Slaying It (Chicagoland Vampires, #13.5) by Chloe Neill

Slaying It (Chicagoland Vampires, #13.5)

A brand new novella in the New York Times bestselling series featuring vampires in the Windy City.Merit, Sentinel of Chicago's Cadogan House, is pregnant. She's ready to meet her daughter, but also very excited about the possibility of seeing her feet again. But trouble always seems to find her...Ethan and Merit have been married for eight months, and they're preparing for life-with-baby. Ethan's battling his overprotectiveness, while Merit's hop...

Details Slaying It (Chicagoland Vampires, #13.5)

TitleSlaying It (Chicagoland Vampires, #13.5)
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Novella, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Slaying It (Chicagoland Vampires, #13.5)

  • Suzanne
    So great to get a little more of Merit, Ethan and the rest of the gang. Also, to see what happened after Merit brought Margot and Jonah together. And of course, our first introduction to their daughter! Plus as expected, a little action and mystery to solve. I really miss this series.
  • Marishka
    SLAYING IT takes place between the last chapter and epilogue of BLADE BOUND.Not quite what I was expecting. I loved seeing Merit pregnant and the birth of Elisa. But I had no interest in Jonah and Margot - none at all. So their parts brought it way down for me. It was basically about Margot's past and then her and Jonah getting together with a side of Merit. Plus why would Ethan allow a pregnant Merit to walk alone and not even have a bodyguard w...
  • keikii
    61 points/100 (3.25 stars/5).Merit is pregnant - and just survived a kidnapping attempt. Also, Margot and Jonah dance around each other.How did I manage to get baby ever aftered the same damn series? I should have read what this was about better. I was really looking forward to just Merit and Ethan and the baby Elisa. That isn't what this is about.I swear I saw somewhere that this was meant to bridge the gap between the last book in Ch...
  • Cindy
    5 stars! Chicagoland Vampire series is one of my all time favorite book series. I've seriously missed every single one of these characters. Can't wait to read the first book in the spinoff series, Wild Hunger (Heirs of Chicagoland)!
  • ClockworkBookworm
    Loved being back in that world. Chloe Neill needs to write more soon.
  • Eileen Predmore
    This series has been one of my favorites for years. I have loved watching Ethan and Merit in their journey to build a life together, and it has been worth every monent. Chloe has created yet another great story in their lives along with all the rest of the Cadogen cast as support. Can't wait to see what mischievous adventures Eliza gets into now that she had arrived. God help Ethan and Merit. Loved it, ready to read Wild Hunger.
  • Pili
    It was quite a short story but I'm glad we got to see Merit pregnant and also that those two got together!! Quite ready now for the offspring's story next month!!
  • Stef
    😫😫😫😫 I love Ethan and Merit so much 😍
  • April
    The Blade Bound Outtake we waited forA final novella for the Cadogans before we dive into the next generation. Was an enjoyable read and nice to see Jonah get a happy ending. Not quite as witty and paced as the others but still satisfying.
  • Greeneyes9999
    Omg what a teaserIt’s been so so so long since I’ve had my Merit fix. This was just a teaser for the much anticipated next book coming out. Please write more Chicagoland Vampire books! They are soooo badly needed by us greedy book devours and devoted fans of your characters and of your amazing talent! I’m off to reread Book 1 thru to this one which is my norm but I forgot it was being released and when I opened my Kindle app I was lost and ...
  • Darcy
    This one was fun to read because pregnant Merit and still trying to be Sentinel, seems like an oxymoron to me. Big belly, center of gravity off, swords and fighting, not sure how all of that mixes in reality. On the page it worked, of course there wasn't much fighting and that is what worked. Merit being Merit, managed to find trouble and get herself out of it, which then made the whole House jump in to protect Merit and baby. It was fun to see s...
  • Kathy Martin
    Merit is very pregnant when she is almost kidnapped. Both the vampires and the ombuddies want to find the guy who attempted the kidnapping to remove the threat to Merit. Meanwhile, Merit is concerned about Margot and Jonah's relationship. They seem like a perfect couple but something isn't clicking. It turns out Margot is still attempting to get over her abusive relationship with her previous boyfriend. Things get more complex when it is discover...
  • Jennifer Shiels
    Slaying It was a great novella. The readers get a little perspective into Merit's pregnancy and how Ethan feels. We also get to read Jonah and Margot's point of view. Merit's in her 37th week of her pregnancy and it seems she has about the same problems as humans. Ethan has total adoration and complete love for Merit and his little girl. Of course, shenanigans still happen in the Chicagoland Vampires world and someone tries to kidnap Merit. And l...
  • Tiffany Williams
    Slaying ItThis is what I needed, a look into their lives while Merit was pregnant. I know if it was up to the fans this series would never end and like the saying goes, all good things come to an end. I am so happy for the glimpse and thankful for the continuation, in a way, of the series through the descendants of the characters we first fell in love with. Thank you for your wonderful books!
  • Jana
    As always an amazing book. I was so excited to get more Chicagoland vampires and it was a nice tie into the spin off coming up. The multiple points of view helped round out the story and give in inside scoop to some of the other characters in this series. Defiantly recommend it as a read to anyone and everyone.
  • shawna
    Not enough about the baby that's what I thought this story was going to be about I was a little disappointed I expected more about the baby. bottle feeds,diaper changes ,little spit up on daddy's nice suits and so on this was more a story on Jonah and the chef i gave a 5 star cause Chloe's writing is always good
  • Samantha Yeates
    And that's a wrap! This amazing novella concludes the Chicago vampires series, taking place between the last chapter and epilogue of Blade Bound. Amazing conclusion, sad to see it end, and extremely excited to start a new journey with Elisa Sullivan soon! As always, Chloe Neill has managed to leave me with no regrets and a huge smile on my face.
  • Norma Storms
    An interesting beginning for Merit and Erhan"s daughterAttemp to kidnap a pregnant vampire for money and see how that works out for you when you're up against the members of Cadogwen house. A well crafted tale that makes me want Elisa's story that much more. A great series for vampire and mystery fans.
  • Incorrigible_bibliophile
    This was the series resolution that I had been waiting for. Blade Bound hadn't wrapped things up the way I had hoped and I was left feeling like the series had ended abruptly and unsatisfactory. This novella wrapped things up nicely and bridged this series with the new spinoff regarding Merit and Ethan's daughter.
  • Nikolina Pierce
    The Chicagoland Vampires series is one of my all time favorite books that deals with the paranormal. I really enjoyed seeing Darth Sullivan & Duchess along with the rest of their house as the author beautifully wraps up their story. However, I am super excited to read the spinoff series. I know that it is going to be filled with kickass, strong, brave and witty characters.
  • Renee Barattini-Daniel
    Slaying ItThank you, Chloe. Neill, for another amazing tale from the Chicagoland Vampire world. This is one of the top series I've read, and I eagerly await each new installment. Although this is a novella, rather than a full-length novel, it neatly completes several story lines from the last novel in a very satisfying way. Can't wait for the next edition!
  • Kathleen
    Short and sweetAn interlude story in the Chicagoland series. Merit is still feisty and fierce. It's a quick read but stumbles a bit. A head of security who lapses into routine?! Ethan allowing pregnant Merit walking alone and unarmed? Merit unarmed?! SideStory well done.
    Beautiful Quick little novella I love Ethan and merit and this was no different a very pregnant merit throw in a little drama and then a birth and it was very sweet good catch up indeed
  • Jacquelyn
    A perfect bridge between the original series & the new one. I love these characters and can never get enough. I love the side characters just as much as the leads. Everyone is full of snark, humor, & pop culture references. These are my kind of characters.
  • Tina
    It could've been a full length book, and expanded on Merit's pregnancy as well as the relationship between Margot and Jonah, but as a bridge between the Chicagoland Vampires series and the Heirs of Chicagoland it worked pretty well.
  • Kris
    Fantastic readI absolutely loved this book. I loved seeing Merit pregnant and all that went with that. I liked Jonah's part in this story, it seemed very fitting. If you liked the other books in this series you will like this one.
  • Debra
    SmileAnother great read. This story was short but packed with a lot of Ethan and Merit, along with Jonah who is always nice to read about. Someone is trying to kidnap Merit and it is someone from a house members past. Read this novella to find out who it is. Highly recommend!!!!
  • Selina Durio
    Pregnant Merit 😀A pregnant Cadogen Sentinel Merit was a hilarious thing. Not even pregnancy could keep her down. This was a great short read that let us visit with some main characters post the apocalypse of the previous story.
  • Charlie
    More, pleaseAmazing, wonderful, and all Chicago land fans will agree, too short. Not incomplete, but greedy readers of the good stuff always want more. Can hardly wait for the new series, but this was a great snack.
  • Shannon
    Congrats to Ethan and Merit on their little bundle of joy!A perfect bridge to the spinoff series. Love, intrigue, childbirth, and all of our favorite characters. Plus a new friend for little Elisa.