The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting

The Good Luck Charm

Is it love, or is she just his good luck charm? New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting absolutely delights with this witty and fun standalone contemporary romance. Lilah isn't sure what hurt worse: the day Ethan left her to focus on his hockey career, or the day he came back eight years later. He might think they can pick up just where they left off, but she's no longer that same girl and never wants to be again. Ethan K...

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TitleThe Good Luck Charm
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Sports Romance

Reviews The Good Luck Charm

  • BookSmacked
    I loved this story. Good Luck Charm is a sweet, and heart warming second chance romance that will give you all the feels.Ethan has returned home to do play for his home town NHL team. More importantly however is that retaining home means reconnecting with his ex Delilah who he left broken hearted. I have to say that I immediately connected with Delilah and my heart went out to her. Ethan is determined to make her fall in love with him again. But ...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    Happy release day to Helena! Make sure to check out my blog post for a change to WIN a PAPERBACK of THE GOOD LUCK CHARM (international giveaway): click here ➳Second chance romances, in a small town with a well known famous hockey player who used to be your true soul-mate don't come every so often, but when fate puts you together in unwanted circumstances, you do not question it... ➳As many know, my love for Helena Hunting is not obscured and...
  • Christy
    4 stars!! I love sports/hockey romance and I love second chance romance. Helena Hunting did a fantastic job bringing both of these romances into The Good Luck Charm! I loved that this one had the perfect mix of emotion and humor. Lilah and Ethan dated in high school. They were in love and it was serious. That is, until Ethan left her to focus on his professional hockey career. Lilah has stayed in town and stayed close to Ethan's family. Now, it'...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****4.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Publisher}I taste penance in his gentleness. I feel his regret in the tender way his palm curves along my jaw, and I sense his need for forgiveness in the tentative stroke of his tongue.GOOD LUCK CHARM is a second chance romance filled with angst, heart, and a ton of steam! Helena Hunting has yet again delivered an engaging story with some unforgettable characters. I loved Ethan and Lilah’s story a...
  • Elizabeth
    "This time we only move forward together." The Good Luck Charm is a heartwarming second chance romance for one very hot professional hockey player and the sweet down-home girl "that got away". Ethan Kane has had great success as a pro hockey player but when an unexpected incident sends him back to his hometown he comes face to face with his old flame Lilah. Lilah has done everything she can to forget about Ethan but now that he is back she can't ...
  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    4 STARS You’re in my soul, Lilah. That will never change.” This book is comfy yoga pants with a glass of wine, chilling by the pool sort of easy. It has all the warm and fuzzies wrapped in a sweet and steamy second chance romance. It's a light, feel-good sort of read that had a smile on my face from beginning to end. But nothing could ever prepare me for being this close to the man who took my heart, crushed it, and gave it back to me in p...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    Happy Release Day!!! It’s LIVE TODAY! ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting was full of the author's signature wit, sass and well loved style of sexiness. The dialogues and more than one escapades made me chuckle, snort and laugh out loud. It was the perfect blend of light hearted fun while being also emotional and poignant.I absolute...
  • Jessica (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)
    This was my very first dip into the Helena Hunting pool and, oh, how sweet it was! Good Luck Charm was a delightful gem of a second chance romance, a sweet and swoony love story that I just adored. Now I'm just sitting here wondering why I haven't read her books sooner!I'm typically a girl that's all about angsty reads that tug at my heartstrings and pummel my emotions. But sometimes a girl just needs to lighten things up with a refreshing, light...
  • Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog)
    The Good Luck Charm is custom made for second chance romance lovers. Helena Hunting gives us some tension mixed with humor, and adds hockey to satisfy sports romance addicts like me. It’s a great combo.Ethan and Lilah fell in love in high school. Ethan had his sights set on the NHL even back then, and they had their lives planned out together. Unfortunately, Ethan changed the rulebook after graduation and abruptly broke things off with Lilah. E...
  • maggieandteddy
    This book starts off with the heroine Lilah having a terrible, horrible no good, very bad day. That's putting it mildly. Yep, I've had days like that. This is dual 1st person POV. The entire first chapter is shitting on poor Lilah.She's a very nice person. A caring, loving and very capable nurse.Lilah's patient is someone she knows very well. Lilah's trying to turn things around just at the time she and Ethan see each other for the first time in ...
  • ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★
    I don't know how many times I have to say this but pushover heroines and second chance romance just do not make a good romance! They just don't! I always end up annoyed and completely embarrassed for the heroine.This feeling is akin to when you have a friend who keeps on hooking up with their ex-boyfriend despite telling you over and over again that they're done with him. It's just exhausting and annoying.Can we have more books with strong-willed...
  • bookmarkbelles
    3.25 stars Im a huge fan of Helena Hunting and was excited to read Good Luck Charm.I was hooked on this story as soon as I dived in. I was choked up with emotions one minute and then laughing my ass of the next and this was all within the first 20%Before reading this book, I was in a hugeeee reading slump but I knew if any book could get me out of it, it would be this one.Now, youre probably sitting there wondering why I rated this book a 3.25 wh...
  • Eliza
    ★3.5 STARS★It’s never fun coming face to face with an ex after an acrimonious breakup, but it’s darn right brutal when your ex is successful pro hockey player Ethan Kane. They say time heals old wounds but truth be told Delilah hasn’t yet come to terms with the callous way her childhood sweetheart called time on their romance in order to concentrate on his career.Although eight years may have passed she’s made it her business to make ...
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Lets start off by being honest here.  I struggled with picking this book up because I haven't had much interest in reading Ms. Hunting the past years.  Although I really enjoyed Clipped Wings, I didn't feel any pull to read some of her more recent rom coms based on reviews the past few years.  B...
  • Tracy *To the point Reviews*
    I thought this was going to be a grovelfest when I read the blurb. So I hunkered down for some good down home GROVELLING HERO action!But it wasn't grovel-worthy. Not that the heroine was a doormat, but let's just say she was an easy sell. And by the halfway mark, when they were back at it, I realized that there was a whollotta book left and I didn't understand what else there would be left to say. Oh right!! She suspects the heroe's over attentiv...
  • Brittany
    I love me a Helena book no matter what. This one was fun and light and fast. But really not her best/my favourite of hers. Second chance romances are one of my top romance tropes. Just something about finding a way back to each other as adults makes for a delicious romance. They already know each other, but have to like get to know each other as adults. And well, Lilah and Ethan are doing just that. I feel like The Good Luck Charm tried to be a r...
  • Shayna
    “I promise I’ll keep my tongue to myself from now on, unless otherwise requested.” Helena Hunting gives us a little something different with her latest release, The Good Luck Charm. If you are familiar with the wonderfully talented Ms. Hunting then you’re well aware that she likes to play on the more angsty side of romance. With this sexy new standalone, she gives us something different, something refreshing, light, swoony, and sexy. Lila...
  • Brianna
    When I first saw this book on NetGalley, the applications to read this were already closed, however in early July I was granted a wish by the publisher to have the opportunity to read this!! It was my first ever wish granted on NetGalley and I was so pumped to start reading.The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting follows Lilah and Ethan in this dual POV second chance novel. They dated in high school and were completely inseparable until Ethan was d...
  • RentasticReads
    Man, Helena Hunting and her sports romances! I swear, every single one of them is an absolute winner in my book, and you can count this as one of my all-time favorites. Add onto the fact that this also happens to be a second chance romance, and I’m. A. Goner.The Good Luck Charm wasn’t just dripping sexual tension, but it was also charged with so much emotion and humor—it’s almost like a sweeter and more charming version of the books in he...
  • Becca - ✭Little Red Reading Hood✭
    OMG, finally!!This book is not only everything I love about Helena Hunting — it’s everything I love about a romance novel!! That’s how a real romance look like — it’s about decisions, adult-like conversations and passion. And The Good Luck Charm checked all of my boxes.Ethan is the sweetest and Lilah is my favorite heroine ever!! This girl rocks a real personality. This book is absolutely in the top 3 reads of this year!
  • Andrea Fleury
    Hockey guys and loveUnbelievably wonderful. I loved this book from the first page to the last. I could picture Ethan. I talk sexy hockey player. I felt sadness and joy. I loved there connection. But what happens at the end. I never ever saw that coming. I hope there will be a continuation of this book.
  • Morelia (Strandedinbooks)
    I have finally finished my first Helena Hunting book! WHAT IS LIFE!! This second chance/sports romance was definitely the way to go. I loved the romance, the sexiness of it all, and also how incredibly sweet and heart-warming these two main characters were!At times, this one took a slight turn to a much slower pace or just narrated over to somewhere I felt was a bit out of place, but overall this story left a big grin on my face and is it too muc...
  • Becky
    Actual rating 3.5*This is a really cute, adorable, endearing and steamy romance novel but unfortunately it missed the mark for me because not a lot happened which made it difficult for me to stay engaged. I would still wholly recommend it because the characters are adorable, extremely sweet and I fell for the main male character. This is a fabulous second chance romance and it was fun! I just personally prefer more plot; but that’s just my pref...
  • Bex |
    Helena Hunting + hockey romance = what more could you ask for??Softer and sweeter than her early Pucked books, but The Good Luck Charm has all of Helena's wit and charm. I love the evolution her writing has taken and I can't wait to see what we will get next![full review to come!]
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: August 7, 2018 Genre: Second Chance Romance Actual Rating: 3.5 - 4 starsThe Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting is a likable second chance sports romance novel. While it isn't my favorite book by the author, I think it would make a fantastic addition to anyone's beach bag this summer. It's lighthearted, sweet, and utterly adorable. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the author and to those who love a second chance romance.
  • Adirondack Reads Romance
    AN ADDICTING SECOND CHANCE HOCKEY ROMANCERELEASE DATE: August 7, 2018 ! CAUTION: This story may form irrational habits, build superstition, and create a strange craving for Hot Lips candy.YAAAS!!!! I found the perfect filler to ease my off-season hockey blues!!!Good Luck Charm is an endearing second chance romance about two high school sweethearts separated by misunderstandings, and driven by fear and obsessions with superstition and Luck. Lilah ...