A Search for Refuge (Haven Manor, #0.5) by Kristi Ann Hunter

A Search for Refuge (Haven Manor, #0.5)

Margaretta Fortescue desperately needs to disappear from London society, and her only hope is to follow the rumors of another young woman who recently made a life for herself away from the glare of society. Her search leads her to the market town of Marlborough where, in spite of her efforts to avoid attention, she can’t seem to elude local solicitor, Nash Banfield. All Nash wants is a quiet, sedate life—no risks or surprises. When Margarett...

Details A Search for Refuge (Haven Manor, #0.5)

TitleA Search for Refuge (Haven Manor, #0.5)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherBethany House
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance, Novella, Regency

Reviews A Search for Refuge (Haven Manor, #0.5)

  • MissCherry
    Una historia corta muy dulce que da inicio a la nueva serie de Kriti Ann Hunter. En este relato conocemos a las dos protagonistas de los siguientes dos libres mientras la autora nos cuenta la historia de Margaretta, una joven que llega a Marlborough huyendo e intentando ocultar un enorme secreto, y Nash, un abogado de un remoto pueblecito que tras un suceso duro de su pasado se ha aislado de todo y todos. El relato consta de diez capítulos bien ...
  • Beth
    A Search for Refuge is a lovely little story. Margaretta is an endearing character, and I found myself empathetic to her plight. I appreciated the realism that Hunter portrays in this story. Women had so few options without the care of a husband, brother, father, etc., and when those options weren't available to them, it was difficult indeed. Though his change of heart seemed a bit abrupt, Nash's protectiveness of those he cares about drew me in,...
  • Staci
    A Search for Refuge is the novella that starts off the new Haven Manor Series. While I enjoyed parts of the story, some pieces including the romance were rather abrupt.
  • Sydney Elaine
    I feel like this story may have done better as a full-fledged novel, because the plot seems pretty interesting and something that I would enjoy reading.However, while I liked it well enough at first, the more I got into it the more I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t really feel invested into the two main characters so their romance really did nothing for me.I don’t know. There are some historical inaccuracies that bother me a little, as ...
  • Hannah
    3.5 starsSome parts were confusing to try to read through, but overall this was a really enjoyable little story. Nash and Margaretta were an interesting couple and made a sweet pair in the end. I liked the exchange Nash and Mr. Fortescue had...also I'm looking forward to Katherine's story this summer.
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    Loved the characters, the setting, and the lead-in to the first book in the series! I love prequels that really add to the backstory and depth of a series.
  • Joleen
    Newly widowed Margaretta needs to escape from her late husband's brother. Traveling round-about routes to throw off anyone who might be following, and with only a modest amount of money, she takes mail coaches as far away from London as she can. The first woman she befriends, and my favorite character, Mrs. Lancaster, offers her a room above her store. But what Margaretta really wants is to find Katherine, a woman who also went into hiding, belie...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    I love the premise behind this new series: Haven Manor—a place for young women who find themselves in ‘a delicate situation’, as they might say, where they can escape the scorn of society and receive the support they need. This novella is set about ten years before the first full-length novel in the series takes place (due to release 5 June 2018) and tells the story of how Haven Manor comes to be. There’s a little bit of intrigue, and I e...
  • Andrea Boyd
    I look forward to the rest of this series. I hope to see more of my favorite character, Mrs. Lancaster!
  • Kristen
    This one was just ok for me...I didn't connect very well to the main characters. Nash had a lot of baggage to deal with and Margaretta...I don't know...Moral Note: Mild talk of pregnancy outside of marriage.
  • Paula Shreckhise
    A Search For Refuge is another delightful tale from Kristi Ann Hunter. In 1804 England, Margaretta is fleeing for her life and trying to find her friend Katherine, who disappeared under questionable circumstances. Can she find the answers and refuge in Marlborough? Are Mrs Lancaster, a local shopkeeper, and Nash Banfield, a solicitor, people she can trust or will they reveal her whereabouts to her father and unscrupulous brother-in-law? Margarett...
  • Sheila Holmes
    3.5 stars.A novella. Under 100 pages, so it was a quick read.Sweet little story. Enjoyable read. Only downloaded it on a fluke, but really glad I did.I can easily recommend this novel. And, I'm thinking about continuing in this series.
  • Amy
    Excited for the new series from Kristi Ann Hunter, and this novella intro was a nice big step into the location and storyline. My major issues with the book, really stem from the fact that its a short story, which provides so many limits that, had this been a full novel, based on what I have read in the past by this author would have ironed out all of those details. At times, it gets a little confusing. We are introduced also to Nash's really big...
  • Rebecca
    " . . .worries belonged to the Lord since He stayed up all night anyway."The Lord only knew how many worries Margaretta carried under the hood of her bright yellow cloak when she stepped off the mail carriage in Malborough, England. Following the trail of a months old letter from a dear friend, she found herself in Lancaster's store, nearly begging for food and dodging questions from a tall, dark and handsome local solicitor.Nash Banfield's keen ...
  • Nicole
    A Search for Refuge (2018) by Kristi Ann Hunter is the first story in her soon-to-release series, Haven Manor. This novella was just released this past Tuesday, March 6, 2018, by Bethany House Publishers. This novella comes in eBook format, and is 129 pages in length. With a full-time job and a very busy five-year old at home, this story took me two days to devour! Currently, this novella is free through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CBD. I downl...
  • Rachael
    I always love a good story, but I really appreciate it when a prequel sets up a series--and this book does a perfect job. Not only is it a different spin on why a girl might find herself alone and on the run, but it also sets up a haven for others in desperate need, and hence the series. As such, it has a bit heavier subject matter than the author's previous books, but it promises to be both intriguing and moving. I just wish we didn't have to wa...
  • Amy
    I loved this sample of Kristi Ann Hunters new series. I'm glad that there is more coming because I hated putting this one down.What would you do to protect yourself and loved ones when danger loomed? I'm sure that there were many instances of unwed young mothers in history and the desperate measures they had to take for survival. This book opens up what I hope was a possibility for some of them and I can't wait to read more.
  • Dana Michael
    Sweet Regency NovellaThis was a sweet and clean novella about a young woman who had married for advantage and not for love. She was on the run looking for an acquaintance in a small town to get help. She meets an older widow Lady who takes her in and also a handsome solicitor. I can't wait to start the first story in this series. I love the fact the novella had an excerpt in it for the first book
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    This book has made me excited to read the new full length book for this series by Kristi Ann Hunter.The characters are facing some trials and need faith, love, friends, etc to help them get through it.I "purchased" a copy for Free on my Kindle.
  • Anne
    Well-written introduction for the next series. I wish it had been full length. Hunter has a way with words and characters and I thoroughly enjoyed all of these!
  • Leah
    This was a sweet story. I liked the characters and the romance. I also liked the ending. It took a few turns that I wasn't expecting. The "villain" is still on the loose, so I hope that is taken care of in the next book, but if it isn't, I am happy with what happened. I look forward to seeing how things work out for the other characters--Kit and Daphne. They deserve a bit of romance and a HEA.
  • Cheryl-Lynn
    A cute read but solutions to problems came too quick and easy.
  • BlueJeansAndTeacups
    •°o•:*:•.A MOST ENJOYABLE REGENCY READ.•:*:• o°•Marlborough, England 1804Margaretta Fortescue arrives tired and dusty in Marlborough after 3 days of changing mail coaches to try and escape danger. She heads for a small grocer to ease her grumbling stomach, only to meet with Mrs. Lancaster who is the friendly and chatty proprietor. Little does she know she has been followed by the local solicitor, Mr. Nash Banfield who has promised t...
  • The Books and Biscuits Blog
    A Search for Refuge – Kristi Ann Hunter (4.5-5 Stars)Ms. Hunter kicks off her Haven Manor series with a free e-novella, A Search for Refuge. Margaretta Fortescue finds herself running from her previous life to the small town of Marlborough. She hopes to discover a solution to her current predicament through the wisdom of an old friend, who also seemed to disappear from London society along a similar route. Along the way, Margaretta is taken und...
  • Vickie
    Margaretta Fortescue steps off the mail coach in Marlbourgh, England with the purpose of finding her friend Katherine. Katherine has disappeared from society and Margaretta has reasons to want to disappear as well. She walks with determination in the opposite direction of the inn in search of a less visible place to stay. She sees a woman sweeping in front of a store just as her stomach reminds her it's been hours since she has eaten, so she step...
  • Debbie
    What a wonderful novella about trust, acceptance, and living life to the fullest. Margaretta Fortescue leaves London for protection from her brother-in-law after the death of her husband. She arrives in Marlborough looking for her friend who had disappeared under suspicious circumstances. However, she had received a letter from Katherine that came from this small town. Perhaps she will find her friend there.Nash Banfield is a local solicitor who ...
  • Sandra
    I love this author. What ever she writes, I want to read. Kristi gives us just enough in this well written novella "A Search for Refuge", to wet our appetite. This novella is Margaretta's story. The first book of the Haven Manor Series, "A Defense of Honor" is Kit's story, coming out in June. I'm not sure I can wait until then. We will also learn about Daphne and Jess later on, not sure when they will be coming out. From Kristi's web page : "The ...
  • Michelle Lunsford
    Interesting characters that draw you into their story from page one. The women in this narrative are strong, with big hearts facing big situations.I think it's always a little tricky to get the right balance of plot, character arc, and chemistry in a novella. The brevity of the format requires providing information and detail quickly in order to get the story told, while still allowing for development to keep the reader's interest. A Search for R...
  • Terressa
    The perfect story to introduce the series. Just enough to wet your appetite before the grand story begins but also enough to feel satisfied that a true story took place introducing and knowing the characters. I hope this couple plays big roles in each of the following stories while the other characters get their own story. Disclosure statement:I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists,and/or authors, including Netgalley...
  • Jimnlori
    I loved this novella! It is an introduction to the Haven Manor series by Kristi Ann Hunter. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books in this new series! Margaretta is desperate to get out of London and to somewhere safe where her husband's family hopefully can't find her. Nash Banfield loves his quiet life in his small town and knows something is off about Margaretta as soon as she steps out of the mail coach. Even though he doesn't w...