Murder in St. Giles (Captain Lacey Mysteries #13) by Ashley Gardner

Murder in St. Giles (Captain Lacey Mysteries #13)

London, 1819: When Brewster, my bodyguard, comes to me about a murder of a pugilist—and what’s more, says his wife has summoned me—I must hasten to St. Giles to find a killer before Brewster is arrested for the crime. This is made difficult because Donata's late husband’s odious cousin has materialized to try to wrest her son into his care. After all, seven-year-old Peter is a viscount, and his cousin wants to get closer to the title.But ...

Details Murder in St. Giles (Captain Lacey Mysteries #13)

TitleMurder in St. Giles (Captain Lacey Mysteries #13)
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherJA / AG Publishing
GenreMystery, Historical Mystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Regency

Reviews Murder in St. Giles (Captain Lacey Mysteries #13)

  • Barbara Rogers
    Series: Captain Lacey Mysteries #13Publication Date: 4/10/18Oh! How I wish I could fly back through time and meet Captain Lacey, Donata, Brewster, Mr. Denis, Em, Bartholomew, Peter, Gabriella, Anna, Marianne, and Grenville. The times are so interesting, the characters just scream out that they want to be your friend and the mystery is – well – so very mysterious. Then add in Donata’s nasty cousins along with Gabriella’s shocker and you ha...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: I entered the house on South Audley Street one early April morning to hear my wife shouting.Brewster, bodyguard to Captain Lacey, has found his brother-in-law, Jack Finch, murdered. Afraid of being accused himself, he applies to Lacey for his help in finding the true killer. However, Lacey has problems on his own in the form of his wife’s relatives showing up demanding that her young son, heir to the title and estate of her late...
  • OLT
    (Maybe 3.5 stars) There's nothing I like better than a good bargain and that may be part of the reason I've been a fan of the Captain Lacey Regency mysteries since the very first book. But to be a bargain there has to be quality, in addition to a comfortable price, and these 13 books are all, IMO, well written, with nicely-developed and interesting characters and plots that are twisty enough to keep me guessing until the end about how it will all...
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    3.5 Stars.As always, thank you to Sally for the loan...
  • Lorena
    This one got a bit frenetic at times, with practically every character ever introduced in the series to date making at least a brief appearance, plus a few more additions for good measure. It is a good bunch of characters to spend time with, however, and I like the implication that there will be some more travel outside of London in upcoming books.
  • Sheila Melo
    FINAL DECISION: Very enjoyable entry in the series. This one is more mystery than personal but is an interesting jaunt with plenty of appearances by the cast of characters in the series.THE STORY: Captain Lacey is called to look at a body in St. Giles by Brewster (who is the bodyguard/spy who follows Lacey around). The man appears to have been beaten to death and Lacey intends to make sure that Brewster is not unjustly accused of the crime. Lacey...
  • Linda Baker
    Over the course of this now thirteen book series set in Regency England, the Captain Lacy mysteries have become a personal favorite. When we first met Gabriel Lacey, he is a half-pay officer living in reduced circumstances in a dodgy London neighborhood. Gravely wounded in the Peninsular Wars, he suffers both physically and mentally. Since then he has reconnected with his daughter who was taken from him by his then-wife, who ran away with a Frenc...
  • Joan
    I enjoyed this book much more than the previous slog of a story. In Murder in ST. Giles, the story was an enjoyable adventure which was primarily focused on the murder/mystery wherein we see Lacey working tirelessly on behalf of his bodyguard/friend Tommy Brewster. I loved seeing the story through Lacey's perspective as he used his investigative skills to protect a man who has risked his own life to watch over Lacey through their many adventures ...
  • Joana V.
    I've received an eARC at no cost for the author.Murder in St. Giles was my first Captain Lacey’s book – and I can’t wait to read the other books!Although I do like mysteries, I usually end up a bit disappointed because I can tell right away who did what (in this case, who killed Finch). But with this book, I kept thinking “who did it? Who did it?” because I just couldn’t tell. I really enjoyed discovering the killer along with Gabriel...
  • Lori Quick
    Murder in St. Giles by Ashley Gardner is book 13 of the Captain Lacey Mysteries. It is by far my favorite of the series. Ms. Gardner has done an excellent job in telling the story. It is a roller coaster ride from the start. I received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review. All my favorite characters are back: Captain Lacey, Donata, Grenville, Brewster, and Mr. Denis to name a few. There is a murder in St. Giles, illegal fighti...
  • Robin
    Always a pleasure!
  • Tammy Buchli
    I read two Regency era mysteries, this one and the Sebastian St. Cyr series. This series has the edge, because of Captain Lacey, one of my literary crushes. This installation was great, as always! I
  • Lesley
    I loved this book! It was so refreshing. Why you ask? First - it’s 13th in the series and I have not read any others, but I want to after reading this one. Second, it was a good old-fashioned mystery. I didn’t think anyone wrote those anymore. It’s like a younger, better looking historical version of Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote. Lots of suspects, easy to follow, nothing emotionally traumatizing or too dark and depressing. This i...
  • Jo (Mixed Book Bag)
    Captain Lacey becomes involved in multiple events in Murder in St. Giles. First one is a good event. His daughter is arriving and will be having her season. (While this is good there is a problem daughter is keeping form Lacey and wife.) A Cousin of Donata's late husband is trying to take Peter. (This is serious problem.) Brewster, Lacey's bodyguard, involves him in a murder. (Another serious problem) All three keep the action moving. It was fun ...
  • Ruby Bibi
    -In what at first seems to be a simple case, Captain Lacey is approached by Tommy Brewster, the protector that was assigned to him by James Denis, to accompany him for something urgent. Brewster takes the Captain to St. Giles, which is a very dangerous and disreputable area of London. Inside a house near where Brewster lives lies the body of a man who’s been killed. The dead man, it turns out, is the brother of Brewster’s wife.-Jack Finch, Br...
  • Theresa
    Another winner. Ashley Gardner/Jennifer Ashley just can’t miss with a Captain Lacey Regency mystery. Book 13 allowed me to spend some quality time with my one and only book boyfriend, Captain Gabriel Lacey. I’ve been thinking about why he is so appealing to me and what I’ve finally come up with is that Captain Lacey is perfectly imperfect. Oftentimes historical or period novel heros are tall, handsome, rich, athletic, smart, dashing, brave ...
  • Waverly Fitzgerald
    I'm a Captain Lacey fan and have waited eagerly for this most recent of his adventures. I'm glad he's back in England and a little sad that this book doesn't spend more time with some of my favorite characters (his wife, Lady B, and his daughter, who is making her debut). His wife is busy trying to protect her son from kidnapping by his closest male relative who wants to use him to gain access to his fortune (a great way to solve one of the motiv...
  • Teresita Reynolds
    I have read many series when as the books go on, the stories become tired, the characters predictable and the story plots repetitive. If you wonder if Ashley Gardner’s 13th book of Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries would shows signs of a strained tiredness, you will be overjoyed that you will be riveted as you are compelled to turn page after page. Captain Lacey, now a father of two daughters, Gabrielle who is 18 years old, infant Ann and stepfat...
  • Janet
    London, 1819: Captain Lacey is summoned to St Giles by Mrs Brewster, wife of his bodyguard, about a murder of a pugilist & he must find a killer before Brewster is arrested for the crime. This is made difficult because Donata's late husband’s odious cousin Stanton St John has materialized to try to wrest her son Peter into his care. So Lacey finds himself thrown into the world of pugilists, convicts & scheming relatives, also his daughter Gabri...
  • Bernadette Long
    This is the first Captain Lacey Regency mystery for me and I am now a big fan of the series and any historical mystery set in the nineteenth century. Gabriel Lacey searches for the murderer of Finch because he wants to prove that Brewster did not kill his former brother in law. Captain Lacey soon discovers that no one would miss Finch and that there is a complicated plot involving pugilists or street fighters, as well as prison inmates. His atten...
  • Laura
    Another fabulous mysteryI love the Captain Lacey series and eagerly awaited this book like a visit from an old friend. And that's just how it felt as soon as I started reading. The setting as always supremely realistic and the historical details were top notch. I love how the characters and their relationships develop from one book to the next. The Captain Lacey from this book is barely recognizable from how he appeared in the first book. And so ...
  • Margaret Stutts
    Great read!!!I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. It was entertaining and historically accurate!! I have a bachelors degree in history and a law degree. My emphasis in undergrad was Elizabethan era up to Victorian era English history. While everyone else focused on the French Revolution, I immersed myself in Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada, civil wars and Victoria's lengthy reign. The regency period was very exciting. You had a mad King, a s...
  • Pam Lyons
    Book 13 and one of the best!The latest in the Captain Lacey series is perhaps my favorite book of the series. The Captain investigates the murder of a brutal convict who has illegally returned to Britain after being transported. This investigation brings him into the violent world of boxing which in the Regency was bare nickeled with no Marquis of Queensbury rules! On the home front the new Mrs. Lacey is facing the possibility of losing custody o...
  • Lynn
    Another enjoyable Captain Lacey MysteryThis was another great read from Ashley Gardner. The Captain Lacey mysteries always have a few twists and turns, and this one was no different. The continuing story of Captain Lacey and his wife just added to my enjoyment of the book, though it is not a prerequisite to have read the other books in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
  • Jean
    I am so pleased there are more casesI enjoyed this case , perhaps even more than I usually do as I have not read a Captain Lacey book for some months .A grand , exciting.crime mistery with lots of twists and turns Educational , too asI learned more interesting details about life in Regency.timesI paniced toward the end though Everything seemed to be drawing to a close . No problem , it seems as the author goes on to assureus there is more to come
  • Sally Lake
    A satisfying mystery and a pleasant visit with much loved charactersI do look forward to the latest Captain Lacey book, it's like being visited once a year by adventuresome friends who sit and drink tea and tell me what they've been up to. This latest tale was thoroughly twisty and turny and the details of Regency methods of criminal "justice" were enlightening. All in all, a satisfying read.
  • Robin
    Another good entry in this Regency mystery series (no. 13). Although this one was a bit too convoluted, I liked that all the secondary characters in the ensemble cast were this point, it is very much the troupe of interesting personalities that keep me engaged in these mysteries. Happy to hear that there are more to come, but the author usually only manages one a year. This series will make a good re-read sometime.
  • Cate
    Yet another truly outstanding Captain Lacy mystery from Ashley Gardner aka Jennifer Ashley. Murder in St. Giles keeps you on your toes and guessing who done it until the end! Once again the good and the bad of the Regency period are renderd in fine detail and these characters become more and more three dimensional with each novel. Old friends and enemies both delight and suprise us in the 13th novel in this series and leave me yearning for the ne...