Mogul (Manhattan, #2) by Katy Evans

Mogul (Manhattan, #2)

A brand new contemporary romance from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans. He's my most delicious secret. The hot Suit I had a one-night stand with one evening. I didn't know anything about him, not even his name. Only that we shared a taxi, and he was staying at the hotel where I worked. We met in room 1103. Where he commanded not only my body but my soul. The next day he was gone and I only had a mem...

Details Mogul (Manhattan, #2)

TitleMogul (Manhattan, #2)
Release DateMay 31st, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Did Not Finish, Contemporary

Reviews Mogul (Manhattan, #2)

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! Mogul (stand-alone). Sara’s life is turned up-side down by mysterious & non-committal “Hot Suit” mogul with a 9-inch cock! “Sex with you is amazing. Euphoric. Out of this fucking world. I’ve never been so in love with a guy’s dick. It’s perfect. Gorgeous. Thick and—”“I get it. You like my dick.” Books in series are stand-alones:Book 1: TycoonBook 2: Mogul“He wants us to see where this goes, to casually...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳A one night stand filled with raw passion, making the reader crave for more of Katy Evans and her phenomenal love stories... ➳One night stand romances are always very cliche when I read them. This new standalone has made the exception where my crave to wanting more of Ian and Sara is to the top. Meeting under unexpected circumstances, Ian and Sara decide to explore a sexual chemistry that is very instant when drawn upon each other's gazes. O...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****4.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}Seeing him again, his gorgeous face, his sexy designer slacks, and that crisp white shirt, inhaling his intoxicating scent, I’m reminded why I haven’t stopped thinking about him since that night. This guy makes me hungry. Hungry like someone who hasn’t eaten for days and is standing before a chocolate buffet, and chocolate is her favorite.If you love a steamy romance with a hotter than h...
  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    When I read this author, Katy Evans, she leaves me completely breathless. The way she builds her hero’s, just damn..... I’m going to keep this short and sweet. You know Katy writes phenomenal, and if you haven’t tried her, what the heck are you waiting for.....! I’m going to list the nicknames these super sexy MC’s called each other, because honestly, I loved this part of her book 💕 Hot Suit, My Delicious Workaholic, My Dirty Suit, Y...
  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    “Why does love and romance need to be so damn complicated.” Wow, I really adored Mogul by Katy Evans. I have certainly read my fair share of one night stand stories that turn into something more, but this one was different. If I had to summarise how, it would be the intensity of it. The writing and characters really captured me from the start; it was so hot, steamy and full of oh-so-much intense chemistry. You can’t help but be drawn into ...
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    5 Stars!(ARC provided by author) Sara Davies is a gorgeous 28 yr. old woman living in New York. She’s been a dancer her whole life, and attended the NYU dance academy. Her dream is to be on broadway and perform for an audience, but an injury puts her plans on hold. She now works as a concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel to make ends meet.One evening Sara shares a taxi with a beautiful stranger she laters learns is a guest at her hotel. They shar...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    ❤5 stars❤I loved this story from the beginning!Mogul was an intense,hot and passionate story!It was fast paced and the writing was fantastic!I read it so fast and I didn't want to finish!The chemistry between Ian and Sara was off the charts hot!They were sensual,erotic and hot!Sara is one of Katy Evans best airline's!She is sassy,smart and strong!Ian is sexy and he makes me swoon and melt for him!Overall, it was another fantastic story!I devo...
  • Sophia Triad
    The book is fluffy and intense at the same time.I LOVED the fast-paced start: “Four Seasons concierge, this is Sara speaking.”“Sara, this is the gentleman from room 1103.”“Oh, yes. How can I help you, sir?”“I’d like your panties in a little wad in my pocket and you thrashing in my bed.”Blush. “Right away, sir.” Let's get down to business straight away! After this, I totally invested on the relationship of Sara (the wannabe p...
  • Leonor
    This book is full of clichés. And apparently it's romantic to be treated like a sex toy. Pathetic weak horny heroine.Douche bag of married hero (IMO) Catty wife.Here's some nice quotes.“Fucking Ian Ford. My greedy pussy even ripples at the sight of his name! Ugh. I exhale and send out a rather long, detailed text. I’m such a horny little slut.”“His cock is made for sex and pleasure, and right now nothing can convince me that it wasn’t ...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    We remember Sara as Bryn's roomie from TYCOON.And now she's here to tell her own story - which is taking place at the same time as the first book.Bryn just moved in with Sara and Sara just had the most amazing one-night stand with her mystery guy in the hotel where she works. Or used to work, because now she's been let go ...But she can't forget her hot mystery suit!Ian.We met him for a second in TYCOON when he visited his grandma - who's dog Sar...
  • Beatrice ~ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
    Mogul is the second book in the Tycoon series but it can be read as a standalone. This one is about Bryn's roommate, Sara Davies. She's a professional dancer who suffered an injury and works as a concierge at a four star hotel. She meets the hot and enigmatic Ian Ford after sharing a taxi together and he happens to be an elite guest at the hotel she's working at. They had a wild one night stand and briefly parted ways. Ian kept himself busy while...
  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    4 'My Yummy Suit' Stars!ARC provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.You must know by now that I am a massive fan of Katy Evans. I always have crazy high expectations when it comes to her books, even more when I rated the previous one (Tycoon) with my special rating. As you can imagine, Aaric Christos continues being my favorite but Ian Ford definitely did not leave me indifferent. Who does not love a sexy a...
  • Kindling Micky
    This is an incredibly difficult review for me to write because I want to remain respectful to an author I admire hugely and I also need to be true to an honest review, because that’s who I am as a reviewer. I simply disliked most things about this book. I found the heroine, Sara both annoying and insipid. Her admiration of Ian was pretty annoying. Her dialogue, particularly her nicknames for Ian, her own private parts and calling herself a ‘h...
  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
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  • Jemima
    ok..let me just start out by saying that Katy Evans is one of my favourite author. Her Real Series? They are a constant companion, always within reach...always there to get me out of a reading slump. Having said that, It saddens me to admit that I did not enjoy Mogul as much as I thought I would...At this moment, I must emphasise the fact that Mogul is NOT a bad read.. it's naughty, sexy and at times feels somewhat illicit. But I felt like the st...
  • Jonetta
    Sara Davies is an aspiring Broadway dancer looking for her first break and working as a 5-star hotel concierge. She shares an airport taxi with a businessman to her hotel, where he also happens to be staying. The next day, when the guest in Room 1103 calls with an unusual (and provocative) request, Sara throws her inhibitions out the door and responds. At first she was fine with how they both walked away from the encounter, not ever having shared...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    3.5 Best Taxi Ride Ever Stars* * * 1/2 Spoiler Free When I was much younger...I moved to NYC, had a "career type job" and learned about Lust, Men and that Look...Yeah, you know the one, the one where you meet someone and you both click in the moment. You see what is ahead... and no, it isn't insta- love... it is this lustful connection and you just want to be devoured. Well, I have to say, Katy Evans captures that moment perfectly in the beginnin...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    4 ★'s One thing I can say for sure is that when you read a Katy Evans book, you know what you're getting and this one is no exception.Ian and Sara meet when they share a taxi ride from the airport and he ends up at the hotel where she works. She's decided to take control of her life and live a little more so when he invites her to his room, she doesn't hesitate and boy, is it HOT! I really don't know how to explain it but it was a mixture of so...
  • Christine
    Note to self about book: So tired of stories that involve one-night stands that lead to more. *eye roll* My opinion. Reading is subjective. Can we think of something else for a story concept?!?!
  • Sophie
    I was given an advanced reading copy of this story, courtesy of the author but it had no influence whatsoever on my willing and honest review. 4 sweet stars Mogul is the epitome of two people finding love when they did not expect nor especially wanted to find it.Take one hot and sexy but brooding famous producer.Add a lovely free spirited concierge but aspiring dancer.Put them in a cab together.Let it simmer and witness the heat building up at ...
  • ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader
    *4.5 stars*Loved it!!!! This book was so good I didn’t want it to end. Ian, my sexy Ian. I love him so much! He’s sexy, loyal, ambitious, hardworking, a gentleman and such a HOT alpha. He’s one of my favorite H’s from Katy. I loved Sara too. She’s so sassy and a perfect match for Ian. I really liked that she always told him what she wanted, she wasn’t shy and I really appreciated that! These two have so much chemistry together my Kind...
  • Jacqueline's Reads
    3 This series might not be for me StarsI love Katy Evans. I love her Real and President series, but there’s something about this series that I can’t connect with. I thought doing an audio version would better my experience and I think it did, but it wasn’t enough.I didn’t like the narrators. I know everyone loves them, but I find the female had a too deep voice. Let’s face it, she sounds older and it doesn’t match the Heroine’s char...
  • Ramona
    I love Katy, but this book was not as convincing as I would have wanted. The characters were OK, thrilling and daring, but the plot was practically non-existing. It only focused on Ian and Sara's relationship and sexual tension, without giving too much credit to the plot and what actually needs to happen in a 200 and something book.
  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    4.5 “OMG. YES.” Stars!Katy Evans has always been and will always be a “drop everything and read” author for me. I love the way she tells a story, love the way she writes her heroes, which are always so masculine and sexy and delicious. I’m obsessed with her characters, the way they see the world, the way her men love their woman, the way they treat them like the queens they are, and Ian in Mogul is EVERYTHING. Smitten with Sara immediat...
  • Becca - ✭Little Red Reading Hood✭
    I do love everything Katy Evans writes. I've read all of her book, and I loved all of them. But with this one, I feel like something's missing. It worked with amazing characters, but somehow, the plot wasn't that thick. I mean, okay, we can say it's erotica, but I'd love to see more plot.Sara is my favorite Evans heroine to date. I loved how she didn't sugarcoat thing, but went for what she wanted. She was the one solid point in this book, and I'...
  • Francoise
    5 Stars!I adored this story of love conquering all! I really enjoy Katy Evans’s writing style and the way it allows me to feel involved in the story and the beautiful romance. This book was captivating, engaging and romantic, I just could not put it down. The way this story is written, so full of depth and raw emotions, is what makes it so absorbing and believable. This sexy story is very much character driven, and the author takes the time to ...
  • Lacey (Booklovers For Life)
    Originally posted at Booklovers For LifeThere’s no one who writes a better man-in-a-suit than Katy Evans. I adore her alpha, possessive heroes, and the women who knock them off their feet. Mogul is her latest standalone, and though it is connected to a previous novel of hers, Tycoon, it can be read as a standalone. It’s sexy, intense, and romance, basically everything I hope and expect from a Katy Evans book. If you’re a long-time fan, you...
  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    There is no mucking around or slow build with this story. It gets off to a sexy start pretty much instantly. So much so that I thought that maybe I had a missed a bit of the beginning but maybe I’m used to things moving at a slower pace. In saying that getting right to the good stuff turned out to be a good thing ☺ Sara is a dancer, hoping for her big break but when she is not auditioning she works as a concierge at a 5 star hotel. A very hot...
  • Karen Mc
    SWEET SIGH. I’m BREATHLESS from another Katy Evans book that BEGUILED me the whole time reading. Sinfully sexy and deliciously dreamy, MOGUL is a heady hit of HEART and HEAT. This sweet and steamy sensation made me SMOLDER and SWOON. Words drenched with desire clenched my core as Mogul made me a minx. Mogul is so sensual ... so sweet ... SO EVERYTHING. ”You’re dreaming.”“Of you.” No one writes alpha gods in suits like Katy Evans: sm...