Megge of Bury Down by Rebecca Kightlinger

Megge of Bury Down

Murderer!When six-year-old Megge first touches the ancient Book of Seasons, a mysterious voice accuses her of an ugly crime. Although the book is her legacy, she refuses to touch it again. If she does, she is certain she will be the death of those she loves.But seven years later, events conspire to force her to once again to accept her responsibility. If she refuses to take up the task, who will ensure the Book's ancient wisdom survives, safe fro...

Details Megge of Bury Down

TitleMegge of Bury Down
Release DateJan 24th, 2018
PublisherZumaya Arcane
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Megge of Bury Down

  • Katherine Hayward
    Megge of Bury Down is a very detailed read about how Megge, a 6-year-old girl born in 13th century England, discovers her mother's book of healing. Seven years pass, and she has 4 guardians Mother, Aunt Claris, Morwen, and Aleydis. Another thing she has is a constant conflict going on between her and her cousin Brighida. Right from the beginning, we are thrown straight into the action in the village and also see conflicts between villagers. Megge...
  • Anna Tan
    Megge of Bury Down is a story of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and facing up to hard truths. At six, Megge was too afraid to take up her mother's book and at eleven, all she can do is watch as her cousin, Brighida the golden child, shines in everything Megge has refused. She feels like an outcast, even in her own family, but cannot find the courage to do the one thing that would make a difference: open The Book of Seasons.The novel follows Meg...
  • Anya Leonard
    I picked up this book and due to school reading and work, could NOT finish it as fast as I would have liked. Given the option, I would have sat reading this book all day and all night until getting to the conclusion. Having finished it, I am now sad as it is the first in a series and I am eager to get to the next phase in the world of Megge. This book is unconventional in its portrayal of strong women in the 13th century in England. The story cen...
  • Heather
    This book was very hard to get into. It does not grab you until you are about halfway through the book. I actually had to re-start the book three times to understand the jump in time and even then I didn't quite understand everyone's placement in the story until the very end. I gave this book four (4) stars because it was hard to follow. The story lines were wonderful once you got the understanding of them. You felt for the characters, but you al...
  • Kristen McQuinn
    Pending HNS review.
  • Margaret DiPastina
    I am trying so hard not to finish this book too quickly BUT I CAN'T STOP READING! I promise myself I'll only read one or two chapters and then BAM I've read 10! I love getting to know the characters, learning their lineage and watching them follow their destinies. I think the addition of the online link ( to maps and name/location pronunciations was a fantastic idea! Looking forward to volume 2!