Crew (Crew #1) by Tijan

Crew (Crew #1)

To survive where I live, you have two options.You can be a Normal--a cheerleader, jock, member of the debate team, or on the yearbook committee. You pretend everything is normal.Or you can be crew.You insult us? We hurt you.You hurt us? We really hurt you.And if you screw with us, we will end you.My name is Bren.I'm the only female in the Wolf Crew--the best, fiercest, and most dangerous crew there is--and we have a rule: There's no falling in lo...

Details Crew (Crew #1)

TitleCrew (Crew #1)
Release DateAug 26th, 2018
GenreRomance, Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, High School

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  • Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰
    “You go after one, you go after all. You know the rules.”This review took a while because of the following; - personally, this book dragged too much and it took self motivation to finish- I really wanted to like this and I kept forcing myself because I really want to experience the hype behind TIJAN. ______________ Meet The Crew i. Jordan Pittsii. Zellman Greenlyiii. Cross Shawiv. Bren MonroeI nearly had a problem with all fucking four;i. Jor...
  • Wendy
    I am not a big YA reader, but I definitely make an exception, when it comes to Tijan's books. "Fallen Crest High" is one of my all time favorite YA series and re-reading them never gets old. I am deeply in love with Mason and Logan ;)Which is why I was a very happy camper, when I found out, we were getting a new high school series from Tijan !!Now I promised to keep my review spoiler-free, so I won't be going too deep into the storyline. What I...
  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
    A slow burn best friends to lovers romance, all the feels ✔ all the angst ✔ all the High School drama at it's best ✔ Hot hero ✔ Rival gang wars ✔ CREW: Is the first full-length, young-adult book, in the ‘Crew Series’ by Author Tijan.This story is told solely from seventeen year old Bren's perspective, Bren is not your typical heroine she’s attending her last year of high school at ‘Roussou High’ the only girl in her ‘Crew...
  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
    Tijan did what she does best…penned a compelling Young Adult book. The drama and angst are provided by beautifully flawed and complex characters. Here’s what you get:An amazing startSlowburn love storyAmazing chemistryComplex charactersA dramatic storylineThe blurb and cover are to die forThe main characters are intricately constructed. Bren is such an enigma. A glorious question mark mired in unspoken grief. Peeling back her layers was such ...
  • Jemima
    Title: CrewAuthor: TijanGenre: YA~ ARC KINDLY PROVIDED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW~I dropped everything I was doing to read Crew. And I think a lot of people who read Tijan's work would agree that they do the same thing.I'm addicted with Tijan's books and Crew was no different.Without giving away spoilers, I will insist you read Crew.A slow burn friends to lovers romance shrouded with rawness, a book that will put you at the edge of your sea...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    TIJAN is an author I’ll will always drop everything and anything for a chance to read her latest book. And CREW was one hell of a raw and gritty rollercoaster ride.I didn’t know what CREW really was about, I just new it was written by TIJAN and that was enough for me. I love her writing style and have been a fan of her work for years now. Going through all of her books, I would say CREW is one of her grittier and darker YA novels.The emotiona...
  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]
    Ridiculous book.Look, I've been with Tijan since her FictionPress days; I know she has a formula - namely, the manwhore hero, OTT drama, tons of slut-shaming, teenagers acting like they're in their twenties at least. Sometimes the formula works. This time it didn't.The OW presence was through the roof. The hero, Cross, has an on-again/off-again girlfriend for at least the first third of the book (that's as far as I got). He however doesn't just h...
  • Bibi
  • Sophie
    4 stars This is NOT a Fallen Crest 2.0 yet it has Tijan’s signature all over!  You might think it’s Fallen Crest’s twin because: -You get some characters from Fallen Crest beck Heather and Channing;-You have characters still in high school and it’s “us against the world”;-The female MC is thin has brown hair and is closed off…does it remind you of someone?-You get alpha heroes pissing farther than the other alphas from other packs...
  • Jen
    I really wanted to love this one, and was very eager to read it...however I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the story as a whole. I didn't hate it, and I might even give the next book a chance..( when it comes out!!) but I can say that I am not waiting on the edge of my seat for the next installment.I have tried to think about why this didn't wow me, and I think what bothered me the most about the story was "The Crew" itself. ...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    I pretty much devoured this book. I love Fallen Crest High, so Crew already started on the right foot by being from the same world. I did have one complaint about FCH and it was like the author was reading my mind and gave me what I wanted in Bren. I always wanted Sam to fight back more with the mean girls. Bren did exactly that. I loved that she was feared. I loved that she always stood up for herself. I loved the loyalty she felt for her crew a...
  • Ashley Mayer
    This book is titled "Crew." They are in a crew. They are crew. They do this or that because they're crew. They're tough because they're in a crew. He's my crew. She's my crew. Seriously, if there was ever a word overused it's in this book and the word is crew. I feel like I wasted my time on this one. All the times the author mentioned the 'crew' and there was never an explanation on why they were needed. It just read like a bad version of a high...
  • Terri Lynn
    I am glad I one clicked the E-book. If I would have bought the paper back, I would of played a "Bren" and cut that bitch to pieces!54 Chapters, Epilogue. When I saw advertisement for,"Crew" I was so anxious for the release. The blurb automatically drew me in. After devouring Fallen Crest High series and loving it, except for the ending I couldn't wait to read, "Crew.""You and Monica break up again?" She was his on-again, off-again girlfriend, but...
  • CaRo
    Hmmm that is a hard one. I have a lot of issues with this story. First things first we have a friends to lovers couple with zero chemistry. I didn‘t even got that these Two are the main protagonists... we have the usual bullshit with he had to wait for her to be ready, really so all the fucking you did was a hardship durin your waitin? SURE. And while in the fallen crest series the troubled girl with the temper issues worked in this book it jus...
  • Candace Tidwell
    How to start this review?! Tijan is one of my favorite authors so I may be a little biased when I write this. Sorry honesty is my policy. When it comes to Tijan's books....I'm cookie monster with a jar of cookies! It may be funny but it's not pretty.Crew. I knew it would be good, duh, but it surpassed good and (in the words of my 14 year old) it became epic. A new series has been born! Get ready to laugh, prepare for the mischief and brace yourse...
  • Mellie Antoinette
    Well this was an ear-catchingly excellent audiobook! Nice cover candy too. But then you realize this is ultimately a high school romance about gangs (you can call them non-drug-lugging crews but I call organized violence with a leadership structure a gang. Maybe it’s just me.) So standard 3 star romance rating applies. TW: gangs, unnecessary violence, crime, bullying.
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Gahhh!!! Reading a Tijan book is akin to opening a present on Christmas - everything she writes is a gift!! Crew brought me back to the feelings I got when I first experienced Tijan. The consuming need to devour every page along with the desire to slow down andsavor. I.LOVED.THIS.BOOK!!!! HOLY CRAP IT WAS EVERYTHING. Without giving any spoilers I can honestly say this book was one of the BEST books Tijan has ever written. IT WAS FULL OF AMAZING S...
  • Steffi De Ceuster ♥
    So goodI'm a very loyal person so I understand Crew! If we had that here I woul be in one! The only minor thing for me personally was that it took a bit before the romance started.But it was so so good!
  • Snow
    Oh dear God!!!!!God dammit!Even though, I effing love Tijan and I usually dig slow burn romances I couldn't get past the fact that no, these characters are NOT Mason and Sam...well fuck it, I triedAnd this story should have brought me thrill and tingles but instead it almost bored me to death...Well, fuck it, I ve tried.😕Rating is based on my deepest respect for this author and her legacy before mentioned but that s all.
  • Sarah
    I loved this. I was a bit worried going in that it would feel too much like Jaded—which I didn't really care for—but it didn't. Not at all. Bren was great. It had a FCH vibe but with a different, totally awesome story. Loved all the side characters. I pretty much just loved everything about it and can't wait for the next instalment.
  • Polly
    I honestly just don't get it. From her internal monologue being some sort of dragon fly, to having no idea what "crew" was, i was confused. The word crew was mentioned a million times and I'm thinking it may be a prison gang but in a high school? Also the story really isn't done so I'm def peacing out of this series.
  • Karen Mc
    I had no idea what to expect or what I’d get with Tijan’s latest sensation, Crew. The thing is that you don’t know what you’ll get when Tijan brings books to life as each one is daringly different. I like the mystery of the unknown. So . . . the blurb? I didn’t even read it. I dove into this book blindly so I could just feel the words. Oh did I feel! Crew hit like a sucker punch—fast, fierce, and furious! Crew ’s words were bombs th...
  • Jacqueline's Reads
    3 That was a really LONG book stars …Where do I even begin? I at first was confused by the cover and thought it was a Fallen Crest novel, but it’s a spin-off. Also I was wondering if this book was even written by Tijan because I will say, there was ZERO romance for the first half of the book.Look, I like young adult books. I like the rowdy crowds, I like the crazy storyline, but the whole “crew” thing… well let’s just say I couldn’t...
  • G
    Meio perturbador. Bren, Cross, Jordan e Zellman são quatro amigos que formam uma crew. Eles operam dentro de um "sistema que segue regras próprias e tem seu próprio código de ética. Na verdade verdadeira, enxergo todos como uns meninos que precisam se sentir importantes e reconhecidos por sua força e coragem, para provar isso eles não pensam muito antes de entrar numa briga. Não tem como generalizar e dizer que eles escolheram esse tipo d...
  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)
    Oh Tijan you fucking beauty, Crew was everything I hoped it would be and then some. Damn! ARC Received in exchange for an honest review. This book, wow...this book was incredible. To say I wasn’t expecting the way things rolled out on this book would be a damn understatement. Bren, Cross, Jordon and Zellman have consumed my every moment since I started reading this beauty. Their relationship is outstanding, they may butt heads every now and aga...
  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    Crew is Tijan's newest gem. Tijan never disappoints with her wonderful writing, tough and vulnerable characters and addicting stories. Don't forget to have your tissues handy!Bren is tough. Her crew is loyal. It's them against the world. She has to learn who to trust and who to love. With the help of her crew and her family she learns the hard way. I loved this story! It's a wild ride and I can't wait for more.
  • Richelle Robinson
    Crew is centered around 4 people and they aren’t a gang but they have each other’s back at all times. In this book we are introduced to Bren and she is a very complex person. There are many layers to Bren, cold, closed off, bad ass, volatile but there is a vulnerable, sad and scared side to her as well. Throughout the story we get glimpses and pieces as to why Bren is the way she is and it really breaks your heart. Bren was a very interesting...
  • Nicla
    Crew was an interesting read. Definitely a story that had me captivated from the first page. I only wish there was a bit more romance.HEA (view spoiler)[HFN (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[ No cheating or scenes with OW/OM. (hide spoiler)]Any push/pull (view spoiler)[Not really . Slow burn romance (hide spoiler)]Any couple separation (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: HighHeat Level: High