The Wolf's Capture by Jenika Snow

The Wolf's Capture

It should have just been a simple vacation, away from everyone and everything to clear my head. But I soon realized I wasn’t alone. He stalked me, hunted me. I should’ve run faster, tried harder. But the truth was I liked him chasing me. Wolf was a ruthless man, his way of living barbaric. Now he had me in his off-the-grid cabin, what he deemed my new home. I was his new wife, would have his babies. I was his irrevocably. I shouldn’t have f...

Details The Wolf's Capture

TitleThe Wolf's Capture
Release DateJul 10th, 2018
PublisherJenika Snow
GenreRomance, Novella, Adult Fiction, Erotica

Reviews The Wolf's Capture

  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    This was a super fast and easy read. Wolf was a loner, living in the woods in a cabin, living a simple life. Ruby was living in town, although she preferred her own company, and was off to enjoy a couple of weeks in the woods in solitude, unplugged from the world. And then Wolf saw Ruby. Wolf wanted Ruby. Wolf was ready to claim Ruby. Wolf carried Ruby off to his cabin. And they lived happily ever after in erotic bliss. Sounds good? I know it sou...
  • ♡Tonya♡
    Coming soon! 3.5 stars This quick read was just what I needed today before I had to go and be a responsible adult. OTT alpha to the extreme. He saw Ruby and he knew she would be his at any cost. Not much depth for the characters or much development for them. Just a quickie read. -no cheating -no ow/om drama-neither were virgins -no violence of any nature -looking forward to Bear's story -epilogue was lacking- only a year out with no good look int...
  • M M
    Great read. Quick and to the point. There is no drama, just them getting together.
  • lily waheed
    nice and hot
  • MiDouradoP
    Because the Big Bad Wolf is way better than Prince Charming!This is a novella resembling Little Red Riding Hood, but, you know, a lot grown-uped and way sexier!It has a lot of potential and the characters are really great! Wolf is a loner, living in the woods without people around, he only wants his innocent Little Red. That's right. His!Ruby is also a loner (although in a lower proportion than Wolf) that is seeking for her own place in this worl...
  • Flo Grugel
    Jenika always writes the best over the top filth and its such good fun! Looking forward to Bears instalment.
  • Macaela Conder
    Short and HOT
  • Jennifer Finn
    Ruby is taking a two week vacation, just her, in a cabin in the woods. Some hiking and alone time to clear her head is just what she needs. She’s 23 and she works for a publishing company as an advice columnist. Wolf Jagger lives alone in a cabin in the woods and he prefers it that way. He only goes into town when he needs supplies other than that he keeps to himself. He’s noticed Ruby in town and he likes that she looks innocent and vulnerab...
  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    2 stars. Eh, not what I was expecting. It was very boring to me, even the smut which you know it's bad if I find the damn smut to be boring. SMH. I got sucked in because of the cover and the summary and was completely let down. This was my first read by Jenika Slow and I didn't mind her writing so I do plan on picking up more from her. Maybe not another novella but definitely a full length novel instead.
  • Stephaniec
    I always enjoy these short over the top stories from Jenika Snow
  • Fran Zoch, LSoR
    Ruby didn't know what she was getting herself into when she went on a little vacation to shut herself off from the world.Wolf knew the minute he saw her she was his and he wasn't going to let her go.This is one hot and heavy romance with one alpha mountain man and the woman who steals his heart.
  • Leslee
    I have been a fan of Jenika Snow for a little while now. She always come through with a possessive/jealous hero that is totally into the heroine. The Wolf's Capture is a spin on the tale of Wolf and Red Riding Hood, sorta. Ruby comes to the woods to get away from it all. She feels trapped in the city, lonely surrounded by tons of people. She needs to reset her life so she heads to the woods. Once there, she sees the mountain man Wolf watching her...
  • Ruby Ap.
    Another great short novella by author, Jenika Snow :)Ruby just wanted to be away from the read world and enjoy her two weeks vacation, filled with peace, no one to bother her and alone with nature. A perfect combo for a harmonious vacation for her, yet I bet she never thought she would find the love of her life, a mountain man, who from the moment he saw her in town, was captivated by her beauty and determined in claiming her as his :)I loved the...
  • April Symes
    A hot and steamy mountain man Insta Love novella read---Ruby and Wolf have this intense, instant attraction for one another. Wolf lives off the grid by choice. Ruby wants more than her boring 9-5 life. She decides to have an adventure in the mountains. When Wolf and Ruby meet, its instant heat and connection between them. Wolf knows Ruby is his and he isn’t going to take no for her answer. What a quick and steamy read. Ruby is sweet ands sassy ...
  • ♥️Fantasy Land Blog Book Reviewer♥️
    This is a very short story. Not much of a story at all. Mostly a guy takes a girl and screws her brains out. Then the girl decides that she can't live without him/his penis and never leaves. I am not sure if I liked this story or didn't as there wasn't much to it at all. So it is up to you if you want to read it, to be honest.
  • Ca Fender
    Oh my hotness. I love these little, short, hot stories Jenika keeps writing. This is the story of Ruby and Wolf. Ruby decides to take a much needed vacation and rents a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Wolf catches sight of the red headed Ruby and knows that he’s going to claim her as his. If you want a very quick stream read, grab this one. The only thing this author leaves me wanting is a follow up story of their future. ChristinaBook Haven Bo...
  • Diana's (Books And Coffee Cups)
    Yaasss Mrs Jenika Snow!!!!... Love, Love,Love!.... This book is amazing and hot, I mean can we make it longer next time ?!?!?!?!
  • Rachele
    3.5 stars ⭐ Over the top and insta every thing. I actually thought there would be more to it. It kinda dies off for me once he takes her the first time. 3.5 stars ⭐️ Over the top and insta every thing. I actually thought there would be more to it. It kinda dies off for me once he takes her the first time.
  • Bubbles The Book Pimp
    Review to follow
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    If you're looking for a mountain man Insta Love story then snap this up. It's a fantastic dirty quickie. Wolf lives off the grid by choice. Preferring to live away from society. Ruby craves more than her mundane 9-5 life. An adventure in the mountains is just what she needs. When the two cross paths - Kaboom 💥 This mountain man isn't taking no for an answer. Such a great read. I received an arc of this book.
  • Jenny Prose
    4 Stars Wolf & Ruby Review Jenika Snow is the master are MFD (Meet, F*ck, Done) stories and The Wolf's Capture is no different. It is seriously a super quick read, with no real storyline, backstory or development of characters, because you're not in the story long enough to care. It is sexy as hell with the most alpha male you could imagine. If you are looking for 60 minutes of escapism with some hot steamy smut, this is the book for you.
  • Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews*
    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.1.5/2 Stars! The Review: This short novella was not what I expected. Putting aside the multitude of grammatical mistakes because it was an ARC, the story had promise and I LOVED the cover, but it just fell flat for me. The writing seemed... off. I have enjoyed this author's work in the past, but this one felt rushed. Whereas her oth...
  • Rhonda
    This was a fast, insta-love story between Wolf, who lives in the mountains off the grid and Ruby, the girl who wanted to get away from it all! The characters were predictable, but that was okay. I enjoyed this book a lot. When he cares for her after an accident, the instant love is so thick you can literally cut it with a knife. Even still Wolf is very caring and loving with her. Great story, great characters.
  • Malissa
    So I enjoyed this book for what it is, the problem I had ultimately was there wasn't much of it. I recognize that it is a novella and totally knew that going in but it felt short even for a novella and I think that there is so much promise in this story that it could have easily (says the non-writer, eep) been a full length novel. There is so much backstory to be had, so much angst, (even though I typically hate it) drama, and character developme...
  • Lamplight Review
    This one was quick and to the point. Perfect for the reader that just wants a quick bite with all the satisfaction of a full meal. Strong female, spike of drama, stalking man and some hot romance.Easily this story could be developed into a full length story and honestly I really wish it would.Personally, going out into the middle of nowhere would scare the heck outta me, so for that reason alone Ruby gets all the props. But it is her adventurous ...
  • Christine
    First thing first; I read an unedited ARC of this story for review, so I will assume that the grammar and spelling problems will be fixed in the published edition. I also hope that an editor will say something about the sheer volume of the heroine licking her own lips. I don't know why that trope is so often used in so many books; it's not overly sexy and would lead to severely chapped lips if done in real life.  My rating does not reflect these...
  • **Elle**Bee**Double U**
    I find myself getting more and more disappointed with each book this author puts out.When I first discovered her books I was ecstatic. Alpha hero who is all about the heroine.Sometimes a little drama, but nothing major.She writes a wide variety of genres so no matter what you can usually find something to wet your appetite. However....This one was a big disappointment. Just like the last (I think) 4 books I read previously by this author. They al...
  • Amy
    2.5 star ratingI love fairytale retellings and this promised to be a super short and sexy read so I was excited when it arrived on my kindle. But I found myself a bit disappointed. There was little to no story... which I expected as a sexy short retelling and was totally okay with, but there wasn’t any so-hot-I-need-to-fan-myself moments either. In fact the only sexual encounter in the book falls beyond short in my opinion. It’s like when you...
  • Lita Thomas
    The Wolf's Capture by Jenika Snow is another hot novella of a young lady being claimed by a big alpha male. Ruby has decided to go off the grid. She rents a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Ruby feels the time alone will allow her to reevaluate her life. The cabin has no electricty and no running water. The possibility of phone reception is non existent. While on a hike she is startled by Wolf Jagger, a man she has seen in town and knows he lives ...