  • Maria Zuppardi
    I fell in love with every aspect of the book, and if there’s one novel you have to read before the end of 2019, this is the one.
  • Aparna
    Even after finishing the book , I can’t help thinking about Ana. It wasa beautiful book and Ana’s characterization is so wonderful. It leaves a deep impact on your mind. Her innocence, how she grows and comes of age is so beautifully written. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Kimberly
    "Dominicana" by Angie Cruz is a heart-wrenching coming-of-age story. Set in the 1960's, fifteen year old Ana, pressured by her family, marries a man twice her age so that she can leave the Dominican Republic and achieve the American Dream for herself and, eventually, her family in New York City. Despite her hopes for fancy dresses and shoes, Ana finds her reality to be very different. Juan, her husband, is abusive, unfaithful, controlling, and of...
  • Marzie
    4.5 StarsDominican-American author Angie Cruz's latest novel is powerful coming of age story encapsulating the search for the American dream. Inspired by the real-life arrival story of Cruz's own mother, fifteen-year-old Ana Cancion Ruiz is married off to a man twice her age because her family is desperately poor, struggling in the politically divisive post-Trujillo Dominican Republic and seeking a foothold in 1960's America. Ana marries feeling ...
  • Bookaholic
    Hands down one of the BEST books I've read in 2019. The story. Oh, this story. It made me laugh and it made me weep. And hug the ARC tight to my chest upon finishing it. The ending was so brilliant, yet, I do hope that the author writes a sequel! POR FAVOR. Need me some Ana in the future. The prose is luscious, vivid, and delicious. I haven't seen (i.e. read) many other authors with similar command and invocation of such rich linguistic flow. I ...
  • Leah Rachel von Essen
    I'm torn about DOMINICANA by Angie Cruz. It was a solid work about a young Dominican woman who's married at just 15 to Juan, her family pressuring her into getting the chance to go to America and send money back home. But her life in the US is anything but ideal. Torn between the desire to run away from her boring, painful life as Juan's housewife and the desire to help her family and bring them to America, Ana struggles to find herself in New Yo...
  • Jan
    A welcome coming-of-age/immigrant story of a resilient Dominican girl, 15 years old, who comes to New York in the post-Trujillo era of the US occupation of the Dominican Republic with her new, 32-year-old husband to further her family's hopes for a better life for all of them. Also a lovely female counterbalance to Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which seems like the ur-novel of the Dominican American experience.
  • Jamie
    Really enjoyed this book! Loved all the details and explanations of Dominican life and life in NYC in the 60s. A different immigration story that isn’t told- actually one I’ve never read before at all. A fresh voice and I’d love to see where Ana goes next, she has so much more to tell!
  • Morelia (Strandedinbooks)
    *4.5 starsWOW. I’m a mess after finishing the audio, but you know what? I loved it.DOMINICANA hit me where it hurt. The author’s writing creates such a vivid picture, it’s beautiful. I could not recommend this one enough and is definitely a top read of the year.TW: domestic abuse, sexual assault of a minor
  • Brittony
    I just finished Dominicana and wow, I loved it.This story was so powerful and was honestly difficult to read at times. The protagonist Ana was an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, who was married off to a man over twice her age in order for her to get to America. Once there, she endured loneliness & abuse in hopes of giving her family a better life. Ana was such a strong character & even though her life was incredibly bleak at times she pers...
  • Lillian
    Dominicana is the searingly painful story of a young Latina forced into an arranged marriage for the good of her family and taken by her husband to a strange new world.Angie Cruz has painted a vivid portrait of Dominican life as a native and an immigrant with heartbreaking authenticity.Her skillfully written narrative is captivating and her pacing masterful. At times the tension she created was almost palpable. Cruz's complex characters breathe w...