Protecting Freedom by Alexa Riley

Protecting Freedom

Honor is the president’s daughter and she’s expected to behave a certain way. She’s spent her whole life living by the rules...until the newest member of the Secret Service shows up. Washington has done his best to watch her and keep his hands and his dirty thoughts to himself. But it’s her eighteenth birthday and he’s been left in charge of guarding her. How closely can he watch her body without giving in to his urges? Not long. Warnin...

Details Protecting Freedom

TitleProtecting Freedom
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Novella, Contemporary

Reviews Protecting Freedom

  • Alexa Riley
    She's LIVE!!! LINK:
  • ♡Tonya♡
    Another great Alexa Riley read!This was a great little story. Packed full of instalove and safe! Perfect little holiday read!- no cheating- no ow/ om drama-no violence of a sexual nature- older man/ younger woman- safe- neither with others after they met - ok epilogue
  • Bookloverme
    I really enjoyed the story. It's a quick insta-love read and I felt their connection right from the beginning. It's about Washington and Honor.She's the President's daughter and he's the lead agent in her dad's security detail. Now, he's in charge of guarding her.She wants him and she thinks he doesn't notice her. But he's just biding his time until she turns eighteen. He will do everything to have her and protect what's his.It has cute epilogues...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    3.5 Hurrah For the Red, White and Very Blue Stars* * * 1/2 Spoiler Free Here's to the Alexa Riley July 4th release! In keeping with all things Riley, we have an inst- sort of love. You see these two have been eyeing each other for three years. Now that would be fine except with true naughty twist, our girl Honor was fifteen the first time Washington saw her and fell hard. Also he was a new recruit to the Secret Service to protect her father, the ...
  • Chitra *CJ*
    Oooh taboo smut between Pres' daughter and bodyguard? MEOW! “Protecting Freedom” is the story of Honor and Washington.Short, insta love, sweet story between the president’s daughter and her bodyguard.Minimal angst, no drama and hot sex.Good for a quick read. Safe3/5
  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    Perfect smutty book for this 4th July celebration time!A smoking hot ‘President daughter’ pairing with her very own Secret Service OTT alpha Bodyguard!Fireworks guaranteed! ;)
  • XxTainaxX
    Quick and dirty. Safe read and it served my purpose as a palette cleanser between heavier books. ;)
  • Jenny
    Sweet and sexy story, obsessed and possessive hero and sweet heroine. I don't like stories about bodyguards but this short read was cute. Nice epilogue with one kid and pregnant heroine.
  • Sabrina The Trash Queen
    I’m a sucker for AR books. And that’s no new news for anyone.
  • Dee's Books
    "Freedom is on the move" in "Protecting Freedom" White House insta-love story... Loved Washington and Honor's sexy but OTT love story. So worth a read!
  • C
    4/5Safe read-Insta love-Virgin h-OTT alpha-No OW Drama -HEA with epilogue
  • Kayla Brunson
    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Steamy romance just in time for the fourth of July? Alexa Riley has got me again! Like can we take a second to talk about the names of the characters? Our heroine's name is Honor, the love interest is names Washington, the president’s secretary is name July, and her code name with the secret service is Freedom? So many fourth of July references and I loved it! I fell hard and fast for Hon...
  • Neringa Neringiukas
    It's sweet and sexy story, that have sexy and possessive H, who's so over the top crazy for his girl. It's great quick read.
  • Erin
    Classic and wonderful AR.
  • Nova
    Alexa Riley never fails to disappoint perfect read for a quick lunch break.Honor is the perfect role model and the perfect daughter of the president just about to turn eighteen she’s fed up of doing the right thing all the time especially when what she would rather be doing is the head of security Washington! She’s loved Washington since her eyes met his when she was fifteen and although she knows it’s wrong and her father won’t agree she...
  • Elizabeth Neal
    Washington knows as a Secret Service agent there are rules to follow, stricter ones than most due to the nature of his new job.Honor, as the President's daughter, knows all eyes are on her at any given second, but hers are too busy watching the new agent.He knows he can't touch her. She knows the trouble it can cause.But neither can resist for long, especially now that Honor is eighteen and they're free to be together. Or are they?Can Washington ...
  • Janice Somers
    Quick dirty read. I enjoyed reading the novella.Honor is the daughter of the The President. She will be eighteen in 10 hours. She will be old enough to make her own decisions and be herself. The first time she saw him she was fifteen and she knew that she loved him.Washington is the President's lead security. He has been for three years. Since the first time he saw the President's daughter, he knew she was going to be his when she is old enough t...
  • Kelly
    This story is short, sweet, safe and full of Insta-goodness! It was exactly what I needed after a stressful week.4 big stars!
  • M.K.
    Washington and Honor were hot AF! This story was fantastic! Another must read!
  • E-Reader Addict
    What better way to spend the 4th of July holiday than reading a book about a president’s daughter and the president’s Secret Service agent?!Honor was 11 when her father was elected president, and she was 15 when former Marine Washington became a Secret Service Agent in charge of protecting the president. Now, less than a day away from turning 18, she’s determined to catch the attention of the man she’s loved for three years.Washington lik...
  • M M
    Great story, I loved it. I love that he waited for her and there was no one else since he first seen her even though she was only 15. Slight push/pull but only cause he was waiting till she was 18. Slight om but only cause he wanted info on the president then decided to settle for Honor. Great read.
  • Jennifer Finn
    I love it in a book when a woman falls for her bodyguard it makes me wanna start singing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. Honor is the daughter of the President of the United States and she’s a day away from turning 18. Her dad (Henry) was elected when she was eleven years old and that’s when everything changed. She misses the ranch they used to live on in Tennessee and would love nothing more than to move back there in six months w...
  • Babel
    The sweetest romance wrapped up in patriotism, possessive bodyguards and love that defies all obstacles.I'd have wanted double of this cutie of a novella. The hard security man melts down into caveman mode when the President's daughter turns 18 and she's threatened in the very White House. I devoured this story because the couple starts with a chasm between them, but slowly turns into a volcano of lust and promises of white picket fences. Honor h...
  • April Symes
    Older man/younger woman romance , intense attractions, taboo feelings and sizzling heat. A lot is packed into this novella read. Honor is the daughter of the The President. She will be 18 in less than 10 hours. Washington is the President’s head of security and has been for the past 3 years. Washington feel head over heels in love with Honor the moment he saw her and knew he would make her his the moment she became legal. Think steamy, red-hot ...
  • Hanna's Book Obsession
    I Absolutely Loved "Protecting Freedom"!!! It was so so good!!!! The perfect Alexa Riley book and one of my Favorites by them!!!!This book was short but so amazing!! It was steamy and super angsty and just everything I wanted!!! Honor and Washington are such a sexy freaking couple!!! So much forbbiden goodness is in this book and I LOVED it!!! This whole book was so good!!! It will definitely leave a smile on your face!!! Make sure you Read this ...
  • Reigne
    Slut version of first daughter and secret service story... I am interested to know their age gap...
  • phoebess
    It was alright. There were hints planted, though, that could made it really steamy and more entertaining.
  • Lisa books
    FreedomIt's a cute hot book with instant love between President daughter and agent. Great book for 4th of July holiday
  • María
    Terrible names and not even a story. I wasn't expecting much and I'm still disappointed.