The Warrior Queen (The Hundredth Queen, #4) by Emily R. King

The Warrior Queen (The Hundredth Queen, #4)

In the final volume of The Hundredth Queen Series, Kalinda will risk everything to save the man she loves.Kalinda has brought peace to the Tarachand Empire, at least for now. Bhutas no longer need to hide their gifts. The last of the rebels have been banished. And Prince Ashwin is set to take over as rajah.But for Kalinda, this all came at a great loss. Her childhood home. Her best friend. The love of her life.Deven is still trapped in the Void, ...

Details The Warrior Queen (The Hundredth Queen, #4)

TitleThe Warrior Queen (The Hundredth Queen, #4)
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Romance

Reviews The Warrior Queen (The Hundredth Queen, #4)

  • R.K. Gold
    I enjoyed having a fun series to escape reality with. The Warrior Queen is a satisfying ending following 3 storylines that tie up all the loose ends and give us a happily ever after we wanted. The Kalinda arc explored the afterlife and the relationship between the mortals and the gods; the Ashwin arc (was probably the most entertaining) it dealt with political turmoil and a threat of rebellion; the Deven arc had the least amount of action as his ...
  • BAM The Bibliomaniac
    Netgalley #63Many thanks to Emily Griffin and Netgalley for the free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. Great way to end this series! This may have been my favorite of the four. A trip to the underworld, an impossible rescue, a coup, and kickass women warriors! Three points of view too. I read it in one day. Especially loved the fairy tale the Rani’s journey was based on. And the demons are quite original. Of course I never g...
  • Lillian ☁ Cloud 9 Books ☁
    ***** 3.5 Stars *****Cannot be read as a standalone. Not really impressed. Decent ending to an interesting series. Kalinda is trying to save Deven from the Void. Prince Ashwin is trying to unify his nation. Deven is trying to survive in the Void.I think this series should have ended at the 3rd book (with a different ending). I've lost interest in the storyline and characters.
  • Leah
    Well, that's finally over.I'll begin with a positive. The cover is my favourite of the four. The colour, the fire dragon = perfect.Everything else was not worth getting into. It pains me to say it, but this is a story, a series, that would have been better if written by someone else. What should be a vibrant and magical tale falls flat in world-building, characters, dialogue, and overall writing. It's funny, but every time I read one of these boo...
  • Sarah (The Clever Reader)
    So many adventures! Finishing this book was bittersweet as it marks the end of a beautiful series of Sisterhood, Love, and finding your way through the darkness. I hope to revisit this world again in a future re-read of the series. It is one of my favorite YA Fantasy reads!
  • Kathryn Purdie
    An epic conclusion to a standout debut YA fantasy series. It's no small task to develop character arcs, expand a world, and enrich a magic system over multiple books, and Emily R. King does it incredibly well. I love this series, and this last book exceeded my high expectations. Well done!
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    Here it is! The last volume in the Hundredth Queen Series! I've been waiting to read this book since the last book left me in such a hanging over the cliff place. This is a series I've been reading since the very beginning and it is always both exciting and sad to reach the end.I have to say that this book was slow for me. I had a hard time staying invested in it, which seems awful to say. There were moments that I absolutely loved and the ending...
  • Ilima
    One of my favorite fantasy series ever featuring one of my favorite main characters ever. Emily is such a strong writer, and I love how the final book in this series brought everything together. Beautiful and entertaining!
  • Dorothy
    When you wish the author had a better grasp of words, when you find yourself comparing parts of the book to the movie Elf (I swear she went through the dark levels of the candy cane forest), when you sit there and go 'oh shut up', you know a series has outlasted its welcome and not lived up to the earlier promise.Kalinda is whiny, Devan is kind of dead (not a spoiler since it happened last book), Ashwin is uninspiring, and the other characters ar...
  • Esmay
    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exhange for an honest review. Darkness holds secrets few see or seek. But when one spends as much time as I do studying the shadows, they reveal unique textures that brush over my skin. 4 Stars.After the decline in me liking books two and three I aticipated to like this one, but not as much as the first one. I believed that this series did not need a fourth book and man was I wrong. This conclusion was ever...
  • Ashy Khaira
    Kalinda is descended from the Bhuta line,where they are half gods.To help protect the people of the kingdom that they live in.Deven was taken into the underworld,the void where he slowly fades away,wasting before her eyes as his memory of her fades until he no longer remember who she is.Kalinda travels to help save him into the void where she finds out about her past lives,one of that as Cala,who loved the fire god,and innana the goddess who fell...
  • Anca
    I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley.Ehhhhh...I think that sums up my feelings on the entire series, especially The Warrior Queen. I was not all that impressed with this one, and out of them all it lacked the most action. There were some parts that dragged and seemed to take forever to happen. This isn't the kind of series that enraptures and whisks you away someplace special and magical. I don't know...
  • Ana (thestarslisten)
    *ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.* The most beautiful and emotional end to a series I have ever read. Emily R. King wields magic through her words. SPOILER FREE “You are a warrior. You were born to shine. Embrace how powerful you truly are and carve your destiny from the sun.” P L O T Even hours after I finished reading this book all I could say was “WOW”. I’m like Howie Mandel from America’s Got Talent af...
  • Asha - A Cat, A Book, And A Cup Of Tea
    I really enjoyed the first book in this series, which had some really inventive world-building. I like a book set in a harem, with concubines and wives jostling for prime position, and The Hundredth Queen made that way more literal, by having the women physically battle for rank. This was really clever and led to some really exciting politics within the harem. However, with the death of the rajah at the end of the first book, I feel that this ser...
  • Y.
    This is how you write a finale. I will admit the beginning was slower than I anticipated which made me put down the book for a day or two, but my curiosity made me pick it back up and I’m glad I did. It was a slow burn, building little by little allowing the reader to put the pieces in place. Once I got started again I did not want to stop reading. The closer to the ending I got the slower I read because I did not want the story to end. I great...
  • Rebecca
    Even with the disappointment of the previous installment not being the finale, I was too invested in the series and characters not read the conclusion. Thankfully, there is indeed a proper ending to the story arc. This could have easily been a two or three book series, much of the last two books felt unnecessary. I enjoyed the story, but it was overshadowed by too many endless plots. I would not discourage anyone from trying this series, but it i...
  • Bee Glosson
    Final book of the series. Finally a little closure to end the book and series. Reaching full potential has been something that has eluded kalinda for the first 3 books. Will she find it in this one? With devin missing and kalinda unable to let go and move on, we find ourselves at an impasse that only deepens the storyline. I give this book 4.25, mainly because I'm happy to finally have the closure I have sought the entire series. Adding a 3rd mai...
  • Joyce
    Wow. I love first books in a series because they pave the road for the entire storyline. However, I think I just fell in love with the fourth/last book in the series! So much has happened in this book and all I can say is wow! We find out so much more about who Kalinda is and this book goes in depth about her past lives. As much as I loved reading this book from start to finish, I almost want to read an alternate ending where she ends up with Enl...
  • AMY♥Queen Of The Fat Cats♥
    4 stars cuz they're so easy to read.
  • Donna
    Nice endingI was pleased with this ending to the series. I thought the author did a good job of tying things up in a neat bow, as I suspected she would.
  • Shannon Dyer
    Round up to 3.5 stars. This wasn’t quite as engrossing as the previous books, but it’s still a fitting conclusion to the series. Review to come at AAR.
  • Jenni
    I really did not enjoy this book. It felt long and drawn out and I frequently found my attention wandering. I feel the series could have ended without this book
  • Maria Mitchell
    I had high hopes for the conclusion to this series, and this ending was so far from what I wanted.
  • R.Q. Woodward
    Enjoyed it! The climax is superb. Everything comes together in an excellent way. An interesting and entertaining end to the series.
  • Avery ☆ bforbookslut
    Review to Come
  • Emily
    As the final book in the Hundredth Queen series, this was a pretty decent wrap up.The first 1/3 of this book was a little… dull, filled with Kali mooning over Devon and Ashwin figuring out how to run a damaged kingdom. It wasn’t until Kali decided to find the entrance to the Void that it started to get interesting again.Kali’s part of the story was very good. A good part of the previous stories focused on the god’s and their roles in the ...
  • Kayelyn
    We all need to reach deep down inside of us at times to be all that we can be. We are more than we think we are in most instances and taking the journey with Kalinda as she discovers her true heritage and who she really is was and how she can conquers the road blocks and battles the demons on her way was a great read. Learning that rising above a heritage that is less than honorable is a great challenge that Ashwin handled with steadfast efforts....