The Perfect Family by Samantha King

The Perfect Family

Relentlessly twisting, Samantha King's debut novel is a dark and brilliant slice of psychological suspense in which even the happiest family can awake to a nightmare . . .Maddie Castle is broken. Ever since the tragedy that struck on her twins' tenth birthday, she's been trying to fit the pieces together, to get back to the life she led before. Maddie, her husband, Dom, and their children, Aidan and Annabel, lived in a comfortable home on a quiet...

Details The Perfect Family

TitleThe Perfect Family
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreFiction, Thriller, Psychological Thriller

Reviews The Perfect Family

  • Carrie
    From the outside Maddie Castle had the perfect family. Married to her husband for just over ten years she has two beautiful children, twins, a boy and a girl. But life for Maddie hasn’t always been roses with her husband but she had gotten careful at hiding their problems.On the twins tenth birthday though the unthinkable happened to Maddie and her babies. Just about to celebrate the doorbell rings and as they go to open the door a masked man g...
  • Michelle
    I really did this book a disservice by reading two books nearly back to back with close to the same plot line. While the other book blew my mind this one just barely made a spark. If I hadn't read that other book first I wonder if I would of enjoyed this one more. I'll never know. As the story goes we have Domenic and Maddie Castle, a happily married couple of two precious twins, Aidan & Annabelle. On the morning of the twins' 10th birthday party...
  • Susan
    Madeleine Hartley seems to have a perfect life. Married to Dominic Castle, after a whirlwind romance, she gives birth to twins, Annabel and Aidan. Unable to have more children, they are the centre of her world and yet, on their tenth birthday, her life falls apart when an armed man breaks in shortly before their party and demands of her the ultimate choice. One of her children are to be killed and she has to choose which one…This is a psycholog...
  • Louise Wilson
    4.5 stars. When an armed man breaks in just before the twins, Annabel and Aiden, 10th birthday party, Madeleine's devastated to learn he wants her to choose which one of the twins is to be killed. Madeleine has not spoken since that awful day and she keeps getting flashbacks of that day and a few days before it.Wow. This is quite a difficult subject to read. The first few chapters are quite hard going. The author manages to maintain the tension a...
  • Joanne Robertson
    My children used to worry about the sort of books I read. There is definitely a theme running through the ones I favour, mainly of missing and/or murdered children. I tried to explain to them that by reading these books it was a way of reconciling my own fears of something happening to them something I don’t they they really understood until they became mother’s themselves! So as soon as I saw the blurb for The Choice I knew I HAD to read it....
  • Laura von Eden
    Man könnte meinen, dass Maddie ein perfektes Leben führt. Sie ist verheiratet und hat zwei wunderbare Zwillinge. Zum Geburtstag der Zwillinge steht plötzlich ein Mann vor der Tür, der sie vor eine grausame Entscheidung stellt - sie muss sich für eines ihrer Kinder entscheiden.'Sag, wer stirbt' ist der Debütroman der Autorin und spielt in England. Die Story ist in mehrere Teile aufgeteilt, so dass man nicht gleich zu Beginn, die auf dem Klap...
  • Kayla Dawn
    2-2,5*Ich hab einfach was ganz anderes erwartet & was dann war, hat mich nicht umgehauen. Die meisten Plottwists waren für mich eher ziemlich vorhersehbar, obwohl sie gleichzeitig auch ein bisschen absurd waren. Das Ende war dann auch noch irgendwie sehr kitschig & zu viel Happy End. Der Schreibstil war allerdings ok. Leider für mich ein enttäuschendes Buch, hatte mich sehr darauf gefreut..
  • Magdalena
    Beautifully written and gripping 'The Choice' is a sterling debut novel from Samantha King. As you read you can feel tension crackling in the air and you just want to keep going until you find out what had really happened. Samantha King created a complex but believable character in Maddie. As the story develops we learn and understand more of her and her choices. Everything she does, any decision she makes, it's all driven by her love for her ch...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Blimey The Choice is one of those TOTALLY addictive reads that you do basically in one sitting and I read this in two great big gulps.The premise is brilliantly compelling – could you choose between your children, give absolutely no choice and only moments to do it? This is the question that faces Madeleine and in that moment and the aftermath lies a gripping and enthralling read.A beautifully twisted tale with a satisfying and heart stopping c...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Four and a half starsFor Madeleine her twins Annabel and Aidan are her world. It is their tenth birthday when a knock at the door reveals a masked person and Maddie’s whole world is shattered. Maddie is asked to make a choice no-one should ever be asked to make as a killer asks her to choose. One child will live. The other will die. The choice is made but that is not the end of it. Guilt eats away at Maddie. And then the reader comes to part tw...
  • Claire Douglas
    I've read some brilliant books this year and this is up there with the best. A taunt, beautifully written psychological thriller about a mother made to choose between her ten-year-old twins when a gunman turns up at their door. I don't want to say too much about it as to do so would spoil it, I think. But I can see it being huge for 2017. A really, really great read with lots of twists and turns that I didn't see coming. Despite finishing it a fe...
  • Alja Katuin
    Een goeie om ff lekker mee te beginnen.. leest redelijk makkelijk weg, waarschijnlijk was de kater de enige reden waarom het me nog 8 uur kostte.
  • Vicki
    As a mother, I really can't think of anything more terrifying than being made to make a choice between which of my children should live or die. I mean, how do you even do that? It's easy to say I wouldn't do this or that, but really, in such a situation who the hell knows what we would do? It's beyond my own imagination.The Choice tackles this dilemma, when on the day of her twins tenth birthday, a masked gunman forces their way into Maddie's hom...
  • Donna Hines
    Words used like daggers! Emotions worn on sleeves! Actions louder than life! This rocked my world and was utterly terrifying and captivating all wrapped into one.Good luck reading this and not looking around from time to time checking your surroundings to make sure you're alone.Wow! Samantha King this was bloody brilliant.The back and forth banter made this all the more exciting as a reader because you have know idea what is going on or where the...
  • Lesley
    This book was different and I sort of new where it was going but I liked reading the twists in the story that proved me right!
  • Kim Ebner
    Please check out my blog at: www.thebuzzingbookmark.comThere I was, happily reading along, Part One going well, enough so that I was totally gripped. Yes, there were strange things happening and things that didn't really add up, but I knew that everything would come together by the end. And then I started Part Two...and bam! Wow, a twist right there that I didn't see coming. That's how this book went along, and I enjoyed it. By the end of Part T...
  • Rachel Gilbey
    4.5 StarsEvery time I thought I had got to grips with this story, it picked me up and threw me off balance into a different direction. I am reeling from everything. It's weird as for most of Part 1, I was thinking about giving up reading this, as I thought I had everything figured out and I just didn't feel that bothered, but I was in a forgiving mood and thought I would read on a small bit more, and then part 2 kicked in and I could barely put i...
  • Berit☀️✨Traveling Sister✨
    This book was quite the roller coaster ride, lots of twists and turns.....Madeline really was the perfect on reliable narrator.... in the beginning I just knew something was not as it seemed, however I did not see reality coming.... don't want to spoil anything for anybody, but the premise of this book really made you think..... could you ever choose which of your children should live and which of your children should die, what a horrible place e...
  • Dee
    The story is all over the place, and the twists are painfully obvious very early on. After endless pages of repetitive thinking and worrying, the end was really rushed. It reads like a self published novel, not something a publisher actually paid money for and (presumably) a professional editor had a hand in.
  • BookwormCatLady
    This book had a lot of promise and I was excited to read it when offered a copy of it however it didn't live up to expectations for me unfortunately. I found it extremely repetitive and going nowhere to the point where I considered putting it on my DNF pile a couple of times. Thanks to Little, Brown Book Group for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
  • Angy
    1,5 - 2 SterneDer Klappentext hat mir damals Gänsehaut beschert, letztendlich bekam ich allerdings eine ziemlich fade, vorhersehbare Geschichte präsentiert, von der ich mir nicht erklären kann, wieso sie von so vielen mit Begeisterung bedacht wurde. Schade.
  • Liesbeth Van der ven
    3,5 ster
  • Louise
    I really enjoyed this book.Slick writing with the odd hint of something weird going on. When the twist came I was shocked but like "oh right, OF COURSE!"This is an awesome read.
  • Dawn
    Thank you net galley and the publishers for the absolute privilege to read this copy in exchange for an honest review. The description alone was harrowing but once I overcame this I was absolutely enthralled by this novel. Maddie is faced with the hardest decision of her life when she has to choose which of her twin children must die. The aftermath is traumatic and heartbreaking. She is left unable to communicate with her husband and remaining ch...
  • Claire Allan
    I had seen a bit of a buzz building about the debut novel from Samantha King - so was eager to see if it lived up to expectations.It's fair to say, it exceeded them.From the first chapter - where my jaw dropped at the powerful predicament mother of two Maddie found herself in - to the last, emotional page - this book grabbed my attention entirely. The premise of the book is every mother's worst nightmare. A gunman storms into your house, grabs bo...
  • Laurel
    I was given an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and independent review. The premise of this psychological thriller was excellent - a mother forced to choose between her twins when a masked gunman arrives in their home. The book centres round the build up to the event and the aftermath, particularly the trauma to Madrid the mother due to her guilt in having to make the most awful choice. This was quite harrowing to read. The character ...
  • Olivia McMullan
    The story was good and I can see why they chose that title for it at the begining but towards the end I felt that it wasnt what I had expected. Why call it that? I didnt really enjoy it towards the end as much as I did at the begining and the middle of the story.
  • Melanie
    This book didn't really deliver the promised story. It was very repetitive and the ending was quick and abrupt.
  • Yv
    We volgen Maddy Castle, een getrouwde vrouw met een tweeling die op het punt staat 10 jaar te worden. Op de dag van hun tiende verjaardag gaat de deurbel en samen met de tweeling loopt ze naar de voordeur om open te doen voor deze spontane bezoeker. Er staat een gewapende man in een leger-outfit en een bivakmuts op zijn hoofd en stelt Maddie de eis om te kiezen tussen haar twee kinderen...Waar ik al redelijk vroeg in het boek de hints oppakte en ...
  • Betty
    Review coming soon.