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From USA Today bestselling author W Winters comes a heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, romantic suspense. I should’ve known she would ruin me the moment I saw her. Women like her are made to destroy men like me. I couldn’t resist her though. Given to me to start a war; I was too eager to accept. But I didn’t know what she’d do to me. That she would change everything. She sees through me in a way no one else ever has. Her innocen...

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GenreDark, Romance

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  • ❤️ Paulette
    Title: ➳ ❤- MercilessAuthor: ➳ Willow Winters⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ღ Three family fighting over territory, in between there is always going to be casualties- hopefully she’ll find Mercy in the man that captured her➦..Her name is Aria Talvery & she the daughter of the most violent crime family in Fallbrook.➦.At times Carter is a man you love to hate. In the end he could be a man that you could easily love- Maybe 💕 ➦.. I loved Carter & ...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    When I read the blurb to Merciless I knew I needed to read it. I enjoyed Possessive by this author and was very curious about Carter's story. While I am (fanatically) obsessed with dark mafia type stories I just could not really connect with Carter and his relationship with Aria. As a result, Merciless was sort of a mixed bag for me.When Carter Cross kidnaps Aria Talvery in a deal with an opposing family, no one could imagine the consequences or ...
  • Linda Dunn
    Gilded CageThis book by Willow Winters left me completely breathless. Carter is a man you love to hate. When he sets his mind on something he wants, he takes it on no holds barred. Carter has his sights on Aria. He knew she was his Achilles heel, but he could not stop himself from making her his and only his. Aria is the only chink in Carter's armor and he hates himself for it.Aria is stronger than she appears as she holds the key to Carter's sou...
  • Cris
    Oh my gosh! I have been waiting for this book ever since I got a glimpse of Carter in Possessive and it was worth the wait. Dark, so much darker than Possessive, and you find yourself tensing up a lot, but you can’t put it down either. Carter is so intense and Aria is so broken, but their attachment to each other defies everything and everyone else. This book does end on a cliffhanger, dang it, but their story continues soon, definitely not soo...
  • Julie Jackson
    This book was phenomenal. Carter is all alpha with dark needs. War is coming and he will get what is wants. Aria knows what it is like to be in his fathers world. She plays the good role but that’s it. She lives in fear. She doesn’t see the redemption coming but Carter is determined to take her fear away. I cannot wait to read their continued story. Excellent storyline. Carter and Aria’s story is like no other you’ve ever read. The darkne...
  • Gwendolyn Thaggard
    Carter owns Aria.His ownership is a condition of war.War against Aria's father and an alliance with her father's enemy.Aria is a pawn.Aria is a symbol.A symbol that her father is weak.A pawn for Carter's games.But they are both victims.All because of the families they were born into.Now that Carter has Aria where he wants her, will be break her?I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book and was not compensated in any way.
  • Nickiann Holt
    Wow, this book had me hanging on the edge of my seat and left me wanting more. Carter is the hot alpha male who has taken ownership of Aria to prove to her family that war is inevitable when it comes to drugs and their turf. The dominance over Aria had so many layers it left the reader wondering what exactly the end result will be. Can love conquer all in the end? This story had beautifully written characters and I cannot wait for the rest of it ...
  • emily
    Wow, just wow!! Merciless was a Great read. I loved reading this and couldn't put it down till I finished it. It kept you on the edge of your seat. Loved Carter and Aria. I can't wait to read the next book to see what happens next between the two. Another Awesome book from Willow Winters. I voluntarily reviewed a Advanced Reader copy of this book.
  • Rachal
    Emotional and Hard to put down! Carter and Aria's story will leave you absolutely speechless! Willow takes you through a plethora of emotions with this book. You can't help but to love Carter by books end! You'll be on the edge of your seat throughout and begging for more! This is by far my favorite book of Willows and she never disappoints.
  • Angela Thomas
    I knew Carter’s story was going to be a little twisted but I didn’t see it going the way it has. Such a powerful & dangerous man. Aria a beautiful broken soul. These two are going to tell a powerful story. I'm still reeling over this one! Another gripping story from Willow Winter’s.
  • Sue
    This book is AMAZING!!!! Carter is incredible! A wonderfully dark read. I loved it
  • Cat
    Willow Winters has done it again and this book is going down as my early favourite of 2018. This book is gripping; an astounding mix of cruelty, brutality, beauty and frailty combining to produce a story that will leave you shellshocked and wanting more.Carter Cross is the dark knight who works to ensure that his world does not slip from his tight control. Aria Talvery is his songbird, beautifully broken by a world in which women are only pawns. ...
  • Karina
    What a wonderful book. The way Ms Winters is able to weave so much into a story is amazing. Carter and Aria are awesome. Carter definitely has a dark side to him and Aria is so sheltered to what the world she lives in is all about. Yes, she knows her father is not a good man but she knows little else. She is damaged from what happened to her mother and doesn't even know it. Carter has his own past he is dealing with in regards to Aria's father an...
  • Vaneece
    Mercy... Is the only word I have for this book. This book is beyond words! I feel for Aria and sometimes I just want her to give in so Carter will be nicer. He tends to be a jerk but you still have this love/hate feelings about him. I can't make myself put him above Daniel and even Jace. I don't know enough about Declan get. But Carter makes me want to hurt him. I am sure there are reasons for his behavior and I want so much more of him. I recomm...
  • Toni
    Always absolutely speechless after reading one of Willow Winters cliffhanger books!I seriously don't know weather to hate Carter or not. I'm thinking ahead and hoping he's good for Aria. This read is all sorts of dark and yet you can't stop reading every word.The author has some serious talent with words that suck you right in. Lol I usually write how enjoyable a book is but this is not 1 bit that! It's dark and gritty and you are missing out if ...
  • Tanya
    Willow Winters has ourdown herself with this book. Carter is the perfect anti-hero. what amazing characters and I was pulled into this world so deeply that when I finished I just sat there staring for awhile. if you want a book that will consume you this is the one to read.
  • Ratula
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  • Katie Silvi
    Carter Cross is one sinfully addicted alpha! Merciless is an exceptional. Carter is sexy, powerful and dangerous. I love it. It is a book that captures your attention and doesn't let you go. I couldn't help but to fall in love with both Carter and Aria. Page after page, word after word of complete brilliance. I didn't know what to expect with Merciless, but what I got was so much more and everything in between. I can already see that the Cross me...
  • Shontaye Harkness
    "I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book." Shocking, exciting and a definite jaw dropper! This story will make your head spin and the ending leaves you screaming for more!