Taking What's Envied (Forced Submission, #8) by Alexa Riley

Taking What's Envied (Forced Submission, #8)

Allison and Max are spending a quiet evening alone. Or so they think. When an intruder breaks into their house, they’re not prepared for the demands he makes. Rocky knows exactly what he wants, and he isn’t going to let anything get in his way. Including a fence and a few simple locks. For one night he’s going to do as he pleases...but will one night be enough? Warning: This is the eighth book in the Forced Submission series, but they can a...

Details Taking What's Envied (Forced Submission, #8)

TitleTaking What's Envied (Forced Submission, #8)
Release DateJul 21st, 2018
GenreAdult Fiction, Erotica, Menage, Romance, Novella, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Taking What's Envied (Forced Submission, #8)

  • Sophia Triad
    This is book number 8 in the Forced Submission series. So, if you follow the series, you already know what to expect: Filthy, nasty fantasies.I am telling nothing more.Shhhh.....
  • Alexa Riley
    SHE'S LIVE!!! http://geni.us/y0XDhyZ
  • ⚜️Charlotte⚜️
    4.5 Dirty Filty Stars...A delicious appetizer as a prelude for tonight’s main course.. 😉I love Alexa’s spin on this sexy delicious fantasy... with a side of rapture, intense explicit sex scenes, my Kindle was melting from the heat... I will definitely continue with the series.. MFM (spare panties)
  • CC
    4.5 Stars!While Allison and Max are home alone and enjoying each other, they are confronted by an intruder who has his own ideas of an erotic night. Ready to take control of the scene, Rocky quickly restrains Max and sets his sights on sexually needy Allison. “I shake my head and pull her to me as I carry her up the stairs. “You’re my fuck toy tonight, girl.” What ensues is thoroughly hot as Rocky puts Max in his place to watch his wife b...
  • warhawke
    Genre: Erotic RomanceType: Stadalone Book 8 of Forced Submission seriesPOV: First Person - DualRating: Max and Allison were a happily married couple living peacefully in the suburbs. Unfortunately on a night of passion, they were rudely interrupted by Rocky who was there to finally claim what he had been eyeing. His hand leaves my pussy before returning with a slap. My mouth opens, but no sound comes out. It’s not pain like I thought it woul...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    Heat level 1000!If you’re looking for super hot and smutty MFM that’s a bit taboo, then you’ve found it! This is probably one of the hottest Alexa Riley’s I’ve read, and even though I was looking for an in between books read, I’m glad I picked this one up!
  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    O....M...F...G........Get ready for this filthy PERFECTION! Do NOT read this public, and beware of your panties, because this little gem is the FILTHIEST of all the Forced Submission series! That is saying it all, right?! ;)
  • Sanaa ☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆
    This is what you always expect from Alexa Riley. Short but pure smut.It was H-O-T.
  • Bookloverme
    I love this series! I hope there will be more to come.Max and Allison are spending the night together at home when an intruder comes to get what he wants.There's no epilogue. Though it has what I need, (view spoiler)[Married with twins (hide spoiler)] I still want more. SAFETY:(view spoiler)[Age: Not mentioned Cheating: None Love Triangle: None OW/OM drama: None Sex scene with OW/OM: None Abuse: None. It looks like rape but it's not. Push and Pul...
  • Chitra *CJ*
    FAAAK YES!! MORE MFM AND FORCED SUBMISSION!! MEOW! “I bet you’re wet enough that I could slip right in your ass. Then I could slide you down on his dick. He wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it, and you’d be getting it hard.” I lick her ear and she lets out a shaky breath. “You want it in both holes, girl?” OHMY EFFING GAWDYAAAS.This.THIS is what I missed from the recent ARs.Hot, smutty, kinky shex with so much taboo and dirty...
  • PointedlyBlunt
    I think the last AR book I read was Build For Her, and I commented about how tame it was for AR.Well, this book shut me up.It's literally all sex. I even counted 6 or 7 orgasms for the one hero, alone. (He must have stock in Viagra.)
  • Deborah
    2.5* Not my favouriteAs you’d expect this is a short hot read.Allison and Max are in bed together when Rocky breaks in. He and interrupts them and then joins in the fun.I’ll be honest this is not one of my favourites. It didn’t help that Rocky repeatedly referred to Allison as Sugar tits. There was a reason this was the only book from this series I hadn’t read until now. It would appear I like the more romantic fantasies.
  • ♡Tonya♡
    3 starsIf you have read other books in this series, you know where the story is going . Basically just a sex scene. Not my favorite series but it was safe and dirty .
  • Elle
    3* STARS!Just okay. Not enough hotness and filth. The dirty talks feels too porn-y for me. Yikes! But I liked the cuckold idea :) so, yeah. Just okay.
  • ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬
    I think I'm the only one who still read Rileygirls, you should write MM. I know I'm not the only one. I love your menage stories, but dont you think when men hit the 'spot' it feels better? write a mm or mmf, IDC I just want men in each other, IDC if it's roleplay or submission or forcing or age-gap or virgins or fantasies or pnr,,, just try it :)___________yani sonuçta zorlama olmadığını bildiğimiz ve kendileri de daha kitabın başında b...
  • Kübra Yağmur Aslanhan
    Üst üste iki Alexa okudum, para etmedi!Durum vahim mi ne?
  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    I was in the mood for some kinky f*very and this series never disappoints.This was quick, dirty and super HOT.✔ all the boxes for me.
  • Heather C
    Whew. Talk about some heat! Taking What's Envied is by far my favorite out of the Forced Submission Series and a top contender for all time fav AR book! What that being said, please note that it can absolutely be read as a standalone. I'm not even sure how to review it other than talking about how freaking hot it is. Based on the blurb, I'm sure you can guess what kind forced submission might be happening but I promise you, it's 100% consensual....
  • April Symes
    O-M-G yasss!!! This was a quick, steamy, hot and dirty read that is original Alexa Riley. You have a story that has it all- dominance, voyeurism, and steamy HOT sex. This is by far, to date, one of the hottest and dirtest books by AR. You are in for a treat but just don’t read this out in public. I would recommend super cold drinks and one industrial strength fan because this story will literally heat you up and burn you out. This is one book t...
  • Janice Somers
    OMG!!! this story is hot and W0W. The story is full of sizzling sex, domination, and voyeurism.You do not have to read the other seven books as all can as standalone. This is safe and consensual as are all Alexa Riley books.
  • Elizabeth Neal
    Max and Allison are enjoying each other while spending the evening at home. But things change when they have a surprise visitor, an intruder. The thing is, he's not there to steal anything. Or is he?Rocky has one goal and nothing will stop him. His crime isn't in breaking and entering, it's in wanting what doesn't belong to him. Or does it? Rocky has been watching Max and Allison and he likes it, but he wants more, needs more. So, he forces himse...
  • Rhea_Sways
    You know me and AR have a relationship very much akin to one I have with my ex-boyfriend. TMI??Probably...Anyways, let me explain...I tend to inexplicably go back to her book because they used to good and entertaining. Mind you they never had any substance but they were still entertaining and hit you in all the right spots if you know what I mean. However, over the years you know that they are just not right for you and you have decided no more. ...
  • Babel
    Naughty fantasies are an acquired taste, and if you like forced submission with a twist that sugarcoats it at the end, this will be your cup of tea… with lots of cream ;-) What I liked: the scenario of the fantasy. A man forces his entry in a house where a couple is having marital fun and performs his rough carnal desires on the lusty wife. It's off-the-charts dirty and the plot twist turns the threat into something hot and good. What I didn'...
  • Jennifer Finn
    This is the eighth book in the Forced Submission Series by Alexa Riley. If you’ve read any of the other books in this series then you know not everything is as it appears and to keep an open mind while reading. Rocky sees something he wants he takes it no matter who she belongs to.
  • Nerd4life_94
    3.5 ⭐⭐⭐
  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)
    UmmmLMAOOOOO this was hilarious and not something I normally read but hot but also awkward for my morning commute to work
  • Purplesnow13
    These books aren't for everyone but they're consensual no matter what the name is. It's all fantasy. This idea can go very wrong very easily but of course Alexa Riley is a pro and everything she does is wonderful. Very very Hot 🔥and dirty but in the best way possible. This is probably one of the best ones of the series for sure. I like how they're written with the twist at the end of the story, even if you know it's coming it's always fun. It'...
  • Darlene
    If you haven't read this series be warned it is truly dark sometimes with dark fantasies.. if this isn't your cup.. you can pass it. Allison and Max are having a romantic night in.. there night turns "horrible "when a robber/intruder enters there house.... Tied up.. max as to watch intruder Rocky take his wife... M/M/FInstaloveTiny bit M/M (jerking him off) Rough hard sexDark fantasyHEA
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Taking What's Envied by Alexa Riley is book 8 in the Forced Submission series. Allison, Max and Rocky are the focus of this quick hot story. Allison and Max are married when they have a 'break in' to their house, it is Rocky. Rocky has come to play with them and things get hot! This book is showing just a play scene that they are having.
  • Brandi
    I DEVOURED this book! Talk about needing to have your significant other close by... *fans herself* Max, Allison & Rocky were ON FIRE from the get-go. Their story was so naughty, raw & intense... I absolutely LOVED it! Fans of Alexa Riley deliciousness NEED to one-click this one, STAT!