Eats of Eden by Tabitha Blankenbiller

Eats of Eden

Eats of Eden is a trip into the memory, into the stomach, and into the heart of every woman. These essays of tasty bites, writing, coming-of-age, family, sex, self-esteem—and above all, overcoming personal odds to live your best life—are complete with mouth-watering recipes and memories that will change your relationship with food forever. From self-identity to love affairs with the sinking of the Titanic to cheese snobbery to reconciling the...

Details Eats of Eden

TitleEats of Eden
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherAlternating Current Press
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Food and Drink, Food, Nonfiction, Food Writing, Feminism, Writing, Essays

Reviews Eats of Eden

  • Rene Denfeld
    I loved this book—and blurbed it, and I don't even like cooking! If Tabitha can make a recipe-phobic person like me not just want to read recipes, but perhaps even consider cooking, you know something magical is going on!
  • Leesa
    LOVED IT! BLURBED IT! “Eats of Eden is truly a delicious treat! Blankenbiller is a confident essay writer, making it look easy as she lets us into her hungry heart in this bright, satisfying collection. She waxes on food and being a writer and wrestles with rejection, ambition, and cheese-lust. Peppered with recipes, pop culture, sugar-sweetness, and plenty of nostalgia, this book is a unique, honest, funny, glittery, high-energy explosion of a...
  • Ben
    Read it. And blurbed it, yo.“Is there anything more important than feeling good, eating well, and living passionately? Blankenbiller’s essays would suggest there is not, and I would suggest that with Eats of Eden, there may be no one writing more urgently, humorously, or touchingly about these topics than Blankenbiller herself.”
  • Eric
    I was lucky enough to get in on the ground floor with this book, and I can happily say that it delivers. Blankenbiller writes her life raw. Her defeats and victories are palpable, her day-to-day life is yours. It's rare to meet an author that can transport you so fully--not into an imaginary world, but one that you know exists, that you could find. Blankenbiller does this. Her writing is full of personal insight, full of punches that others might...
  • Steph Post
    Funny, relatable and written with a searing, sharp wit. And there are recipes! (seriously, a well-written collection of personal essays that start with food, but explore all areas of life- highly recommended!)
  • Kendra
    A feast of the senses and the writerly sensibilities, Blankenbiller’s foodoir cuts to the heart of the things that elude us—success, ex-friends, the perfect lemon meringue pie. A debut to savor!(...ALSO THE PATATAS BRAVAS RECIPE COMPLETELY SLAYS.)
  • Kate Swed
    Plenty of laugh out loud moments and sympathetic tears to be shed while reading this clever collection of essays. The recipes truly add something special (and totally sassy). The essays are written with details that transported me to spots I've never visited, with descriptions of meals that made my mouth water. Ms. Blankenbiller is at her best when touching on the woes of weight loss or reflecting on the over-confidence of the new adult years. Th...
  • Sharon
    Eats of Eden is a collection of personal essays, each ending with a recipe. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a coming-of-age story, charting the author’s parallel development as writer, cook, and human. We follow her ambitions and dreams of perfection—at her desk, in the kitchen, and in the realm of friendship and marriage. We cheer her on as if she were our best friend. Because it feels like she is. But it’s the writing that makes...
  • Anna Alexander
    I inhaled this book like a bowl of rich, creamy risotto - licking the bowl when I was done and checking the pot to see if there was any left. I read many books of essays last year and many of them were good, but most of them were so-so. Not this book. I read (and liked) every single essay in this book and, like risotto, found it to be extremely satisfying. The essays, plus the recipes in each chapter made me hungry and wanting more. I highly reco...
  • Jan Stinchcomb
    Yes, you need another sugar cookie recipe.But there is much more to this book than all the recipes and cooking tales. This is a charming debut, a collection of essays on a variety of topics (food, friendship, family, marriage, housing, financial struggle) that centers on one crucial question: how does a writer find her true subject? Blankenbiller has managed not only to contribute to the "foodoir" genre, but to write a book that will appeal both ...
  • Summer
    I *loved* this book and was so sad when I reached the last page. Reading Tabitha's book is like sitting down for coffee with a close friend whom you haven't seen in a while and thus have a lot of catching up to do. If you're not normally an essay person, please do not be put off by the essayed nature of Eats of Eden—each piece really flows so beautifully together, I never felt as though one specific story had ended completely and something bran...
  • Leah Angstman
    I'm the editor for this book, and I completely love it. It's tender and heartfelt, while remaining self-aware and universal. I cried through some parts of it, and laughed out loud at other parts. Through it all, the author combines wit, intelligent writing, humor, recipes, and heart-to-heart time into the perfect balance of essay + story. You'll find a kindred spirit here, and the recipes are delicious.
  • Alternating Current Press
    We are the editors and publisher of this book, so, we're biased, yes! But we adore this foodoir because it is so heartfelt and real. It will make you laugh out loud, and it will make you tear up at the loving friend, mentor, wife, lover-of-life, and foody behind the cover. It is enjoyable from cover to cover, complete with recipes, and it will make you want to live your best life.
  • Jackie
    Tabitha Blankenbiller's foodoir is a delight. I love the idea of this book and I love the actual book. Rich tasty essays and recipes as well. The essays take you on a ride of self exploration and discovery and the food that goes with it.
  • Holly Wendt
    An exceedingly delicious book that tells resonant truths about the process of writing and food. It felt like Blankenbiller had flipped open the top of my head on several occasions. Come for the sense of writerly kinship, stay for the food!
  • Megan Prokott
    Full Review here:
  • Yi
    Take time with this book; enjoy its individual essays and the recipes that accompany them. I think I enjoyed it more for the time it took to finish reading them, and the pace the essays encouraged.