Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8) by Rebecca Zanetti

Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8)

The Dark Protectors are Back! Vampire King Ronan Kayrs wasn’t supposed to survive the savage sacrifice he willingly endured to rid the world of the ultimate evil. He wasn’t supposed to emerge in this time and place, and he sure as hell wasn’t supposed to finally touch the woman who’s haunted his dreams for centuries. Yet here he is, in an era where vampires are hidden, the enemy has grown stronger, and his mate has no idea of the power s...

Details Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8)

TitleVampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8)
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
PublisherLyrical Press
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Vampire's Faith (Dark Protectors, #8)

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    5 The Dark Protectors are back Stars **Warning this review will contain copious amounts of Fangirling and a liberal sprinkling of curse words AKA ** OMFG to say I am a Rebecca Zanetti Fan would be a gross understatement. I FUCKING love Rebecca. Like crazy fangirl love! I haven't read a book from her that I didn't love. My favorite series of her is the Dark Protectors. I was so sad when the series ended. I went through serious withdrawals. I crave...
  • Sophia Triad
    Vampire King Ronan Kayrs and Dr. Faith CooperReview later
  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    I’m really loving the world this author has created in her latest book of her Dark Protectors series. Between the vamps, demons, hybrids, Cyst and Kurjans, not to mention shifters and witches, I’m in paranormal heaven. In Vampire’s Faith, the history of these characters was entertaining and realistic, giving me insight into them and allowing me to feel like I was really getting to know them. Ronan absolutely made this story for me. He was m...
  • Claire Robinson
    4.5 - "Forget everything you think you know..." Stars!We return to the Dark Protectors universe for book 8 in my favorite ever Rebecca Zanetti series. I have to admit I wondered how she would manage to glean more full length books from a series that had already been pretty much been fully explored, but with a unique twist, a little artistic license and a having previously spent a few hundred years locked away in a sphere in another realm we are n...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    I'm so ecstatic that we get to dive back into the Dark Protectors world again. I binge read this series last year and had a blast with all the characters and the wild ride this author took us on. While she could have just ended the series, there were so many possibilities for it to be picked back up. I love that she choose to do that...or maybe that was her plan all along. Either way, I'm very happy to see more of all my favorite characters. In V...
  • ♥ WishfulMiss ♥
    Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars This author always manages to tell an amazing story, full of equally amazing characters. I loved Ronan and meeting the rest of the Seven has definitely piqued my interest. I read this from start to finish and was sad to see it end. The wait for the next installment will be intense! The fight against evil is gearing up again and the Seven will be called up to fight with all they’ve got to protect the free world. Which wi...
  • Stacie
    4 1/2 "Welcome to the New World" Stars!I loved it! I am so excited to back in the Dark Protectors world!! If you're already a fan, you will love this new plot line and new world building. If you've never tried this series, this is a great place to start as this reads very much like a spin-off. There was lots of action, new heros and new bad guys plus a decent romance! Ronan was fantastic, a wee bit vulnerable in the beginning, but always a total ...
  • Carvanz
    4.5 StarsI’m not a fan of long series. I like to get in and out and move on to the next group of characters. However, I fell in love with this author’s Dark Protectors a long time ago and over the last year, I fell even harder as I dove into this and the Realm series. Needless to say, when I learned there would be a new book I was ecstatic!Faith is a neurologist whose specialty is working with coma patients. Her own history has led her down t...
  • Marta Cox
    I am absolutely over the moon that this author has returned to this world and the joy of knowing the Dark Protectors series is set to continue makes this reader ecstatic. Ronan sacrificed himself to contain a truly evil despot in a prison dimension but now Ronan finds himself free and in a future he never imagined. For years his sanity was saved by dreams of the woman who could be his Mate and yet here she is alive, real and meant for him.Faith a...
  • Anna Serene
    After readingI am really sorry to say I didn't like it. I really love the Dark Protectors series, but this one really didn't feel like a part of that series. Sure, some of the characters made an appearance, but there wasn't that familiar connection, you know?But the main reason I didn't like it is because I couldn't stand either of the main characters. The book started off fine: Ronan Kayrs waking up from a coma after 1000 years or so, Faith a hu...
  • Beth
    Dr. Faith Copper was called in on a special coma case at a local hospital. She is world renowned expert in reaching the unreachable coma patient and bringing them back to consciousness. But never in her life did she have a patient wake up and call her name.Ronan is a vampire and a member of an elite force that is set on protecting their world. Sacrificing himself to a life living in an alternate reality, Ronan never thought he’d have a chance a...
  • AJ
    4 stars!I am a mad fan of Rebecca Zanetti and her Dark Protectors series, and I loved being back in this world! This book is a bit of a series reboot in that it ties in to the Dark Protectors series, while creating a new, exciting and absolutely fascinating story arc that can standalone from the original story. Though Dark Protectors fans will be completely blissed out at the cameos, and the incredibly well-crafted connections to the original sto...
  • Dali
    Rebecca Zanetti continues her sizzling hot Dark Protectors series with the story of vampire Ronan Kayrs and Dr. Faith Cooper.Imagine Faith’s surprise at learning that vampires exist when she was asked to help a patient in a coma who wakes up the moment she enters the room. She’s a woman of knowledge and science but the irrefutable fact that the sexiest male she’s ever come across has fangs and she’s absolutely attracted to him. His existe...
  • Sophia
    This was one of the most unexpected squee-inducing surprises of the year. I had no idea the Dark Protectors series was going to get a second season and keep going with a new series arc. I thought the grand finale book was great when it came in book seven, but a chance to delve back into this fantastic paranormal romance world was not one I could miss.Vampire's Faith is, as I said earlier, a whole new series arc. It introduces new characters, part...
  • Leigh
    3.5 starsI have been a big fan of the Dark Protectors series for many years. I adore the Kayrs family and all the characters of the Realm. So imagine my excitement when I found out there would be more stories coming, and the first up is Ronan Kayrs. Who the heck is Ronan I asked the same question and when I read the book I loved the answer. Ronan was awesome, he was everything that is a Kayrs family member. I loved the direction the story is goin...
  • Hannah
    ARC REVIEW Dark Protectors #8, They're back baby! With all new characters and bad guys along with some familiar faces. This is the start to a new story arc and can be the starting point, but honestly there are introductions to some characters that would make more sense if you have read the previous books. First and foremost I hated Faith. Her character just royally pissed me off she bordered on TSTL, and I hate that term so I don't use it lightly...
  • LaTisha Walker
    The Dark Protectors are back with a new story arc!!!First, I want to say that I love Rebecca Zanetti's books. I won an advanced copy of Vampire's Faith from Goodreads.At first I was really confused trying to figure out who Ronan was in relation to the Kayrs males that we already knew, but as I read this new book, it became clear just how he fit within the family. My biggest fear was that this book was taking place in a future where all the charac...
  • Sheri
    YIPEEEEE!!!I was stoked...I WON this baby and couldn't devour it fast enough. It made my heart happy venturing BACK to the wondrous world Zanetti has created. This teeters at the top of my all-time-favorite PRN series for good reason. Zanetti does alpha male versus alpha female soooo well. All of the brothers are badass and their mates have always made me cheer. Sadly, Dr. Faith Cooper doesn't make the cheer-worthy list. She pissed me off...lots....
  • Sakina Carter
    Well I love the Dark Protectors and I love how Rebecca Zanetti is keeping with the original plot and just growing the story from there.I didn't like Faith. I tried to relate to her since I have two sisters who are both younger than me but instead of finding her strong, her scientific mind made her a little stupid. She did start using her instincts by the end of the book and I liked that.I really hope the series continues until we get Hope and Dra...
  • Dawn
    I loved this book. It has humor, mystery, fantasy, action, and love. It's the perfect combo for a book!When Dr. Faith Cooper finds a perfectly healthy male patient in a coma she just knows she's being pranked! And oh what a great one it is. That is until it becomes too real!You'll love this book of you follow any of Mrs. Zanetti's Dark Protectors books. If you're not a reader already you need to catch up because this is fantastic!I received this ...
  • Maranda
    Zanetti is an A+++ author of Paranormal worlds and the beings that inhabit them. Vampire's Faith is labeled Dark Protectors #8. Her works are addicting but although each one that is read makes you want to taste more in the series; they stand alone too. Even though the main focus of the story is Awakening Vampire Ronan trying to claim his mate Faith Cooper; the pages are sprinkled with action, loyalties, and humor. This was GREAT in all ways and k...
  • Inka
    Хммм не знам какво да кажа. Книгата определено не беше това, което очаквах. Не съм сигурна, дали ми допадна този факт, или дали съм разочарована, Нещо помежду двете ще да е. Но сякаш имах прекалено добре изградена представа за книгата, която не се оп...
  • Ivy Deluca
    I liked it. Ronan is definitely in the mold of an alpha hero, and sometimes he was a bit too alpha-hole for my liking. Faith, on the other hand, was likeable and the fact that she did push back and go toe to toe with him helped with my enjoyment of the story. I think they had good chemistry. The story has good action sequences and it’s clearly building towards a big confrontation. However, I really wished I had more familiarity with this ‘ver...
  • Kodie Mackay
    I do love me some Dark Protectors. Jumping right into the thick of things this story starts off with a bang. This isn't a book you can read as a standalone! You'd be totally lost if you did because whilst it's a separate couple every book.. they are heavily intertwined. You have more that two POV's aswell from different characters so it helps to have the back story. Like I said you are literally jumping into the thick of things from the start and...
  • Julia's Book Haven
    This one draws you into the action right from the first page. And it doesn’t stop through out the whole book. Very fast pasted and action packed. Really excited for more of The Seven and can’t wait to see where the series goes from here. I loved Ronan, it was really fun to see him try to catch up with the times. Truly the only reason this isn’t a 5 star read is that Faith really frustrated me, at first it made sense for her to be sceptical ...
  • Lori Meehan
    4.5*This is the first book in Rebecca Zanetti’s next DP saga and I can not wait to read more. The world building and new characters mixed with past characters from the Dark Protectors series is very exciting. Dr. Faith Cooper specializes in coma patients and has a gift at bring them out of their coma state. With everything she knows and her secret weird gift she can’t help the one patient that means the most, her sister Grace. When she’s ch...
  • Sandy S
    4.25 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 19, 2018 Vampire King Ronan Kayrs wasn’t supposed to survive the savage sacrifice he willingly endured to rid the world of the ultimate evil. He wasn’t supposed to emerge in this time and place, and he sure as hell wasn’t supposed to finally touch the woman who’s haunted his dreams for centuries. Yet here he is, in an era where vampires are hidden, the enemy has grown stronger, and his mate ha...
  • Cassandra
    My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! I have started collecting this series and have 4 of the 8 so far, but haven’t gotten this book yet.The cover is nice, but I wish the tat was there or the mating mark.This is the 8th book in the series, but my first time reading t...
  • Denise Van plew
    I was beyond ecstatic to get into this one. I have read her books before with right away this one when I opened caught me good. I knew as soon as the characters came on board this one was going to eat me up. I was supposed to be reading something else for before this one but I could not resist the call no more. Aptly put titled to with the closing line sealing this one in the bag. I felt I was coming back also to a show I had missed having begun ...