Whisper by Krystal Jane Ruin


Jade has been hearing voices since she was five. No, not voices. One voice. After her twin brother is appointed vice president of their father’s company at the old age of twenty-two, the family starts falling apart. Her parents hate each other. Her brother is stressed. His girlfriend is a gold-digger if Jade’s ever seen one. And worse yet, it turns out she isn’t crazy—the voice in her head is real. If she ignores it, it’ll drive her off...

Details Whisper

Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherThe Narcissistic Rose
GenreMystery, Fantasy

Reviews Whisper

  • CuriousCompass
    CuriousCompass Reviews: WHISPER*Contains Spoilers*Jessica Jones meets Cabin in the Woods, wrapped up neatly in Arthurian Legend!Wow! For the first fifty pages or so, I expected this to be a 2-star read, but it hit its stride and only continued to get stronger as it went! I was very pleasantly surprised with this one.Whisper is the story of Jade, the only daughter of a powerful, influential American corporate dynasty who can trace their family lin...
  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    Whisper starts with the main character as a child who discovers that she can communicate with a Voice that wants to be her friend. Having been made to feel less than by her family members, Jade was very open to this idea initially but when her parents found out what she was intending to do, they took steps to silence the Voice that communicated with only her. The story then picks up years later when Jade was deemed “stable” but she was never ...
  • Tonja Drecker
    Despite a more usual beginning, this book is a growing mountain of completely unexpected twists, harsh decisions and moments which simply leave one wanting more.Jade is the only daughter of a very wealthy family, but despite financial security, her life isn't glamorous. Thanks to a 'voice' she heard in her head as a small child, she's spent her life with psychiatrists and still is under constant surveillance. Her two brothers, on the other hand, ...
  • Michelle Athy
    Whisper is an intriguing novel, but be patient, because it builds in subtle layers until the action picks up and you're on a *ride.*Jade is the daughter of a filthy-rich family. She hears a voice and hearing that voice causes her to go through years of psychiatric care, medication, and pain, resulting in Jade always having her sanity questioned--and leaving her with shattered self-confidence. But then, Jade begins uncovering family secrets and co...
  • Chrissie Gerber
    The cover did not scream ‘read me’. But do not judge this book by its cover. It has a lot to say and is worth the read to anyone who enjoys a retelling – this one has an interesting twist on Merlin’s story. Jade is for sure a well-rounded character and I enjoyed reading from her perspective. She is flawed, something I always appreciate. No-one is ever perfect. The main secondary characters had important roles to play. They were not there ...
  • Crystal Perkins
    Whisper was a fantastic story with some unexpected characters. I had no idea it would go that way and was very happy that it did. Jade has always been the black sheep in her family. So when she starts hearing *his* voice she is evaluated, pumped full of drugs, and shipped off with the hope that she will come back normal.Cut to present time- She is a receptionist at her father's business and under close observation by her family. She has been wean...
  • Joan
    I enjoyed this book. I think that it’s not for everyone but the story moved quickly and was interesting. I received it in the giveaway and feel it is one I would have read even if I had to buy it myself. I have eclectic taste so the story appealed to me.
  • Sofiraindrop
    *I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley* I'm so glad I took a chance on this ARC! Apart from the gorgeous cover I got a very intriguing story. So yay!This story is about a supposedly crazy girl. This girl has been hearing a voice all her life, which seems an hereditary trait in all females in her family. But what if she was not crazy and the voice is real?The author absolutely knew how to transmit all those feelings...
  • Bobbie Kirkland
    I received a free copy of Whisper by Krystal Jane Ruin in exchange for an honest review. Do you feel trapped by your life? How desperate are you to escape your job, your family, your health problems? If someone offered you a ticket out in exchange for one little thing, would take the deal? How far would you go? Would you lie to others . . . to yourself? What if you took the deal, lied to yourself long enough to fulfill your part of the bargain, a...
  • Lisa Elizabeth
    This was a good story. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but it kept me reading until the last page.