Orope by Guenevere Lee


The Bronze Age saw the beginning of empires, as well as their mysterious and catastrophic end. In a world not unlike our own, the nomadic Whisperers of the Gods have been given a grave vision of the gods destroying the world in a great flood, and they send three messengers to the great empires in hopes of appeasing the gods. Finding themselves in strange new lands with even stranger customs, the Whisperers soon discover the hardest thing is not o...

Details Orope

Release DateJun 5th, 2018
PublisherMorgan James Fictions
GenreFantasy, Mythology

Reviews Orope

  • Audra Watts
    https://audrasbookblabbing.wordpress....Cleanliness: Trash (10+ curse words, multiple descriptions of body parts, multiple descriptive and non-descriptive sex, ritual cutting, descriptive human sacrifices, animal sacrifices, nudity, blood, drinking, gods, sexualizing women, kissing, and death.)I have never read a book like this book. Maybe that's just me not reading enough unique books, but this is honestly one of the most unusual books I've ever...
  • Noel
    As a fantasy/sci-fi fan and history lover, I found Orope refreshing since it’s placed in a fantastical bronze age in the already saturated market of medieval-fantasy novels.The book’s world was heavily influenced by both Ancient Egypt and pre-Columbian American people. Even though the scant 300 pages wasn’t enough to developed a complex world to its fullest potential, the book was able to immerse me in the world, which will probably be expa...
  • Gregg Buford
    I got this book in the giveaway and it's the first book that I have ever won. I didn't really know what it was about but liked the cover. Started reading the day I got it. This is not my usual type of book to read but I did read books like this once. I didn't get into this book until a few chapters into the story. I like the characters more as the book goes on and you start to see all the experiences they have and see how they deal with them. Tr...
  • Michele Angello
    “Orope The White Snake,” the debut historical fiction novel of Guenevere Lee, transports us to the Bronze Age, fleshing out Egyptian-like lands, blood-thirsty customs and god-like kings and queens. Lee does an admirable job of creating this world, bringing to life three characters who are chosen to complete a seemingly impossible task of trying to appease the gods. Every chapter is illustrated with ancient-looking maps, showing their path. Th...