But Not Forever by Jan VonSchleh

But Not Forever

Could she be everything you aren’t, but somehow―still be you?It’s the year 2015 and Sonnet McKay is the daughter of a globe-trotting diplomat, home for the summer from her exotic life. Everything would be perfect if not for her stunning sister, whose bright star has left her in the shadows. In 1895, Emma Sweetwine is trapped in a Victorian mansion, dreaming of wings to fly her far from her mother, who gives her love to her sons, leaving not...

Details But Not Forever

TitleBut Not Forever
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
Publisher SparkPress
GenreYoung Adult, Fiction, Young Adult Paranormal

Reviews But Not Forever

  • Jane
    But Not Forever just didn't do it for me. I really struggled to understand the target audience -- the characters are all teens, but the writing style, story logic, and dialogue was far more suitable to a middle grade audience. I think this would have been a better story if all the characters had been around 12 years old and there had not been any real romance involved. Thank you to NetGalley and SparkPress for providing me with a free electronic ...
  • Heather Cumiskey
    I was fortunate to receive an advanced reader copy of the book. BUT NOT FOREVER is a magical time-traveling adventure that captivates readers from the start. Von Schleh’s sparkling prose sets the stage for the thrilling, intertwining journeys of Sonnet and Emma. Doppelgangers born into separate worlds, both are forced to face family dysfunction and reexamine societal conventions. Love and heartache cross over generations while universe forces a...
  • Jackie
    A time traveling twist sets up a parallel story that manages to interweave the past and present together to give us a cute ya read. “But Not Forever” begins in 2015 with Sonnet and her family investigating an abandoned mansion when she finds herself in a daze and trapped in the closet only to be pulled out by an unknown woman calling her by a different name. On the opposite side of the same coin we have Emma, a young woman in 1895 struggling ...
  • Anne Clermont
    Jan has an incredible way of pulling you into the parallel timelines of Emma and Sonnett. The richness of the Pacific Northwest setting, combined with the sweet romance makes this a book you won't want to put down! Wonderful debut!
  • Deborah (WhiteRabbitWriter)
    Emma, a fifteen year old girl, born to a high class family in 1895 and Sonnet, a fifteen year old girl visiting cousins in 2015, are about to share a life changing experience. After accidentally swapping places and times periods, the girls are forced to live each other’s life for fear of being found out, and will find help in the most unexpected of people, coming to discover a great about themselves and each other in the process.Overall I enjoy...
  • Brittany Lamb
    Rating: 3.25 starsThank you to NetGalley and SparkPress for sending this ARC to me in exchange for an honest review. Initially, I thought I wasn't going to like this book at all. The first chapter jumped right into the story with little background and the switch between Sonnet's first person POV and Emma's third person POV was frustrating. However, the story turned out to be enjoyable enough. The biggest problem I had with this book was that ever...
  • Erin
    This is actually a pretty fun little story. It doesn't have a heck of a lot of depth to it, but there are a lot of details I really liked. While the time-travel story line is cool, it is pretty simple and if there's one thing I could probably maybe tell you it's that time-travel is almost certainly not simple. But Sonnet and Emma are likeable, and even the side characters aren't too bad. It seems strange to me how accepted the idea of the girls s...
  • Heather
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher on Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.While this book is definitely not the best book in the world, it's such a fun read. I really enjoyed reading But Not Forever and finished it in two days. It was an easy, enjoyable book that reminded me a lot of Caroline B. Cooney's series The Time Travelers which I read when I was younger.This book follows two girls named Emma, who's from 1895 and...
  • Julia Inserro
    Engaging from the start. The characters were believable and I was immediately drawn into their worlds - both of them. The time-travel element was cleverly played out and I was captivated the whole way through. And I never saw the final twist coming!
  • Michelle
    Review at https://insearchoftheendofthesidewalk...
  • Janelle Hackbarth
    The plot of a time-traveling-romance is what initially drew me to the book in the first place. That's my favorite genre to read, because I just love the idea of a couple who's not supposed to meet (because they're from different eras) do and fall in love. And this book is going to be in my top 5 of that genre.I thought the first person narrative from Sonnet and the third person narrative from Emma worked well. It gives the readers a good look at ...
  • Julieth
    I really enjoyed reading this book. We have two main characters, Sonnet and Emma. Emma lives in the year 1895 and Sonnet in the year 2015. In a crazy coincidence of fate, they switch places in time. Sonnet and Emma are Doppelgängers, and when they switch, it takes some time to find help in order to get back to their own times. The characters in this story are well written, the romance is present and it is sweet. The story has enough twists to ma...
  • Li Ashfield
    I will be honest and say that I Did Not Finish. I tried a number of times to read this book, as I really liked the premise, but I found the language to be too flowery and full of too many metaphors and the like. It felt like every line needed to be more descriptive than the last, and I thought it would work better a little more paired back. But that's just my opinion!
  • April
    A cute time travel book with a nice cute romance with distinct and realistic characters that makes for an interesting and exciting read. This book kept me so interested I couldn't put it down and ended up staying up late to read it. Overall I would highly recommend it!